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  1. I'm on pip and in my current property I'm allowed 2 bedrooms 1 for me and 1 for carers
  2. I've not moved yet I'm just finding out information,so if I change my sister as my carer to someone else, would it be easier to rent her property
  3. My daughter has her own property,she stays with me 2 nights,my sister has her own property she lives in,but rents her other house out,she also stays with me 2 nights so it's her other house that I'm looking to rent
  4. I have been told that it depends how my forms are filled out as to wether I'm entitled im waiting for a housing benefits welfare officer to get in touch Thankyou
  5. I currently live in a 2 bed property and have 2 carers that stay twice a week each, 1 of my carers is my daughter who has 3 children so my current property is over occupied, I have the chance to rent my sisters 3 bed house that she does not live in and rents out already, would I be entitled to claim housing benefits I am aware that I would have to.pay a top up but dont want to.move incase I dont get benefits as this would put me in debt, also a regulation 9 has been mentioned but I cant get my head round the information
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