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  1. Likely they didn’t dishonestly intend to permanently deprive (so not theft) intent to permanently deprive is a civil matter. It is only criminal when the intent is dishonest (applying the 2 stage Ghosh test) Additionally : what have Revolut asked them to do with retained cards? while you pay Revolut to issue you a card, I bet somewhere in the T’s & C’s it says it remains their property .....
  2. The CCJ will have gone onto the register by now, so if Sainsbury’s really were unaware they may well want to get it set-aside for them a) to settle, without b) it remaining on the register. likely they would succeed with a set-aside and re-hearing (but they’d still have to settle) if you didn’t agree, so if they raise this, agree a non-contested set aside provided they pay all the costs, including a small payment for your admin time.
  3. Yet again you post a “stream of consciousness”, but haven’t replied about BF’s and Ell-enn’s posts #4 and #5. you also haven’t replied about the key question of what action you took between 2003 (after cashing in the endowment and getting compensated for its mis-selling) and 2017. You must have known the capital sum was due on expiry of the interest-only mortgage? if you keep ignoring the replies given & questions asked : how do you expect people to help you?
  4. Sadly you haven’t replied to / followed the advice in BF’s post #4 and Ell-enn’s post #5. This, and the fact that the lender already has a Posession Order now is going to make it difficult to help you. If it hadn’t already reached that stage, one of the key questions would be : if you cashed in the endowment policy in 2003, (and got compensation for mIs-selling), what other measures did you take to repay the £58,500 due in May 2017?
  5. It doesn’t save the GP’s surgery money. if you wish to get a quicker resolution: go to the GP’s. if you are wedded to not going to the GP’s : go to the CCG. if you are adamant you want to go to the GMC : do as you wish. It’ll be the least speedy (and likely least successful) approach.
  6. Asking for GMC numbers is an option, but a) is all guns blazing, b) The GP is likely to say “I wasn’t aware of the issue” I’d suggest making a further appointment, letting the GP know of the issue and the patient’s preference of where they want to be seen, and asking how come the referral was cancelled. if that doesn’t work, then not only can you go in “guns blazing”, but you’ll also have more ammunition, having avoided the “shoot from the hip” approach.
  7. Is the deposit less than 3 months worth of fees (again, what is the loss you want to claim for [that you haven’t already had from the deposit]) say you succeed in your counterclaim and the court awards you £X (including the claim fee you’ll have to pay). Will she be able to pay / will the award be able to be enforced? if she is “pot-less” you may have the award but not be able to enforce it / find that you get £1 per week. You may want to consider if any award would be enforceable before expending the time / energy / cost of a counterclaim.
  8. What do you feel she owes you that you want to counterclaim for? if successful, do you think you will be able to enforce any award? (given her financial circumstances have deteriorated!)
  9. Plead guilty if it actually goes to court (although you can still try approaching the prosecutor on the day). why plead guilty? Because (on the facts stated!) the Magistrates must find you guilty because you aren’t being prosecuted for deliberate fare dodging, but instead for not producing a valid ticket. you didn’t have a valid ticket and you don’t have one of the statutory defences : so the Magistrates must find you guilty. what you want to do is persuade the prosecutor not to take the case to trial, or give your explanation in mitigation. That isn’t the same as a “not guilty” plea (& you risk losing the credit given for a guilty plea!)
  10. Up to you, depends how much you want to record calls. You’ve posted about a problem, I’ve tried to suggest an Android solution. if TapeACall don’t support android anymore: a) find an android equivalent (I can’t help with that, as I don’t have an Android phone with me) b) find a different recording solution (Olympus TP8?), c) change to a different Android release that still supports your current app, or d) buy a second hand iPhone, as cheap a version as you can get to use TapeACall, stick a PAYG SIM in it, and use it as your “recording phone”. “You pays your money, and takes your choice”.
  11. I do have a spare iPhone, just not to give you, (especially if you seem to want the latest model, brand new [second hand, not the latest, shouldn’t cost a grand!]).
  12. Just as an aside, Lowell’s letter said “as mobile phones have a service agreement and not a credit agreement”.... but is this not for a landline? Nice to know L’s pay such close attention to detail.......
  13. Google is your friend (well, sometimes not, from the title and contents of this thread ......!), but googling gives me: https://www.tapeacall.com/ it shows the iPhone version when I look (but from an iPhone, I don’t know if it shows an android version from an android phone). they certainly used to talk about an android version: https://blog.tapeacall.com/record-audio-calls-iphone-android/
  14. Complain to the Legal Ombudsman (LO), not the SRA. The LO can act where the SRA can’t, and can refer issues to the SRA for those issues where the SRA would act.
  15. If a “conference call” method isn’t available for Android : Get yourself an iPhone (provided your network allows native conference calling) I use “tape-a-call” ; high quality recordings without using the phone’s speaker (or a separate recorder with a microphone). I paid a one-off fee to upgrade from the free “Lite” version to the fully featured one.
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