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  1. Thank's that is my intention, I already spoke to the CC company I paid with and the told me to do the same demanding they collect it and refund it within 30 days, if they don't then they will charge it back to the retailer and deal with it. I was curious to see if the manufacturer still made the item and if it is just a smokescreen to try and fob me off that they can't get the colour of the chair any longer. I'll give it 24 hours to see if they respond and then reject it anyway.
  2. I assume from your quote that you are saying I can't use our own 2015 law but that of the French. It is as you first thought a little misplaced that one assumes the firm is indeed registered in the UK as they have a UK VAT number as well as a domain, but further digging reveals that they are indeed French. I have a feeling that the retailer doesn't wish to supply the remaining goods as they have to order them and they are probably full price now rather than the promotional offer they originally sold them to me for.
  3. No the retailer is in France (they are not made in France) they are supplied from France (made in Itally). They shipped from France
  4. Problem is they come from France. There is no physical fault with the items just that they only sent one in the box not two of the chairs, now I am left with one chair and one small table. They say they can't get the chair as it has been discontinued, however it is still on the manufacturers site - have emailed them to ask if it is discontinued.
  5. We ordered 2 chairs that were on offer and a small table, the chairs are a pair and the table albeit from another manufacturer was bought to accompany the chairs. The delivery arrived finally but only one chair was packaged. We subsequently contacted the retailer and asked were the other chair was, nothing was heard from them, chased a few times via email. Today a reply comes that the chair has been discontinued and that they will refund the one chair. I don't want to be stuck with one chair only and a table. Can I reject it under the consumer rights act? The items were delivered on the 24 August 2021.
  6. I am back after so long, so the update here is that they STILL have not collected the other table saw. Secondly the charge they placed on my card was credited a few days later. My stance if you agree is to write to them one last time then advising I will dispose of the saw as they have failed to collect it. Sell it and keep the money as they have to pay the storage fee.
  7. Not that type of made to order, they are Made to Order when a customer orders them they don't hold stock of them as they produce so many different options and colours, some people hold some model in stock, but no-one else usually holds stock. Anyway I have cancelled them, I found a French retailer that had some Emu items in stock and ordered them from there. Interestingly most models on the site state October 2021 for delivery onwards. I am are a number of customers will end up cancelling the orders from JLP, they don't offer the range they only offer one model variant and no colour choices.
  8. Thanks I will take a look The issue is that they are made to order mostly from Italy. Although interesting when I looked on the JLP website yesterday three reviews were present from May 2021, which means they are arriving it seems. It would be nice if they didn't take the funds and only earmarked them. I will contact them also and see what they have to say.
  9. I realise that, I was more trying to find out how contractually obligated they are to supply them. They have charged the card but have not said anything else. The original email said they would arrive in three weeks, now the website is saying nine weeks.
  10. I am curious at what point order and acceptance has been made with an order placed with a retailer as John Lewis. If you order something that is not in stock and they claim to have it in stock within 3 weeks. If the item was originally ordered as out of stock with a pending delivery date and also that the full amount of the item was taken. When is the retailer legally obliged to deliver the goods? What recourse if any is there?
  11. Screenshot 2021-05-28 081249.pdfGive them credit he did cancel it as when I logged in this morning it was posted and credited at the same time. Let us see if they collect the saw now!
  12. Ok so a bit of a twist, I spoke to amazon on the chat, wrote everything that happened failed to collect blah blah, letter of x date, charges from this date etc. Now you have failed to collect and charged me. The response.... Sorry - have issued a refund and arranged another collection. It will be collected within 4 days. I went on to complaint that I was letting them have the saw back but they still have to pay the storage fees. Furthermore....we will pay the storage fees once it has been collected.
  13. I can't raise a dispute until the transaction gets posted to my statement at the present it has been authorised but only as pending, amazon haven't claimed the funds. Once they claim it will appear and I can automatically go into my accountant raise the dispute uploading all the correspondence. I will not write to amazon (as the charge will probably show on the card fully in the next could of days) however I will go on amazon chat and also get a chat recording. Once the charge shows and I have raised a dispute then I will contact amazon again in writing as I will have the dispute reference number. Do I leave it as a dispute or do I issue proceedings after that? I have now stored it since the 21 April since I rejected it - 28 April was the final date I gave before charing them £5 storage per day.
  14. It's a charge card. I know they won't do anything until it appears on the statement and I can create a chargeback online anyway. I will chat to them online and see what they say.
  15. Ok I have an update - today I received an email from amazon saying they have charged the card that was paid for the saw (even though I deleted it from the account). I have logged in and seen that a Pending charge is on my card. Needless to say they have no responded to any of the correspondence or collected the saw.
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