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  1. Hm, that puts things in whole different perspective. I will probably still go ahead with the complaint as Halifax team were bit smug today for not sharing info due to me being out of 6 months. I will try to get my case looked again because I haven't received the final response letter yet ... 1 year later on ... I have nothing to lose, only to gain eventually And thanks dx100uk for info. Hope you doing well, glad to see you still fighting on our side
  2. I had payment insurance protection on my credit card. Both card and PPI were obtained Feb 2008. I submitted my PPI claim against Halifax via resolver on 29.08.2019 showing as reason for being mis sold that I was self employed at the time, also was made to believe i needed the PPI to get the card by the branch representative where i applied for the card, as it was my first credit card ever. I never benefited from the PPI as I was self employed since then, also it made me go few times in unarranged overdraft when I was in financial difficulties. Halifax PPI team claim
  3. Hm, hope not. Regardless i saved the phone call on the cloud and in it i explicitly asked iff they are happy with extending the time period for the settlement payment and if they accept that now it is full and final settlement. If they try again or sell it on first thing will be to complain to ombudsman and ask for compensation at court if there is court date.
  4. Or blaim Santa But seriously I blamed "family and friends". They were happy to settle the claim and the lady said she is sending me letter to confirm that. She said i can check their website to see if everything is ok and yes, the claimed debt is now nill . Unfortunately I saw your reply too late, so didnt mention the credit file, neither did via the mediation. Live and learn i guess. I will still try to get in touch with her, as she was very helpful, might be able to do a little compromise for me Thank you again dx100uk and everyone else who advised on this threa
  5. I am bit worried because since the settlement Lowell have sent me letters stating that the settlement amount is "monthly" falsely implying that this is not final and full settlement
  6. Sorry, just saw your reply now. It is on Experian.
  7. I emailed the original mediator, but she is out of office by 08.01. Then called the mediation general helpline . They advised me to call Lowell and ask if they are happy with extending the deadline. I am using call recorder and will also ask for email confirmation before i make the payment. Is that a good way to do it ?
  8. I just checked the mcoi site. Last update of the case was that " notification that the claim against you was settled received on 13/11/18" .
  9. Hi dx100. It was via official mediation on the phone. My agreement was sent to me via e- mail afterwards
  10. Hi everyone and Merry Christmas. I need an advice. I entered in settlement, as didnt have time to deal with the court case. It was for less than third of the claimed amount. Unfortunately i didnt have the agreed amount until now. The deadline was 27 Nov. Lowell has until February to apply again in court if there is a breach of agreement. If i transfer the settlement amount now to the account in settlement agreement will that mean that the account will be settled or Lowell can claim the settlement is null and void now, so the payment will be just for reducing my de
  11. Hi. Just completing now the Directions Questionnaire. Send by date 24 SEP. Choosing small claims track and mediation. Can I do that by email to the parties - Northampton county court and Lowell ? Is it ok to send an email to HM Courts and Tribunals service small claims or is better to call them directly ? And second question - do I need to fill D1 , which asks me which court I prefer, if it is going to mediation ? Thank you
  12. ok, another update : Received court letter this morning. Dated 5.09 NOTICE OF PROPOSED ALLOCATION TO THE SMALL CLAIMS TRACK 1. This is now a defended claim. The defendant has filed a defence 2. It appears that this case is suitable for allocation to the small claims track. If you believe that this track is not the appropriate track for this claim, you must complete box C1 on the Small Claims Directions Questionnaire ( Form N180 ) and explain why 3. You must by 24.09 complete the Small Claims Directions Questionnaire ( Form N180 ) and file it with the court offic
  13. Thank you for your advice. The barrister actually went middle of the road, the figure she gave was between the lowest and highest of expectations. It depends of course to all parts of the claim being upheld. The amount my friend asked for was also based on what it would cost the company to defend the claim, regardless if it is sucsessfull or not, as it is quite complex and will take up days of solicitors work - the barrister told us the hearing is most likely to last 3 days. Btw based on your experience what percentage of the claim she could get via a settlement ?
  14. No, I have not received any paperwork and didn't know I need to file one. Just a letter from the court manager that they are going to inform the claimant of my defence, who might settle it directly with me. If the claimant wishes to proceed " the court will then inform you of what will happen " And also a Directions Questionnaire sent by Lowell to the court, dated 22.08 ... They say they agreed to mediation.
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