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  1. Yes. Given how slowly every company and/or govt. institution moves lately, I felt it prudent to acknowledge the claim for fear of it tipping over the edge of the 14 days.
  2. I've acknowledged the claim online, and have sent a copy to the insurer. My guess is that they've been phoned by some ambulance chaser, "Have you been involved in an accident in the last 2 years?" - they've said "yes, I have", and now they're clutching at straws to milk it for every last penny. I mean, the bike was a 15 year old 250cc Honda. The amount this claim is for, is for more than the bike is worth (which has already been paid out) - I am assuming it's for the helmet and leathers, which I know were claimed for, but no receipts were ever forthcoming, so I'm guessing that the
  3. Hi. I was involved in a car accident back in May. I pulled out of a side road and a motorcycle came around the corner, lost control of the bike and the bike slid onto my side of the road (I had crossed the road and the manoeuvre was effectively over - the bike was going too fast, he panicked, pulled the front brake and the bike went down then slid into my car, hitting it head on - the passenger, thankfully, had continued to slide down his side of the road avoiding any traffic and any injury). The police arrived and agreed that I was not at fault. The insurance company,
  4. In all honesty, I'm not all that worried about it - it's not really my fault, although I could have continued to badger them for a bill I suppose - so, I don't really see anything to get wound up about. It it goes to court and I lose, then so be it. I have no problem with paying them for the water I've used, I'm just a bit miffed about the way they have gone about it, when it could have been avoided in the first place due to them simply sending me a bill to start with. I think I will defend on the grounds that the amount claimed is in dispute due to not having been billed and therefo
  5. I can't pay the £1800 currently. The interest amounts to just over £15 so it's not that big a deal. Like I say, I can't wholeheartedly claim they have the wrong address (at least until I receive the details of a SAR and see exactly what it is they have for this address), as I have never received anything from them - I have, however, received this summons - at the correct address (although this differs from the address on the electoral role), and had a couple of debt collection agencies letters to the same address that did arrive that I ignored as they had differing amounts in them and one
  6. Fair play (regarding the water act). It was just a thought - as they told me that I wasn't a customer. It's made me think though...what if when I phoned them, they told me that because they did have the address wrong, and I obviously gave them the correct address, and therefore they couldn't find me?
  7. I don't know if they are or not. The address on the claim is correct (although it's different to the address at the electoral role), but as I've never received any bills from them directly, I don't know if they have sent any bills or they have the wrong address. It's simply that the postcode is for a different road...my neighbours all have a different postcode to me. This has in the past been a problem, and I was throwing it out there in case they have sent bills it's just that I never received them...although, I think this is unlikely.
  8. I'm afraid I don't. It was some years ago now and was entirely over the phone. I was thinking along the lines of the fact that I have never had a contract with them. I haven't ever signed anything as they told me that I wasn't a customer of theirs and have never received any bills for them. To be fair, the same was true of BT as well, but when I phoned them, we flipped to paperless billing and that solved the problem of not getting anything in the post from them. The address is a bit odd - the postcode for this house is actually for a different road and I have had
  9. Hi all, This morning I have received court papers from Northampton Court for unpaid water bills. When I first moved into this property, after a while I realised that I hadn't received a bill for water, i phoned Southern Water and was told that I wasn't a customer of theirs. I told them that I was receiving water, but they insisted that I wasn't known to them. I tried again a few months later as it played on my mind and was told I would be phoned back - I wasn't. After a while I forgot all about it...for about 8 year! They have also sent a summons to my e
  10. That's what I'd figured. It was about 18 months ago. I see where you're going. I'd quite like it to go to court really, simply to show the slimy b'tards that they can't just get away with lying, trying to steal etc... with impunity. I may send the letter though. Just so that I have some record of actually trying to do something. Or not. I might just do nothing. EDIT: Just reading through that letter. Should it not have it's grammatical errors corrected before sending it? It might make people treat it more seriously. Just a thought. Also, it should probably have a time limi
  11. Hi all, A few years ago I had a broadband account with a firm called "Griffin Internet" - at first they were pretty good, although a bit on the pricey side - but you get what you pay for, so I put up with it. One day they announced that they were selling off their consumer part of their business. I paid no attention, but shortly after this I moved house. I wanted to continue using their services, which mean that I had to cancel my contract (for which I never got any money back), and start a new one. The first payment had to be paid by card over the phone - I don't even have a bank accou
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