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  1. I agree with UB that there is a rationale to business telling staff with respiratory diseases to stay home even with a negative Covid test. 1) unlikely it’s a false negative covid test (there are much better targets than the initial “ref.,lab. only, PCR), but there still can be false negatives 2) even if it isn’t Covid, you don’t want people with symptoms in spreading it to others, who will then need to get Covid tested and isolate, as when they get symptoms the “could this be Covid” cycle restarts anew for someone else.
  2. And the UB asked if there were more common colds, would there be more “positive” covid tests. It depends. It depends on what you mean by “positive test”! People want perfect tests: no false positive, no false negatives, so 100% sensitivity and 100% specificity, with resulting 100% “predictive values” (both pos and neg predictive values). but those tests only exist in theory, not in practice. As the number of tests change, the sensitivity and specificity don’t: they are a function of the test, not of the number of tests. However, the positive and negative predictive values change with the prevalence of the condition. more tests for whatever reason: more false positives : in direct relation to the number of tests, as the sensitivity and specificity hasn’t changed. But, with a falling prevalence of covid : the same number of “more tests” (due to more colds that aren’t covid), the same number of false positives still, but the number of true positives falls, so the positive predictive value of the test falls …….. (and PPV and NPV are what matter to the individual : “what does my test result mean to me”, whereas sensitivity and specificity matter more to the scientists and statisticians…..) As for “cycle time” : the lower the cycle time the more of the “target sequence” was present. A high cycle time can mean a false positive (the “target sequence” was never really present, but got created during the process as an incidental effect of doing the PCR, and then gets “amplified” to the level of detection, so “signals positive” late in the process) For targets where the organism can colonise, a late CT can reflect colonisation. As an example : Almost all of us have our “respiratory tree” colonised with Pneumocystis jiroveci (what used to be called Pneumocystis carinii, the bug that causes Pneumocystis pneumonia in the immunocompromised). It isn’t causing an infection, it is just residing there minding its own business. So, if I said “hey, do a bronchoscopy on me for fun, and send lots of PCP PCR’s!” : I’d expect them eventually to get a result that was positive, with a high cycle time. ”Positive test” but doesn’t indicate disease. So, all tests should be interpreted in the light of their PPV / NPV, the “cycle time” (where relevant), if the organism can colonise, and the “pre-test probability” of the test.
  3. The key determinant to moving forward with the OP’s questions remains: 1) does the brother have capacity to authorise the GP’s to discuss their care with her? 2) Even if the OP feels the answer to 1) is “yes”, does the practice agree? if the practice feel he can’t give valid consent they may be unable to discuss his care with the OP unless she obtains a ‘Health & Well-being” deputyship from the Court of Protection and registers it with the Office of the Public Guardian.
  4. As you have so clearly demonstrated on this thread …… If the 5G is so important to you : cancel your order on that basis. If the 5G wasn’t an important part of your decision to order, let them know now, so they can fix it (& you’ll help others to whom it might be a deciding factor). Simples.
  5. It hasn’t been stolen. it has been clamped and/or impounded. Stolen implies theft, which is defined at S.1 of the Theft Act 1968. For a start, there is no intent to permanently deprive, as they want you to pay the penalty and tax (+/- the surety), where you then get the car back. Additionally, even if you choose not to get the car back, there is no dishonest intent, as their intent is compliant with (and authorised) by legislation. Their behaviour isn’t dishonest by either the objective or subjective tests of Ghosh It may be “dishonest” according to you, but your subjective view doesn’t make it theft. So, it isn’t theft, and it hasn’t been stolen. It appears you aren’t actual after help / advice, just that you want to bleat about how badly you have been treated, and then got miffed that people have tried to help rather than merely giving you the sympathy you think you deserve but don’t deserve.
  6. Unless the OP has confirmed with his insurer the other driver is insured with the same insurer, it is possible that the OP was merely told this by the other driver, and so they are entitled to confirm it if it hasn’t already be confirmed. OP : “I’m with AXA” other driver “what a co-incidence, so am I!” contrasted with the insurer confirming it…… However, yes, likely the OP’s fault regardless of why the other driver braked
  7. So why does the askMID website offer: ”If you have been involved in an accident and need to check the other vehicle is insured, for a small charge you can make a One-off askMID search . Once you have entered some details, including the accident date, you can identify the insurer of the other vehicle so that you can submit your claim.” http://stayinsured.askmid.com/about-askMID.html
  8. I never said you need a solicitor. In fact, I’m doubtful it is a solicitor you need.
  9. Tin foil hat. Look, you need to resolve this. You can spout rubbish / conspiracy theories all you like. A number of people have asked about the V5c but you initially didn’t answer, and now any answer you’ve given is a) vague, (“have said nothing of the sort . I purchased a vehicle, in the belief that dvla would forward relevant docs . it's all online gov.uk, dvla , no paper anywhere .”) and b) submerged in your paranoid postulations Why did you not insist on the v5c (or walk away from the purchase!) If you are keen to resolve this you can a) pay the penalty charge b) pay the surety to get the clamp removed c) put the car in the garage until it is resolved, and d) look to get it taxed within 14 days to get the surety back Alternatively you can continue to spout nonsensical/ irrelevant replies such as “in to the hands of America” It depends on if you are actually looking to take responsibility for your actions, and move forward to get this sorted, or are just bleating conspiracy rubbish / looking for sympathy but with no real intent to sort this / seek help with it. As for “ i have felt rather pressured by some questions, statements on this post.” people can’t help you if you won’t help yourself. Answering questions e.g. about the V5c, is necessary.
  10. I wish I could understand what you are hinting at but not overtly saying. May I suggest buying shares in Alcan’s Millinery division? Regardless of whatever plots / scams you feel may be in play here: you needed tax, or to have the vehicle in a garage / not visible to a DVLA camera car.
  11. If you’d put it in that garage and SORN’d it : you’d not have to pay road tax if it is parked on the road (that is kept at public expense, not private) / Not SORN’d : you risk the penalty if untaxed. Saying “but other people get away with it” doesn’t mean you can / will.
  12. You’ve almost certainly tripped an anti-money laundering alert. Revolut (if it is in the U.K.) are obliged to investigate, and obliged NOT to “tip you off” that they are doing so. If they are complying with these obligations the FOS will support them. Allow the investigations to ‘play out’.
  13. Even learner drivers have to tax their cars, if they wish to have them on a public highway. What do you mean by “I feel the end is near”? if you are struggling with your mental health contact your GP.
  14. Is she “double-vaccinated”? Would she be willing to stay in during the hours she would normally be at work, and go out to lead her life in her own time? It would be interesting to hear what the employer’s policy says about forcing its workers to self-isolate against government guidance during the hours they would normally be free to “do their own thing” (& are not paid for!) Does her work have any elements of “on-call” or “standby” that might complicate if those off-duty hours were completely her own time?
  15. They aren't fines. To call them fines (which get imposed by a criminal court) legitimizes them. They are, at best, parking charges ... and often aren't enforceable.
  16. Bear in mind that they only have to make “reasonable adjustments” for disability, and in the end they have to consider “are you capable of doing the job?”.
  17. ACPO has been replaced, but the speed enforcement guidelines remain….. 46 to 53 mph in a 40 would be considered for a DAC in many forces (services?). Most wouldn’t offer a DAC at 54 mph in a 40. Good luck with arguing that he is an HGV driver so shouldn’t get points…. expect to hear “the temporary speed limit was applied for safety due to a broken down vehicle. A professional driver (like an HGV driver) should know to respect such temporary limits given they are imposed for safety around hazards.” Him being an HGV driver can be seen as an exacerbating factor, not mitigation. If SYP aren’t going outside the national guidelines, you have to wonder who is being unreasonable here!
  18. How much notice - Shelter England ENGLAND.SHELTER.ORG.UK A legal notice must give the right amount of notice and end on the correct day.
  19. Summary judgment isn’t “an option for an early trial”. It is for when there aren’t any triable issues. So the report being clearly in favour of C can’t be used to say “trial not needed”. The trial is where the judge considers the report. An application for the judgment sum to be paid into court because D hasn't been complying could be useful, and could add pressure on D. Whether it’d be heard before the main hearing on the 4th November is another matter, though! Adding in a request for summary judgment that can be successfully opposed by the one line response of “the issues remain to be determined, the trial is where that should happen, including where the report should be considered” risks losing that application fee, though.
  20. They also can’t rely on you and hubby agreeing to pay £100/ month (unless you did so by a signed document in the form of a ‘deed’) I’m also concerned by the other directors taking the spraybooth and van, if these were company assets….. were these purchased by the company, or owned / purchased by those other directors (with their own money, not company money) and loaned to the company (where they would be entitled to take them back) who owns the shares of the Ltd Co.?
  21. See previous, highlighting the discrepancy between what the Highway Code says, and the actual offence that incurs the penalty. I hope they respond reasonably! if they say “but the contravention still took place” it is hard to argue against.
  22. If he won’t help you help him, tell him to post here himself. if he then won’t help here to help him, that’s his look out. At the moment you are “piggy in the middle”, so put the responsibility back onto him. Sorted.
  23. There is a disconnect here between what the Highway Code says: ”you must not enter, …… unless your exit is clear, unless…….” and the contravention you get a penalty for “you must not stop, ….. unless……” So, the fact that your exit was clear when you entered the box means you were complying with the Highway Code but still liable for the penalty if you stopped in the box (absent the ‘turning right, and …..’ exemption) So, appeal it, noting that you were compliant with the Highway Code,and the unfair actions of another driver caused the issue. Fingers crossed!
  24. More on the consequences of inadvertently becoming a “money mule” https://apple.news/AhxTXpMUjR0Oku1j_Pm9rKg which maps to https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/i-made-a-silly-mistake-at-16-so-do-banks-have-the-right-to-ruin-my-life-3kdk83mlz
  25. Scammer : “Your PC has a virus”, Me: ”OK, which one? the laptop or the desktop?“ repeat for “which OS?”, where they will always say Windows….. Then onto which release, then which build, and finally “I don’t think so, of all the machines you’ve chosen the stand-alone which isn’t connected to the internet” (I work on the principle that while I’m wasting their time, they aren’t [email protected] someone else!)
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