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  1. this may or may not be the right place to post I apologize if so.... ive been banned from my partners work on the terms "my partner works there" it is a bar/restaurant, I have never caused damage to the property, I have never threatened, harassed, provoked any member of staff or customer, I have been completely faithful, honest and haven't been a pain the backside, is this discrimination ? I feel its a unfair and pathetic reason to ask someone not to come in. Also on the other-side of things my partner is getting sick of finishing work at 23:00 pm to 12:00am and being made to return to work at 7:30am, I understand the law is 11 hours break.
  2. Thank you for your replys everyone, after reading your replys and looking at some useful links I left it a couple days to think, and I will continue with my course
  3. Hi there, yes it was actually 2005, Thanks
  4. Hello all, I am hoping to start a new course with the open university, in all honesty I wanted to study maths and English and then study law, I have been told by my solicitor that I probably won't be able to go any further with That, I was wondering if someone could advise me what course I can still take? I will provide my criminal recored I'm not ashamed of it I did what I did and moved on from it, they where commited at a teen age of 18 and under. 1. being carried in a motor vehicle taken without consent 08/2005 2. being carried in a motor vehicle taken without consent 10/2005 3. breach of community order 02/2006 4. taken motor vehicle without consent 03/2006 1. Using vehicle while uninsured 03/2006 2. Driving otherwise than in accordance with a license 03/2006 3. Breach of conditional discharge 03/2006 5. Handling stolen goods 09/2006 6. Criminal damage. I understand what I did over 10 years ago was wrong I was punished for my actions but I am trying to move on from it with a decent career please no negative thoughts!! Thanks
  5. What can anyone suggest on this complaint, so after everything discussed on the form I took into consideration and made a call to dvla, to clarify a couple of things before three main questions was asked whilst i recorded the call with DVLA these where A.. If I cancel my appeal in court when can I re-appliy for my license.. .......Response from DVLA after checking their system for over a minute, "You can reapply at the end of March, beginning of April" I believe where I made a verbal contract with DVLA clearly stating if I cancel court I can make a application end of march, I believe where I made verbal contact with DVLA myself and their team leader made a verbal contract?
  6. I have reapealed, because DVLA was trying not to let my case go to a ICA I have no reason to why, the whole case is a mess I've been advised by someone called Helen from dm appeals and Natalie and Chris from the complaints team I can apply for my license end of march/ April since I rejected there £200 I don't want money and requested my case go to a ICA they told me I cannot apply till the end of May now and I should apply to court
  7. I have never blaimed DVLA for my misuse if anything I have been quite honest with them the way I see it the decision is quite a serve punishment for my actions In a group I've attended there have been 1. Drink driver = 6 month ban 2. Heroin and crack user with daily prescribed medication = driving 3. Heroin and crack user = 12 months revoked 4. Epilepsy = 12 months revoked 5. Drink driver 12 month ban 6. Me taking unprescribed medication for 3 weeks 12 month revoked no previous history Not only am i being served a greater punishment DVLA are not sticking to there guidelines with me they are revoking my license for a period of 1.2 months where I did not commit any offence See my argument !
  8. Why are DVLA GUIDELINES based on a on a subject and not the individual ?
  9. They originally revoked my license for non-compliance because they failed to sent paperwork to my address in August and September they didn't actually find out I had use illicit untill around 27th November when my doctor filled in there questionnaire, They have revoked my license untill August because I I use illicit in June and was prescribed diazepam till 1st August They are revoking my license till then based on my illicit use in June and because I prescribed diazepam until August they seem to think I had a dependence untill then my argument is it was if any a clinical dependence and I believe DVLA cannot revoke a license because of a clinical dependence
  10. It hasn't worked out like that they have revoked my license from 1st August when I last tool a prescribed pill My illicit use ended June they should of started the 12 months from when my illicit use stopped
  11. I use to live at my mum's address yes, it is also registered there because it is where several of my cars are kept. On the other question as I stated I cancelled the court case I cannot be bothered with the hassle, DVLA are now saying my license can be reinstated in August but My illicit use ended June 2017 I was prescribed diazepam untill August 2017 From reading I believe DVLA cannot revoke my license for prescribed medication So I believe Evan the I was prescribed diazepam after my illicit use ending in June my license should actually be reinstated June 2018? That would be correct?
  12. Is that a stupid question? I did obviously
  13. they still should of corresponded to my registered address
  14. That would be 100% correct, it was registered to my mums address where she currently still lives
  15. In my letter of complaint because I did not find out I was revoked untill my insurance company told me months after in mid January I found out they had sent to the wrong address, I noted how serious it could of been as my license was revoked September 2017 if I was involved in a accident that caused death *SAY* in late September I could of been serving a manslaughter prison sentence with no evidence to why I was driving on a revoked license I would not of been able to say in court *DVLA* sent it to a unknown address because I only found out by an attachement letter in the statements of DVLA sent to me mid january is all i can say people is rely on your insurance company not DVLA
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