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  1. I purchased a return ticket from LCA to LON in October 2019, the return date to LCA was set as June 2020. However Lufthansa cancelled the flight due to the pandemic. They did not allow me to partake in the voucher programme however they did issue me with correspondence stating they cancelled the flight and that I would be refunded. Needless to say that I was not, so I complained and complained and was ignored. I passed the matter to SOP the German arbitration agency that I was informed I had to complain through. SOP wrote back to me informing me that L
  2. It was a regular £9 pcm until June 2012, the single payment was in July 2015 for £200. During the mediation call this morning they said that they were waiting for Lloyds to provide the evidence that the payment was made to them and then passed across. Lowell haven't provided anything, however again during the call the mediator stated that they had a copy of the original agreement for the card and a statement up to June 2012 but not about the single payment, they were still waiting for information on that one. They have not sent anything through to us at home, this was the hear
  3. We can't find any record of this payment, but lets hypothetically say - If the payment was made to Lloyds and they forwarded it to Lowell what position does this put us in? (still waiting for them to prove it but they haven't sent anything through, although during the call she said that they had the original agreement and a statement but not anything on this payment).
  4. Well went through it lasting just over 12 mins in total. Lowell claim a payment was made in 2015 to the card but can't at this stage provide proof. An agreement to pay was made on the card until 6 June 2012 which is the record we have. The payment is alleged to have been made to Lloyds who then forwarded the payment to Lowell, but there is no evidence of this at the moment. They only offered an instalment plan in the conversation and the mediator then terminated and said it will go to court.
  5. Did you mean Yes to the first part that it terminates the call? Or Yes to the second and go through it?
  6. I have received the call and was given authorisation to complete the mediation. The person booking asked the same information, I said yes but I saw that I will be asked again on the day - tomorrow. Lowell have still not sent anything through regarding the paperwork in this case that we requested with the letters. So for clarity I presume that when asked at the start of the call that they have provided everything I say No and it terminates the Mediation? Or just go through it and say they have given nothing and it is statute barred?
  7. I have received an email advising that they want to mediate and we both agree, I have to send this back again and tick the same two questions that we previously discussed. I presume I do the same again and say yes that I have had all the paperwork as from what you say they will ask me again over the phone?
  8. Thanks for the prompt reply, So just say yes to it all and then when it comes to the call say no is what you are suggesting as they ask the same two questions again. Can I ask what about the application to throw it out? Not yet? Or not at all?
  9. Ok, here is the current position. The claimant hasn't supplied any documentation as requested from them. They have filed an allocation questionnaire for small claims and asked for mediation. However I wanted to know how best to complete the allocation questionnaire I have received. The mediation questionnaire asks two questions: 1. For mediation to be successful there needs to be some flexibility from all parties and a willingness to listen and consider each others positions. 2. I can confirm that I have enough information about the claim to allow me to enter into negotiatio
  10. Just have a query with regards to Money Claim online filing responses. I have filed the defence within the 33 days that is allowed by the acknowledgement of service, but all I see in the little box is the following - Your defence was submitted on 02/08/2018 at 13:54:24 - I do not see it acknowledged. I was under the impression that it gets acknowledged on the same day electronically? Do I need to do anything?
  11. Thanks for this. I received two items in the post on Friday, the first was a letter from Lowells dated 9 July stating we have already issued proceedings against you (even though it is dated 7 days after the date of issue). The second which was more interesting was the statements from Santander, I have seen when the last payment was made - however, I must stress that this payment is purely written as 'lloyds credit card' and does not have a reference number showed to make it clear. This payment was sent as a FP on the 1 June 2012. Which, ever with my lay understanding this woul
  12. Intrum formally 1st Credit (my comment wasn't to start a new thread on a different topic but) to show that the debts to Lloyds were at the time three fold, a credit card, overdraft and personal loan. As far as I recall I stopped paying all at the same time and two, loan and overdraft were sold to 1st credit while the credit card was sold to someone else (before then being sold to Lowell). So it was interesting to receive a letter from a different agency stating that they could not recover the dept by court action as it has expired. Reaffirms my thoughts that this claim is SB
  13. Interesting that this morning another letter from another firm arrived also was referencing a lloyds debt that was outstanding. This letter however stated that although the debt is statute barred they will write to me from time to time.
  14. I went in to Santander this morning, but although they were able to find it - they also couldn't confirm it was made to this credit card. (I had other Lloyds debts at the time also). The payment was made as a standing order payment on the 2 July 2012. They have ordered a set of statements covering the period for me to see if it gives any more information. The only information they were able to give me today was that it was made to a sort code and account number of Lloyds bank, but it didn't say to what they could not see a reference to say what it was paid to.
  15. Thanks for the information so far, I have been looking for paperwork and found a few things, but none that acknowledge a payment all that seem to state the same details in one form or another. An interesting find was a credit report from 22 June 2012, this shows the card on the report and states that the card was defaulted on 19 January 2007. It also states that there was an AP (Agreement to Pay) until this month. However everything after this states late and nothing more. I telephoned Santander and they did have a look through the old account, they couldn't find any paym
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