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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everyone I received this hand delivered letter today from Debt Management Services LTD. They say they are acting on behalf of Bradford and Bingley, I had a mortgage with them over 21 years ago and my house was repossessed. I have made payments on the account over the years but not anything in the last 4 years. The letter says they want to discuss any problems I may be having with the outstanding account. In order to bring my account upto date they want me to contact them. I can't find out much about them on the net, are they debt collectors or bailiffs ? Any help or info would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  2. Monday, landlord texts me asks me to call him, I do and get told that someone from his mortgage company, he said they do this every so often and that my house along with 2 others were picked, so i said they can call Friday. Friday, a gentleman turns up and asks if im aware as to who he is and why he is there, i told him what landlord said, and he said not really and explains he working for a company that the mortgage lenders have hired to come and look at the house he shows me ID and tell me the company DMS. I let him in, I've no reason not to, he says he has to take pictures of the property to see if the landlord has done anything to it, im fine with that as in the 5 years being here he has done nothing, lucky had proof which he took and the environmental health report, he took pictures and then he explained that he knows the mortgage will not be happy that he has not carried out any work to the house since buying and that a lot of work is needed, he told us to prepare for the worse. Im devastated as we have been trying for a few years to move house in the area, but no luck, and the local housing association and council said a court order must be given before they will do anything to help us. Any advice would be really grateful, im on edge now, we have changed the locks 1st thing we did, a nd have CCTV on the house.
  3. Hi, To cut a long story short we had our first possession hearing today (20th) with regards to arrears on our Kensington Mortgage. I had initially asked for a "holiday period" from Kensington and they declined "its not their policy". I asked if I could rent our property back in February, they didn't answer. I have asked if the arrears could be added to the end of the mortgage, they didn't answer. I was eventually sent a court hearing date and we attended, giving the judge all the above information................and told her we are waiting for the return of an MI12 form from the benefits agency who had advised us that we are eligible for payments on our interest only mortgage. The MI12 form was sent recorded delivery on the 10th August. I asked that if the benefits agency were able to make payments on the mortgage, I would possibly be able to make payments on the arrears (I'm currently on JSA). She basically ignored this plea, and said as we have no confirmation of how much the benefits agency will pay, I have no option but to order a 28 possession. I was gobsmacked!!!. I now don't know which way to turn??? or what happens next. She advised that a warrant would be issued, but this may take a few weeks. Is there any advice anyone can give me??? I've since read on here that an order can't be placed whilst awaiting benefits approval?? Where do I stand, and can I contest the decision, given that we are waiting for Kensington to reply??. I've contacted the DWP and they have not had it returned by Kensington.?? I sent it recorded delivery and have the postal receipt. I have a wife and two children and panicking Thanks Taz11
  4. Hi. In 2007 my husband died, we unfortunately had no life insurance. Our mortgage was with GMAC RFC. Without my husbands salary I couldn’t afford the mortgage, they were charging me massive interest rates etc After a year I did a voluntary repossession. They then sold the house at a massive under value and DMS are now chasing me for a shortfall of £107k. I am a single mum who is surviving on benefits now in rented accommodation. I obviously don’t have the money they want. As I was in the accident that killed my husband, I had horrendous life saving injuries and it has taken me a long time to get on my feet but I received a personal injury settlement. However this was not a large amount and I have since paid all my debts to others and which has left me with nothing. What more do these people want? I have lost my husband, my health and my house. 6 years on they are chasing me. I want to try to get on with my life but obviously can’t. What are my options – do I see if they will accept a really low settlement offer or do I let them take me to court and go bankrupt (I have nothing to loose as I have nothing) or do I start to fight them (or the original mortgage company) who sold the house for far less – I have copies of valuations that I had done that were between 80k and 130k more than what they sold for and other smaller properties on the street sold for more and the house is up for sale again at a vastly higher price without any major work being done to it? It is hard enough losing your husband trying to survive with two young children without having to go through all this as well. I don’t have the energy to fight this and will take the easiest stress free option but I have nothing and do not want these parasites to be involved in my life forever. Any advice really very appreciated.
  5. Hi has anyone heard of a company called DMS (Debt Services management Ltd) their letter head says they are members of the association of arrears mediation. First thing is - is this kind of service any good and will it help. Bit of background. Have a friend who is in arrears to the tune of about £1,500 on their mortgage due to short term problems - they did bury their heads a bit. They brought a letter round to me this morning from this DMS stating that they would be calling in the next few days to discuss their arrears and possible repayment plans etc. that is affordable and agreeable to the lender. the letter was dated yesterday. i said to leave it with me and i would try and find few things out. After he got home from seeing me he had had a letter pushed through his door from the field agent of this company. (Bit quick) The couple concerned are now both back in full time employement and able to afford to pay their mortgage and a little extra to clear the arrears - though this will take a little time. Any advice on what they should do? I could do a repayment plan for them or is it worth using this DMA firm - or is that a no no and rip off, (as my instinct tells me it is)
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