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  1. Thanks I will take a look The issue is that they are made to order mostly from Italy. Although interesting when I looked on the JLP website yesterday three reviews were present from May 2021, which means they are arriving it seems. It would be nice if they didn't take the funds and only earmarked them. I will contact them also and see what they have to say.
  2. I realise that, I was more trying to find out how contractually obligated they are to supply them. They have charged the card but have not said anything else. The original email said they would arrive in three weeks, now the website is saying nine weeks.
  3. I am curious at what point order and acceptance has been made with an order placed with a retailer as John Lewis. If you order something that is not in stock and they claim to have it in stock within 3 weeks. If the item was originally ordered as out of stock with a pending delivery date and also that the full amount of the item was taken. When is the retailer legally obliged to deliver the goods? What recourse if any is there?
  4. Screenshot 2021-05-28 081249.pdfGive them credit he did cancel it as when I logged in this morning it was posted and credited at the same time. Let us see if they collect the saw now!
  5. Ok so a bit of a twist, I spoke to amazon on the chat, wrote everything that happened failed to collect blah blah, letter of x date, charges from this date etc. Now you have failed to collect and charged me. The response.... Sorry - have issued a refund and arranged another collection. It will be collected within 4 days. I went on to complaint that I was letting them have the saw back but they still have to pay the storage fees. Furthermore....we will pay the storage fees once it has been collected.
  6. I can't raise a dispute until the transaction gets posted to my statement at the present it has been authorised but only as pending, amazon haven't claimed the funds. Once they claim it will appear and I can automatically go into my accountant raise the dispute uploading all the correspondence. I will not write to amazon (as the charge will probably show on the card fully in the next could of days) however I will go on amazon chat and also get a chat recording. Once the charge shows and I have raised a dispute then I will contact amazon again in writing as I will have the dispute
  7. It's a charge card. I know they won't do anything until it appears on the statement and I can create a chargeback online anyway. I will chat to them online and see what they say.
  8. Ok I have an update - today I received an email from amazon saying they have charged the card that was paid for the saw (even though I deleted it from the account). I have logged in and seen that a Pending charge is on my card. Needless to say they have no responded to any of the correspondence or collected the saw.
  9. Will do...I’ll come back when abs if I have an update, or after 14 days. Whichever comes sooner...
  10. The first letter was dated 21.4.2021 and sent to them advising £5 charge, the second letter went 05.05.2021, on the original letter gave them until the 28.04 to collect it and they didn't. So if we count 28.04 until writing this 18 days @ £5 per day = £90
  11. I am back....with the update.... After two letters to Amazon no one has bothered to get in contact or collect the faulty table saw (as of the time of writing this). In regards to the one Bosch took back, they agreed to replace it - didn't have any stock and said that wouldn't be possible until June, however today I have an email saying they have decided to upgrade it to the slightly 'better model' and have sent that out, fingers crossed that is good. As Bosch took the initiative and replaced the faulty unit with a new one that now leaves only the issue of
  12. Interestingly this evening I’ve just had an email from Bosch to advise they will not be repairing the tablesaw but replacing it. I should receive it within 5 working days. fingers crossed this one is ok!
  13. Oh I agree, I wrote on the 21 giving them until the 28, no response, no collection. I am going to write again tonight and enclose a copy of the first letter also and advise that I am now charging them (try to see if they get to pick it up sooner). Was thinking something like this.... I wrote to you on the 21 April 2021 (copy enclosed) rejecting my Bosch Professional 0601B42070 GTS 635-216 that I purchased from you at amazon.co.uk. I advised that after numerous attempts to have you collect this item that if it was not collected by the 28 April
  14. Ok - sure - I wrote to amazon on the 21 April (recorded) and gave them until the 28th to collect it, have also been on chat twice to give them the opportunity to collect it. They haven't, still sitting here - I did advise a £5 levy per day - so I'll start the clock - but as you say I will send another letter copy that first one in advising I am charging, if they do collect it ASAP then I will let that slide, if they don't then I will proceed as you suggest. In regards to the bosch (possibility to repair) have sent that letter also reserving the right to reject as you suggest.
  15. Ok the first letter was to amazon rejecting the first saw and advising them to collect it (still haven't even though to mitigate I have been on chat four times already to mention this and taken screen shots). The second letter (also to amazon) was regarding the replacement order, also reserving the right to reject if Bosch do not fix the table saw and deem it to be amazons fault for the damage. - To remind you Bosch has collected the second one to see about fixing it. I have had the first saw sitting around since it was delivered, around 1 April
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