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  1. So today is 11 April and my sb letter was posted 6 Feb. I haven’t heard anything. What do you think this means?
  2. Ok, I just caught on I could open that link! New to this. So statute barred meaning from the day it was due to be repaid. What date would that be? And what is my next move? Contact link or thesis with this new bit of info?
  3. By phone Thesis told me this. The date of the letter I can’t be sure exact but it was May 2017. I last deferred I think it was April 2011. Deferment ended in April 2012.
  4. I contacted Thesis to ask to defer but they said it was too late.
  5. I took out 3 loans 96-99. I never repaid as I didn’t earn enough. I didn’t defer for the years 12-17. I got a letter to defer in 2017, when I did it, they said it was too late and it has been passed to link. I have been hounded for nearly two years. I am not in a position to pay it back. now they have said I have to reply within seven days or else. What can I do? If anything?
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