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  1. ok, so the plan is - if he refuses to recify the faulty work - to take him to small claims The works themselves were £600 and the scaffold for access (different contractor) was £400 - I can see I might have issues with recovering costs for the scaffolding, but interested to hear what others think re supply of goods and services act. In terms of making it good - I`m no builder but scaffold price will be same plus building works which could be as much as original works (£600)
  2. About a year ago we had some building work done which has now turned out to be sub-standard. I have tried to get hold of the guy, but his home phone and email no longer work, and I suspect his mobile number has changed also. All I have is a name, a bank account/sort code, and a post code. With the beauty of hindsight I should have never used a tradesman who didn't put his full address on his paperwork. I have done a WHOIS lookup on his website, and I have a registered address from that, which is different (but close) to the "contact us" details on the website. I`ve not been able to find anything on the companies house website - presumably the registered company is operating under a different name? How do suggest I proceed in tracking down this builder?
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