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Found 7 results

  1. Hi guys Any advice on how I can get rid of a CCJ issued by PRAC Financial? My credit report states that the default on my loan with Payday UK (whose debt Prac has acquired) is Satisfied as of Jan 2017. Another credit report says its closed. Unfortunately these clowns still want their pound of flesh. Ive received two letters. One from Northampton County Court about the CCJ and one from BW Legal saying I pay the amount of £1,029. I dont want to pay another £255 to set aside. I dont want to pay anything to remedy? What should I do? Maybe write to the court?
  2. A Builder I paid to do work, did only 70% of the work and more or less abandoned the job for a much bigger project. I had to engage somebody else to finish it. I wrote and threatened legal action, he laughed in my face. I sued in the County Court for £6,500 and won by default because he did not even bother to send in a defence, instead he sent me a check for £1000 two days before the deadline for his reply to the case, asking me to withdraw the case that he will endeavour to pay the balance because he is strapped for cash right now. He then applied for the judgment to be set aside
  3. I had a citibank credit card that was transferred to Opus back around 2010 I have tried for years to claim back the PPI I had been paying on the card for around 12 years. This amounted to around £5000 plus interest. Citibank totally refused to look at it as they passed the account to Opus as we didnt use the card for about the last 10 months before they transferred it. When they transferred the card there was an outstanding amount of around £150 which was cleared over a few months. Opus have declined any claim on the PPI as they have said the account was closed when they t
  4. Can you help me with a ppi claim I have tried to claim. I had a credit card with citibank that was taken out back in around 2000. I had ppi on there which was costing me around £30-£40 per month. I had a CMC who said they could put a claim in for me, this was over 2 yrs ago. After all this time and numerous calls they have now closed the case for the following reasons. Citibank transferred my account to a bank called Opus. This was done without me knowing until I had a statement off them where I called them and found out that my account had been transferred to them
  5. Hello guys. So, back in January I was doing some work in Swindon and needed to park my bus. After driving around for half an hour and finding no street parking within walking distance of the job and residents only parking, I decided to park in the local authority car park across the road. The bus didn't fit in one bay, which according to the board contravened the terms of the car park, but I didn't have a great deal of choice and the car park was practically empty, so I bought a ticket and would take a gamble on getting a PCN. After finishing the job and going back to the bus, I
  6. I think i am posting this in the correct place, if not please accept my apologies. I have 4 items 2 of which are paid for in December this year and two were new taken out in march this year. Unfortunately i lost my job two weeks ago and have been harassed ever since, phone calls sometimes 10 times a day, now i am ignoring my phone. my wife had the misfortune of taking a call on the house phone from them and received bully boy tactics such as ultimatums of paying by 5 30 or we will get your stuff, my sofa is one of the new items and believe me if i could get rid a
  7. Hi all, About 3 1/2 years ago my partner left me and my baby twins as I was alone and not working the only help I could get was from vanquis, I applied for benefits but they took months to all kick in and we had to eat in the meantime. various things happened, washing machine died a death, needed new fridge, had to move house due to mould problems so the credit card was used. One of my children has a chronic life-limiting disease and I get carers allowance. The problem is, the interest started piling up on the account, and my repayments weren't d
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