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  1. yes I moved out in 2014. This is the first I've heard of any outstanding bill! The letter is a 'Payment due' letter, not an official court or claim form at this stage. I have actually had another old energy bill from Lowell (this is what happens when you move house a lot) which came from their solicitors devision with an official country court claim. That bill was from 2014/15. Theres no way of me checking what payments were made or if the amounts are even correct.
  2. Hi I've received an old gas and electric bill suddenly, from the year 2013/2014. The bill covers the period October 2013 - August 2014. So would it be classed as 6 years or not? As it goes into 2014? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi We actually had loads of things wrong when we moved in that they never fixed, damp, dodgy door handles, broken locks etc. It was also filthy and we had to get a professional cleaner to sort it as the landlord wouldn't. We have all this on email so proof of what we've reported etc.
  4. Hi I am about to move out of a property, and we have had ongoing disputes with the letting agent and landlord. Both have told lies about us, so as you can imagine we want to see a copy of the inspection report to make sure it's accurate before we leave to ensure that that there are no further lies! When the inspector came to the house, he found no issues and said as much. I'll give you two examples of the issues, we've had 2 break-ins whilst living here (it's rife in the area) and both times reported to the police and the letting agent who came to take photos of the damage.
  5. No I don't think it's anything official at all to be honest. Literally just a letter saying very urgent, no official form number or anytjing like that, just demanding immediate payment
  6. It has the landlord and I's names, the claim number and that it is a NOE. They threaten to take goods with or without my presence and apply for a tribunals and enforcement act to enter my premises. Then it says, I must pay in full immediately to avoid the action. I'm fully aware I don't have to open the door though.
  7. Thanks, but it's still not on the register? I know what the details are I just want to know if it can be enforced if it isn't on the register? Also don't want to tell them it's not so they put it on then it affects my credit!
  8. Hi all, Whilst travelling, I had my mail forwarded to a friend and on my return and I collected it and so became aware of the CCJ. The landlord had sent the papers to his address. The CCJ does not show up on the register or on any of the 4 main credit report agencies. I applied for two set asides yes, but the CCJ is clearly not registered. I just can't believe that because a judge decided not to even hear my case properly, I have to pay money I don't owe and have extensive proof to show that I don't owe. Even with a variation order, I would have
  9. It is yes. I checked the address where it was registered in 2015. It isn't showing on any of my credit reports either.
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