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  1. i started work as a bus driver in may last year. 3 months ago, i was involved in an accident where i received an injury to my neck. i have been off work ever since with this problem. as the accident was at work, they asked me to visit the company doctor which i did. he was insistent that i was fit to work due to the fact that i had not gone to my doctor for stronger pain relief medication. i was invited to a meeting with the operations manager. she wanted to know exactly when i was going to return to work. i was unable to answer this because i knew that i wasn't fit or safe enough to do my job
  2. sorry to drag this old chestnut up again. my wife has received quite a few letters recently. all the letters have been sent to her previous address even though they have our current address. luckily, we know the new tenants who are living at her old address so they are forwarding them on. just as a bit of a recap of this issue, a cca request was sent to them on 4th july 2018, they sent an acknowledgment letter back to our current address on 11th july 2018. they claimed to have 40 days to prove the debt, not 10 + 2. they did eventually supply the paperwork that
  3. 18 x 12 = £216 am i missing something? am i still to believe to pay them nothing until i get a letter of claim? its taken them 5 months to supply their documentation, what happened to 10 days + 2?
  4. started a new thread as advised. my wife started to get letters about debts from lowells. all have had cca requests sent on 4th july this year, but they have all been acknowledged and all the accounts are on hold except capital one. the paperwork they have sent suggests the debt isnt as old as we thought. i have attached all the letters in pdf format. capitalone.pdf
  5. received a letter from lowells again today. they have supplied paperwork for a capital one credit card. from what i have seen, she made the last payment on it in september 2013. what should we do now?
  6. i did as you said and sent the statute barred letter. we have received a reply stating that the account is on hold while they conduct their investigations . however, we have since received a letter from resolvecall saying they have been instructed by lantern to arrange a personal visit. today, i have come home from work to find a card on the doormat saying that they have visited and want to speak to my wife immediately
  7. The 40 days they claim to have to supply the requested documentation have long gone but all 3 remaining accounts are still showing up on her credit file as in default but queried. Is there anything we can do to get them removed? The three account has been cleared from her credit file.
  8. thanks! i'll do that today. i will of course keep you updated
  9. we didnt ask for deed of assignment, we sent them a cca request as you suggested. it doesnt say that any payments were ever made. all it says is the amount on loan and duration of 29 and 31 days respectively for the loans, both taken out early 2008. from what i can see, nothing as ever been paid back.
  10. not sure what that means. i assume you are suggesting that someone has used her details to obtain these 2 loans in 2008? would they show up in closed accounts on her credit file?
  11. well today we have received a reply. they say that there were 2 accounts with northway financial. both are payday loans, 1 for £200 plus costs and 1 for £250 plus costs. i have asked my wife about these and she says she doesn't recall them at all. they have supplied some paperwork that implies they were from 2008 at 1 of my wife's previous addresses. none of the paperwork shows any signatures and they say they are unable to provide us with a copy of the deed assignment as this is legally privileged and commercially sensitive that contains details of third party accounts. sho
  12. We moved in together last year. The figure doesn't match up with anything however, both dca companies have the same address. We will fire off another cca as you suggest. I will of course keep you updated. Thanks for your help
  13. All her addresses are listed. She doesn't recall ever having a pay day loan. All it gives us is an account number and no other details.
  14. My wife received a letter today from lantern saying they have been trying to contact her. It says she owes £722.91 but doesn't say who to, it simply has an account number. She has no idea who the debt is with and nothing is on her credit file. They are saying unless she pays up in 7 days they are referring her to resolvecall. How should we deal with this?
  15. Just to clarify, this is what their letters say... We refer to your recent request under sections 77/78 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 for a copy of the documentation for this former capital one/ j d williams/ shop direct account. We have requested a copy of the documentation but have not received it yet. Your account will remain on hold while we await the requested information from capital one/ j d williams/ shop direct.
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