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  1. i very much doubt it lol but thanks again
  2. no i dont have any medical reasons i even tried the bot chat but it seemed the cut me off and said they couldnt assist me further . so as im sure you can understand ive run out of ideas and didnt know which way to turn . but thank you ever so much for the last reply re- the corona virus i didnt know about the dates after december and was at a loss .
  3. ive tried to re apply and was given a reference number but since that number isnt a 16 digit code you cant enter it into the online form to find out the status of my licence . and you cant talk to anyone at all because ive tried every way possible.
  4. The renewel was applied for online and that was because i was aware that my license was nearing the end . i didnt recieve anything via post ive tried ringing them countless times and all i get is a recording where you are told to visit the website .gov.uk and then they cut you off so you just keep goin round in circles.
  5. without being rude my license ran out on the 5th January and im over 70 and the reason why its been this long is because it tells you you need to allow extra time for them to sort it due to covid. and i ve been trying for the past 2 weeks to get some answers.
  6. since then my license has expired and the thing is theyve given an extension for people to continue driving but that ended in december last year so i dont know if i can still drive .
  7. hi thank you for the reply , i applied for a driving license renewel in november and im still waiting for it.
  8. Can anyone please give me a phone number for the DVLA that you can actually speak to someone and you dont get cut off after countless times ive been told to go onto the .gov.uk website to find out more information which doesn`t help it just winds me up even more . im goin out of my mind trying to find a solution . many thanks in advance
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