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  1. thanks for that. i'm on with it now. i will update you on any progress. thanks again for your help!
  2. didn't go through any letting agency and yes i have checked that site. i can find no evidence of him protecting my deposit. i have spoken to citizens advice and they have pointed me in the right direction. we are entitled to our deposit back as all the things wrong with the property are the landlords responsibility, however, cab also told me that if they have not protected my deposit as they are legally required to do, i can claim compensation on top of our bond. they sent me a link to print and fill in form n208. could i do this through the mcol service instead, or does it have be by paper version?
  3. not got any photos but landlord was happy when we handed the keys in and walked round. he was aware of the damp because we sent him photos. id appreciate all the assistance i can get. thanks for your help so far
  4. i've tried to find if my deposit was protected but i'm unable to find it on deposit protection scheme, my deposits, or tenancy deposit scheme. my landlord is refusing outright to return our deposit. im getting bombarded by messages from him about us paying for the plastering to be redone, he's claiming some electrical problems need sorting even though everything is exactly the same as when we moved in, then he says the bathroom carpet is unusable, and the final insult, he's saying he's had to spend all week cleaning it even though our last job there was to give the place a full top to bottom clean. is there anything i can do?
  5. winner winner chicken dinner! got the original document in hand. paid original rent and deposit on 11/11/2017
  6. no agency involved, we saw it on facebook. we did have an agreement on paper somewhere. we are still dealing with the aftermath of moving house so i will try to find the original paperwork asap
  7. short answer is i have no idea. we moved into the property in december 2017 and paid 400 rent and 400 bond in cash to the landlord.
  8. we bought our first home and finally got moved in last week. we handed our keys back to our former landlord last week and all seemed well. i asked via messenger when we were going to get our bond back and he is refusing to give us it back due to damp caused by a leaking gutter. we knew we had problems with damp and he was made aware of this. after we asked for our bond back, he has since given multiple excuses for not giving it us back. he's trying to charge me for a faulty light fitting that he installed before we moved in, leading peeling off from the inside of double glazing unit in 1 room, and on top of this, he wants us to pay to have the walls replastered due to the damp. where do i start? are we due to our bond back or not?
  9. i started work as a bus driver in may last year. 3 months ago, i was involved in an accident where i received an injury to my neck. i have been off work ever since with this problem. as the accident was at work, they asked me to visit the company doctor which i did. he was insistent that i was fit to work due to the fact that i had not gone to my doctor for stronger pain relief medication. i was invited to a meeting with the operations manager. she wanted to know exactly when i was going to return to work. i was unable to answer this because i knew that i wasn't fit or safe enough to do my job, and i was still in pain when i tried to turn my head. she asked if i could be bus cleaning instead, but i thought this an unsuitable alternative role due to having to clamber under seats etc to clear away litter. she said she had no option but to give me 7 days notice to terminate my employment, even though i was still on the sick. to be honest, i was happy with that arrangement as it released the stress and pressure to return to work and i could find alternative employment once i had made a full recovery. now this is where the problem lies. i received an invoice from them wanting £1270 for what they claim is owed on an indemnity bond. the next section says "less recovery of wages. please refer to your last wage slip for more details. i had no idea what this was about until my payslip arrived yesterday. on my last pay slip, they have paid me my outstanding ssp, all my holiday pay, and all my lieu days payments totaling £649. then in the deductions side, they have taken off my usual deductions for tax & NI plus £453 for what they call "leaver bond". i have no idea what that is. so now what i have after all the deductions is a weekly wage of just £19. i'm not bothered about losing the job but can they really take money from my wages like this? is there anything i can do about the "invoice" they've sent me?
  10. sorry to drag this old chestnut up again. my wife has received quite a few letters recently. all the letters have been sent to her previous address even though they have our current address. luckily, we know the new tenants who are living at her old address so they are forwarding them on. just as a bit of a recap of this issue, a cca request was sent to them on 4th july 2018, they sent an acknowledgment letter back to our current address on 11th july 2018. they claimed to have 40 days to prove the debt, not 10 + 2. they did eventually supply the paperwork that implied that the last payment on the account was on 5th september 2013. this was received by us on 27th november 2018, over 4 months later! the latest letter from them is headed pre-legal assessment and they are threatening to escalate to the county court and get a ccj against my wife. this has my wife really worried and is adding further stress at a difficult time for her. where do we stand? they didnt supply the documentation to us by either the 10 + 2 or the 40 days. we are fed up with the constant threats. why are they now sending all letters to her previous address even though they have sent letters to our current address? i assume all the activity is due to the closeness of the debt becoming statute barred
  11. 18 x 12 = £216 am i missing something? am i still to believe to pay them nothing until i get a letter of claim? its taken them 5 months to supply their documentation, what happened to 10 days + 2?
  12. started a new thread as advised. my wife started to get letters about debts from lowells. all have had cca requests sent on 4th july this year, but they have all been acknowledged and all the accounts are on hold except capital one. the paperwork they have sent suggests the debt isnt as old as we thought. i have attached all the letters in pdf format. capitalone.pdf
  13. received a letter from lowells again today. they have supplied paperwork for a capital one credit card. from what i have seen, she made the last payment on it in september 2013. what should we do now?
  14. i did as you said and sent the statute barred letter. we have received a reply stating that the account is on hold while they conduct their investigations . however, we have since received a letter from resolvecall saying they have been instructed by lantern to arrange a personal visit. today, i have come home from work to find a card on the doormat saying that they have visited and want to speak to my wife immediately
  15. The 40 days they claim to have to supply the requested documentation have long gone but all 3 remaining accounts are still showing up on her credit file as in default but queried. Is there anything we can do to get them removed? The three account has been cleared from her credit file.
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