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  1. Well I dont no where to start, i dont have the patience to go through everyone's posts and even when I do I dont no where to start, i dont have the ticket any more i guess i threw it out it was over 2 years ago now, I understand the advice is free on this site, but I am just hard of understanding it all and need a little prompting, I cant afford to pay it but if it gets them off my back then it is easier to go without the things I need, i dont need added pressure so do I just ignore their letters and let them take me to court as they
  2. I dont really want to get mixed up in other peoples problems that's why I made this post to get advice here, I'll probably just pay it seems easyer
  3. I have done that, I told them I do not accept there phone calls or emails I have been reading and replying to posts on here yes
  4. I got this from them today Dear Mr ....... We write further to the telephone call you held with our office on 24 January 2020. We apologise in the delay with our reply The signs displayed at the site clearly state that you must pay and display a valid ticket within the vehicle, if you choose to park outside of these terms, you accept the charge set out on the sign. The signs form the contract between yourself and our Client. We attach our Client's photographic evidence which shows your vehicle bearing registration number (my reg) parked without a
  5. Well at the moment it's not untrue, I can barely get out bed to the toilet on most days, 90% of the time I'm laid down because even when sitting up I struggle, but it's just temporary i hope i have been like it for almost 3 years now, the doctors say it's due to malnutrition, my blood pressure drops fast, not dangerous enough to be treated but enough to cause me problems, like dizziness, faint, blackout, lack energy, maybe I just feel like I shouldn't get that part of pip because it's not permanent, I also dont want the hassle of more asses
  6. Hello all, I claim pip because of illness, how ever somebody has to help me fill in the form that has 12 questions about my health, last year my pip was changed from standard daily to enhanced daily with standard mobility, the person who completed my application on Monday completed all questions has no change then gave a brief description under that what I think is ok its similar to last years questions how ever she ticked on the last question that I can walk more than 20 meters but less than 50 meters. I told her not to tick
  7. 1 The date of infringement 10/08/2018 2 Have you yet appealed to the parking company yet? yes email attached above. I did not recieve a responce or I have discarded this letter. have you received a Notice To Keeper? (NTK) [must be received by you between 29-56 days] what date is on it Did the NTK provide photographic evidence? [scan up BOTHSIDES as ONE PDF- follow the upload guide] 3. Did the NTK mention Schedule 4 of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 (PoFA) unknown 4. If you appealed after receiving the NTK,
  8. Need some help, I was contacted by a solicitor firm today for a private parking company in Blackpool, they are attempting to sue me. NE PARKING LTD 29-23 LOWTHIAN ROAD HARTLEPOOL TS26 8AL I parked correctly in a parking bay and I paid for a parking ticket I was rushing around etc and there are two things that could of happened one. I put the ticket upside down by accident, two the wind caught it and flipped it upside down anyway the ticket was upside down..... I appealed the ticket back in 2018 just not long af
  9. That's probably why they upgraded my account because I have no history yet ha!
  10. I only just signed up to vote, I have never voted before, but I've never had a problem accessing my credit file in previous years, it's like it's just been deleted? Here's a message from another credit check place I found. I have just moved in the last month but my bank account, new address etc are all up to date and I literally called everyone when I moved, internet, electric, gas, mobile contract, bank, everyone on the day I moved here, When trying to get my credit report I use my new and previous addresses. Here's a message I got ......
  11. Hello, Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I had some bad credit before, ccjs, etc In 2017 I think I had a dro in place, For my banking I couldn't get accepted for anything but only a basic account known as a foundation account, I had been trying for years before to get a select account but was always refused now I have been accepted for a select account last week and I actually upgraded to the reward account, But anyway this is my question. Because of being accepted after years by my bank to upgrade I want to view my cre
  12. I need it to pick up my son who dosnt live with me and I also need it to get to work after I have my 1 year old every day from 7am till 11, then I work part time voluntary
  13. Hello, Some might remember me I put up a post about buying a seat leon, Anyway it has caused me hell!! So I had a new dual mass flywheel and clutch fitted by Formula one auto center A couple of days later my clutch is slipping and making noises and smells, so I took it back to the garage and they have offered repair it free of charge under Warranty, I have told them I had trouble getting the car into them for the whole day the first time they fixed it and I need my car, I have asked them to provide a courtesy car but
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