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  1. No I don't think it's anything official at all to be honest. Literally just a letter saying very urgent, no official form number or anytjing like that, just demanding immediate payment
  2. It has the landlord and I's names, the claim number and that it is a NOE. They threaten to take goods with or without my presence and apply for a tribunals and enforcement act to enter my premises. Then it says, I must pay in full immediately to avoid the action. I'm fully aware I don't have to open the door though.
  3. Thanks, but it's still not on the register? I know what the details are I just want to know if it can be enforced if it isn't on the register? Also don't want to tell them it's not so they put it on then it affects my credit!
  4. Hi all, Whilst travelling, I had my mail forwarded to a friend and on my return and I collected it and so became aware of the CCJ. The landlord had sent the papers to his address. The CCJ does not show up on the register or on any of the 4 main credit report agencies. I applied for two set asides yes, but the CCJ is clearly not registered. I just can't believe that because a judge decided not to even hear my case properly, I have to pay money I don't owe and have extensive proof to show that I don't owe. Even with a variation order, I would have to pay it back
  5. It is yes. I checked the address where it was registered in 2015. It isn't showing on any of my credit reports either.
  6. Hi, They are called the High Court Enforcement Group. Deal with it how though? They can't actually do much unless I let them in right? (which I obviously wouldnt) Thanks
  7. Hi I was taken to court by a landlord in 2015 for unpaid rent, but I had gone travelling so didn't receive the papers. I had moved out of his property, but he claimed I still lived there and took me to court for the rent for those months. I obviously told him I was leaving and when, and have proof to show I had left and had indeed gone travelling. When I returned and realised I had a CCJ for unpaid rent, I applied for a set aside. I was 10 minutes late for the hearing due to unexpected road works and the judge dismissed it. I reapplied and had another hearing, but the judge just wouldn't listen to me or look at my proof and said I was lying about turning up late the first time! That was 3 years ago I've just had a hand delivered letter through from a HCO but I think it's just a company rather than anything official from the court. Couple of questions: I checked with all 4 credit agencies and there is no record of the CCJ I also checked with Trust Online and it isn't on the register, so can it even be enforced? Also, is there really nothing I can do given I do not owe the man the rent and have solid written proof that I wasn't living there!? Granted it was my fault I was a bit late, but that doesn't mean I owe him any money. The letter is threatening to take goods with or without my presence, but I understand that they can't break in? Also, it says they will apply for an order to gain access to my property but I have never heard of this? Can I counter sue in an attempt to make him leave me alone? maybe for damages for harassment? At the time of living there, we had a really bad mould problem and in the end he did give me money off the rent because so many of my belongings were damaged, and thats one of the reasons he asked me to leave because he didn't want to add ventilation. Thank you in advance.
  8. Thanks, there was also an issue with privacy. One of the usernames was known by someone I was asking advice about so I created another.
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