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  1. Thanks, there was also an issue with privacy. One of the usernames was known by someone I was asking advice about so I created another.
  2. Thanks for your advice but I really don't understand why you keep being so negative towards me! You're not our landlord are you haha!? It definitely is invalid. My point is, the notice cannot at any point be valid as we weren't given the gas safety certificate, the EPC certificate or the how to rent guide. The agency sent them last month with the end of tenancy letter. It is my understanding that they HAVE to be given to tenants prior to moving in. How can he apply for another possession order as he can't change the fact that this process wasn't followed?
  3. Just to update this: We have been told we will be served with a section 21 today so it doesn't give us two months notice and it looks like it's invalid! We were never given the gas safety, how to rent and EPC certificate. They sent them on the 18th October with a letter informing us the tenancy was ending. We also don't have smoke alarms on every floor of our home which I believe is another requirement? So we understand that we cant be served with a section 8 until we're in 2 months rent arrears and the section 21 is now invalid. They want us out on 21st December. There's a bit of us that just wants to go and leave the mess behind however it seems like we're in a good position to negotiate now?
  4. If I had been given clear advice, I wouldn't waste my time asking for clarity. The .gov website and the hundreds of other sites say different things. Some say he can give as little as 7 days notice, some say 2 months. Thanks for your input so far.
  5. And you're right, there is information on the links thank you, however it says that we could be served with a section 8 with 7 14 days- 2 months notice, that's a pretty big difference, so I'm trying to understand how it works and what case he has to get us out sooner rather than later if any!
  6. No we're not refusing to pay him. We were negotiating on damages for the noise issues and deception. He offered a free months rent in January after we'd asked for half rent for the remainder of our tenancy. He refused that then revoked the offer of a months rent free. We haven't been served with anything at all yet. Im just trying to understand the process as there is so much conflicting information out there. We can pay the rent today, it's a week late, so I don't think thats enough to serve a section 8 is it? In any case, we are leaving the property, it's just how soon. We wanted to stay to the end of January as obviously don't want to have to move right before Christmas.
  7. HI, Thanks for this. Just trying to determine how much notice he needs to give us. We will pay the rent, but it's a week late. Is that grounds for a section 8?
  8. I don't know, that's why I'm asking the best thing to do? If we pay it, then he cant do anything right? The agency email said the offer had been revoked and they now no longer require access for viewings haha, ridiculous, so he's obviously banking on getting us out but he can't right?
  9. We have until 22nd December left, all other rent payments up to date. From what I can gather, he couldn't serve any kind of notice until the rent is 30 days late? Which it isn't? As long as we pay our rent for the remainder, then he can't do anything?
  10. I just wanted to update this: We asked for half rent for the remaining three months of our lease but our landlord offered to give us one month rent free in January in return for viewings and access. We also asked that we be rehomed by the agency without having to pay referencing fees again. We were promised we could have the property for two years by the agency and only recently told we could extend the tenancy to be told a week later he was actually selling. I cannot explain how horrific it has been having construction on one side and full house renovation project on the other. We have evidence showing our landlord knew about both. We have gone back with our terms and now the landlord has clearly spat his dummy and revoked the month rent free in January. We hadn't paid this months rent whilst we were negotiating and from the tone of the email, it sounds like he now wants to try and evict us. I understand he can't do this until we're in arrears by 30 days, is that right?
  11. Hi Ive posted about our issues at our property before but things have now changed, again. We were deceived into renting a home which we'd planned on staying at for at least two years. For the last year we've had to deal with building works on both sides of us. One being a full new house build and the other side completely renovating their house, including basement excavation and other things that have basically made our life hell. We then receive a letter from next door saying they have planning to build an extension. joy. Both neighbour's have told us that our landlord knew about all of this. He had the house up for sale initially, but obviously wouldn't have been unable to sell it with all the building works. He has wilfully let it out to us on the basis of being able to stay as long as we like and made no mention of the building works. We were told last week that we could extend our tenancy for another 12 months if we wanted to, but then we've had a call today to tell us the landlord actually now wants to sell and will be ok with weekly viewings HA. Our lives have been so disrupted already that honestly we feel like being difficult about it, however I know that legally we do have to allow reasonable viewings. However its at our discretion whether we tell prospective buyers about the ongoing and now further planned building works next door. The lettings agency have said they'll find somewhere else for us, but then of course we'll have all the associated costs of re-referencing, moving costs etc. Honestly we feel like withholding rent for the last few months by way of compensation but I don't think we can do this legally. I have read similar stories where people have been successful with the Ombudsman. Any advice on legally where we stand with compensation for all of this!? Thanks
  12. Hi We moved in to our rented property at Christmas 2017. We both work from home and took the property based on being able to do just that. My fiancé has a photography studio set up here with regular clients coming to the house. In May we found out that the neighbours had sold a patch of their garden to a builder who is now building a house on the land. The noise is unbearable, we are woken up every morning at 7 and we can't use the garden because of the noise and dust. The neighbours are also having their remaining garden paved by a separate company who also make noise from 7am. To top it off, our other next door neighbour have just started work on their house so we have to deal with hammering and banging all day on that side too. The landlord claims he knew nothing about any of it, which is rubbish and the builders have confirmed that they have had extensive conversations with him as part of the planning process and he in fact moved out of the house because of the construction. We have already asked for a rent reduction as we have been deceived in to moving in and the worst part is we pay nearly £2k in rent to live here! In this beautiful weather, we haven't been able to enjoy the garden at all. I have spoken to a solicitor who has told me whilst the landlord did have a moral obligation to tell us about the work, he unfortunately didn't have a legal obligation, which I just cannot believe! We have spoken to the builders who have now said they will try not to do noisy work before 8am, but even minor work causes enough noise to disturb us. We have to have the windows open because of the heat and there is no escape from it! We've requested a rent reduction but the landlord said no and we would have to pay to get out of our contract. There is another month left of the building works and we just don't feel like we can cope with it anymore. We're both being woken up in a state of stress and anxiety and its impacting on our work and our health! Is there really nothing we can do!?
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