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  1. Up to you, depends how much you want to record calls. You’ve posted about a problem, I’ve tried to suggest an Android solution. if TapeACall don’t support android anymore: a) find an android equivalent (I can’t help with that, as I don’t have an Android phone with me) b) find a different recording solution (Olympus TP8?), c) change to a different Android release that still supports your current app, or d) buy a second hand iPhone, as cheap a version as you can get to use TapeACall, stick a PAYG SIM in it, and use it as your “recording phone”. “You pays your money, and takes your choice”.
  2. I do have a spare iPhone, just not to give you, (especially if you seem to want the latest model, brand new [second hand, not the latest, shouldn’t cost a grand!]).
  3. Just as an aside, Lowell’s letter said “as mobile phones have a service agreement and not a credit agreement”.... but is this not for a landline? Nice to know L’s pay such close attention to detail.......
  4. Google is your friend (well, sometimes not, from the title and contents of this thread ......!), but googling gives me: https://www.tapeacall.com/ it shows the iPhone version when I look (but from an iPhone, I don’t know if it shows an android version from an android phone). they certainly used to talk about an android version: https://blog.tapeacall.com/record-audio-calls-iphone-android/
  5. Complain to the Legal Ombudsman (LO), not the SRA. The LO can act where the SRA can’t, and can refer issues to the SRA for those issues where the SRA would act.
  6. If a “conference call” method isn’t available for Android : Get yourself an iPhone (provided your network allows native conference calling) I use “tape-a-call” ; high quality recordings without using the phone’s speaker (or a separate recorder with a microphone). I paid a one-off fee to upgrade from the free “Lite” version to the fully featured one.
  7. Oops, for Sangria (autocorrect!) read “Sangie”
  8. The 14 days also depends on the circumstances. was it a hire car? has the address of the registered keeper changed and not been updated with DVLA?
  9. First class with (free) proof of posting. it means a trip to the Post Office, but means they can’t claim you never sent it, and that is all a court requires, if it came to court. signed for proves they received it, IF they sign for it. If it doesn’t get there or they won’t sign for it, you are no better off. so it depends what you want most: what a court would require (not signed for, but proof of posting) against reassurance they've received it, but the downside of having to send it again if you don’t have that proof.
  10. I don’t believe that “criminal = stupid / cant understand posts”, nor do I believe the OP set out to commit a criminal act (hence why they should try to persuade TFL not to prosecute, by “I was naive, not deliberately criminal”). I can’t do anything about your recurrent ability to misunderstand posts, and all I can do when you post poor advice or out and out rubbish, is to try to correct it so OP’s only worry about what they need to be concerned of.
  11. Be brave. Point out where my post #41 is open to misinterpretation. Let people decide if I’ve been open to misinterpretation or you just can’t interpret, if you are still saying it was unclear. Saying “ohh, post 41” isn’t being clear as to how I could have left it open to misinterpretation. Be brave. Commit, instead of further obfuscation.
  12. So, where did I say it’s OK to commit an offence and run away? Or where could I have been misunderstood to have said that. Quote where, if you believe that’s what I said. since I didn’t, why are you repeating it? More deflection tactics from your error(s), even though you say you’ll ‘fess up when wrong. BTP have more pressing matters than going round to the home of an (isolated case) possible fare evader whose details TFL believe they have found. That’s why TFL send out the letter they do, and why BTP won’t be pitching up at the OP’s address. It isn’t a case of “won’t be going round now”, but “never were going to”!
  13. You’ll note that I never said it is OK to commit an offence and run away, so cease & desist from putting words in my mouth to try & distract people from your errors and trying to tell people “the police will come round and arrest you” when they won’t. The police might come round if the person’s ID was still in doubt, (but that isn’t the case here). The police might arrest someone if offence(s) still needing investigating : but that isn’t the case here, either. Stop trying to dress up your “arrestable offence“ mistake (and trying to scare the OP) as “its not OK to commit an offence and run away”. Clearly it isn’t ok to do that, but the OP says that’s not what happened, and no one is going to come round & arrest them.
  14. What, (since 2006) is the difference between an arrestable and non-arrestable offence? (Hint: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2005/15/part/3/crossheading/powers-of-arrest ) so, TFL send the police around, and they turn up (let us engage in your fantasy world, and put aside the obvious question of "how are they going to do that if they don't know where you live?" : and "if they have found out where you live, why would they send the police around"?) You give the police your (verifiable) name and address. How are they going to arrest you and remain compliant (at least, for fare evasion as a one off... we aren't talking about a complex fraud or sexual assault here) with the 'necessity criteria' of https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/117583/pace-code-g-2012.pdf ? Please stop spouting tosh. The police asren't going to visit the OP, and aren't going to arrest them.
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