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  1. Sorry, i'm not quite clear. Should I submit the claim or not? Thanks
  2. Hi, Yes, all the spreadsheets have been done and I have come to a settlement figure which is a lot less than the outstanding balance Lowell are claiming. My understanding was, that if the debt had been sold on it was possible to make a PPI claim from the original lender. Lowell were threatening court action but have not been able to fulfill a CCA request and the account is now on hold. We wanted to do this to offset a settlement made on another loan but I don't want to it if it will reset the statute barred clock as it is a year off and will settle the matter once and for all. Thanks
  3. Hi,The PPI claim is about 25% of the outstanding balance so a lot less. The credit card was orginally HBOS but now it has been sold to Lowell. I understood that a PPI claim was made against the original creditor? Thanks
  4. Hi All, Just a quick question. I've just completed the paperwork to submit a PPI claim to HBOS. The claim is against a credit card that I defaulted on and that has since been passed to a collection agency. The debt is about a year off being statute barred. If I make a PPI claim, am I admitting to the debt and therefore stopping it becoming statute barred in a year or so? Many thanks Hardy
  5. I'm afraid I have a further update on this. Just checked my credit file and Marlin have put a brand new default on there for the remainder of the balance. Its not marked settled or even partially settled. How do I force the issue? It just shows that trying to do business with these people is a complete waste of time. They will try dirty tricks at every opportunity. Its seems to me that they are going to try and sell the rest on or chase it again.
  6. We've just had another letter from Mortimer Clarke. This time its a letter before action so it looks like they are going all the way. The outstanding balance they state seems to change with every letter. We've had this letter before and we fended off a court claim with the original CCA request. Is it worth me writing to them to point out that they haven't supplied the original signed agreement. What would happen if a claim form was issued? Would I have to issue another CCA request to force the point about an original signed copy? Thanks
  7. Thanks Andy, If that's the case i'll leave it as it is. My main concern was that they were trying to leave things open to provide an opportunity for further action in the future. As we have the sealed Tomlin order, receipt from the solicitors and they will confirm with the court it is settled, we should be covered. I guess the title of the thread can now be amended to reflect the outcome. We're just glad its over. With help from relatives we settled at 25% of the original amount.
  8. Right, Have finally got a response from the solicitors. They are refusing to issue a notice of discontinuation. They say the matter is closed and they will write to the court to confirm but they cannot issue a NOD. Is it worth pursuing the discontinuation and, in fact, is there anything we can do? Thanks
  9. It does make me wonder what their game is? Like you say, they went to all that trouble to provide a recon doc, which is dated only a month after the original CCA request. Then Mortimer Clarke sat on it for 5 months and have now, out of nowhere, started hassling us again. They actually chased us for a response to the income and expenditure they included with the CCA before we received the recon docs. What I also don't get is the letter from Opus states an outstanding balance, the amount in default and asks to restart payments, yet as far as I am aware this has been bought by Cabot and is now nothing to do with Opus
  10. Dx, Sorry my IT skills arent that brilliant - maybe just remove the agreement as doc 12 which is the covering letter sums everything up i think? Thanks
  11. Ford, Thanks for the response. So if I understand correctly, they've complied with the CCA request (albeit it took them 6 months); but to enforce in court, they would need the original signed document (which I assume they don't have as they have been unable to provide it). Do I write to them and point this out? They were mobilising for court action last summer and I put them off with the original CCA request and I wonder if this is where it is going again? Thanks
  12. Thanks people. Attachments coming over a few posts
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