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Found 18 results

  1. I have a CCJ from BW Legal / Lowell Portfolio that I was issued 2 years ago. It is for around £2000 from an old credit card debt. I'm not sure if there were any PPI payments made for the card, but there were probably some 'unfair' charges on there. I'm pretty skint at the moment, I'm trying to get a business off the ground can't get any funding due to this CCJ (my credit is fine apart from this). I'm thinking of offering them maybe £200-400 as a full and final offer, I wondered if anyone would be able to answer a few questions first... How likely is it that th
  2. Hi everyone, I parked my car at the Peel Centre in Stockport to pickup an item which was reserved for me in Argos. Its my first visit at the Peel Centre and no doubt will be the last. Upon arrival there were no visible signs or parking machines around the perimeter so I gathered the parking was free. I went to the store to pickup the item but was told it was reserved by their other store just around the corner. The staff asked if I parked my car here, I replied yes and so she advised me to leave the vehicle here and its only a 5 minute walk. I took her advice
  3. Hi, I've been reading a lot on the forum about parking charges and what is advisable to do in the situation you get a ticket. However because everybody's story is slightly different I feel its probably appropriate I post mine. So here's my story: I parked my car in a visitor spot in my friends apartment car park. It is a private gated car park and has signs everywhere warning about parking without a permit. I was visiting my friend who lived there at the time and he gave me a visitor permit. However due to the permit being quite small it slipped und
  4. Hello I parked my car at the Peel Centre in Stockport on 18/06/2015 without realising I had to pay to do so. On 29/06/2015 Excel Parking sent me a parking charge notice saying I had to pay them 60 pounds for breaching the car park's terms and conditions by not paying. I smelled a rat, Googled Excel Parking and found lots of evidence to suggest they are opportunists who should be ignored. So I duly ignored them. Since that first letter I have had another letter from Excel, and about four letters from Rossendales Collect. All ignored. When I got a letter from BW leg
  5. Evening everyone, Looking for peace of mind and advice on whether to send a short, firm letter back or continue ignoring. I received a ticket in February 2014. I had purchased a 24 hour ticket from 15:24 - 15:24 for £1.50 but received a ticket at 08:21 the following morning (Still have original ticket). As I have done successfully in the past I continued to ignore the letters. Received around 6 letters over the course of the next 12-18 months but then they stopped. Around a month ago I received my first letter from 'BW Legal'. They have now sent a final noti
  6. Hi everyone, We paid to park for two hours at Gosforth Shopping Centre in Newcastle on 28/03/15 , were literally about 4 minutes late back to the car as the little one needed the toilet at the last minute before leaving a party, and caught the Excel Parking Inspector ticketing the car (he refused to let it go, obviously). Got the usual letters which we ignored without acknowledging or appealing (Following outdated advice, our fault I know). We thought they'd given up, recently had a couple of letters from BW Legal demanding £154, the Final Letter threat
  7. Hi All, I need some advice please on how to deal with this: I received a PCN for overstaying in Manchester on July 22 2015, it was left on my window. I ignored it waiting for the NTK to arrive but it never did. I then started to receive several letters from Rossendale Collects, the last one to arrive was mid/end November 2015. Last week I received 2 letters in the same envelope. The first was from VCS Ltd saying the 'account balance' has been sent to BW Legal and to contact them about the charge. The second letter from BW states they will 'take our clients instructions to commen
  8. Hi, firstly thanks for reading my post. The reason for urgency is that today I received a letter giving me 7 days to reply. It is dated 1st May, today is the 8th! Lowells/ BW Legal originally tried to get money from me and I sent them the official template letter saying 'prove it'. They ran out of time. They have now started something different saying 'Notice of allocation to the Small Claims Track'. I am required by the court to complete Directions Questionnaire regarding settlement/Mediation. They have included in their letter a copy of my alleged Littlewoods account statem
  9. Hi all, Very new to this forum but have read dozens of the threads and hope I have followed the correct protocol. I have sent a CCA Request to the claimant and BW Legal, no response yet I have sent a CPR31.14 request to the solicitor named on the claim no response yet I have done the AOS via the online portal stating I will be defending all of the claim. ************************************** Name of the Claimant ? Lowell Portfolio 1 LTD Date of issue – 15th Jan 2015 What is the claim for – the reason they have issued the claim? The claimant’s claim is for the
  10. Late last year those nice people (touch of irony there) at BW Legal began to chase me, on behalf of my friends at Lowell, for what they claimed was outstanding charges from a mobile broadband account - I won't bore with the details. I asked, by e-mail, for lots of information - they didn't respond as I refused to speak to them. Then in January they issued a claim for just over £200 plus costs. I immediately made a faxed request for further information (no reply). As I couldn't be bothered with the hassle of drafting a defence I made a generous and without prejudice
  11. First of all I have read a similar thread about this but I thought it best to start a new topic for my experience. Received the letter last Saturday (22nd Feb) it reads: ------- The Claimant's Claim is for the sum of 708.11 being monies due from the Defendant to the Claimant under a non-regulated Communications agreement between the Defendant and Vodafone Limited under account reference ********** and assigned to the Claimant on 31/03/2013 notice of which has been given to the Defendant. The Defendant failed to maintain the contractual payment under the terms of the agreement a
  12. Hi everyone, I'm a new member and can I start by saying what a great job I think you all do on this site. I have gleaned some invaluable information in the past for other matters, and have gained some good information for this matter as well from other threads. Unfortunately cannot find a situation that exactly matches mine, but please bear with me if the info I'm asking for has already been covered elsewhere. Arrived home from a week away on business this morning to find a County Court Claim Form (Northampton CCBC) with the issue date 24/01/14. By my reckoning, that gives me just a coupl
  13. Hi all, I need some advice. I have sent letters plus £1 postal orders to ask my creditors for a copy of your credit agreement under the Consumer Credit Act 1974. 2 letters to Capquest who have taking CCJs against me and 1 to BW Legal who have threatened to force me into bankruptcy/CO. The Recorded letters were signed for on the 22/10/2013 by Capquest and BW. I had a reply from BW Legal on the 31/10/13 and from Capquest on the 24/10/ 13. Both saying they're referring my request to the original creditors? So this means that they don't have t
  14. I have relatively no experience with dealing with these type of affairs so i would like to humbly ask those with more experience to check if I'm doing this correctly. I received a Statutory demand from BW legal, which was served personally by a woman who came to my door, explaining that she didnt know what was in the envelope that she gave me. It turned out to be a statutory demand. Following the advice on this forum, i went to my local court yesterday and submitted an application to have the demand set aside. I am now waiting for the court to contact me. In 2012,
  15. Hello Guys, I am new toi CAG but I have been servered with SD just yesterday by PS on behalf of BW Legal/Lowell. They are calims I owe them a debt of over 10k from two HBOS credit card debts (combined). I use the HBOS card is the past but not any more and as far as I can remenber have paid all the balance has all been paid but they are claiming the is a debt and I am in default so they have now bought the debt from HBOS and demanding a claims asap as they will bunkrupt me and sell my house. to make sure they have proof of the debt.I dont think I owe them any de
  16. Hi everyone, I could really do with getting some help. I've spent the best part of the last 24 hours reading various different threads on this forum about Statutory Demands and now my head is spinning, so thought it would be best to see if I could get some advise based on my exact situation. The SD was hand-delivered to my house yesterday. It relates to a loan that was apparantly held with HBOS PLC thatwasi took out about 7 years ago. The default date on the letter is January 2008 (apologies in advance as I left the document at home so don't have the exact dates but can get these l
  17. Hi I was out today and a friend was looking after the house. He had a knock on the door from 2 people in a BMW who asked for me. He was suspicious and said he had no idea who I was. they went away then 2 mins later posted a hand written envelope through the door. I opened on my return to find a Statatory demand from BW Legal on behalf of Lowell threatening bankruptcy. The debt is for just over 4k with SAV credit and states a default date of early 2008. I have not contacted Lowell or BW Legal at any point and am unsure who SAV credit are. I was pay
  18. I received a statutory demand from BW legal in February 2013 that was posted through my door. They said in the letter that they had tried to serve the demand on a few occasions but I was not in so they pushed it through my door. Based on the advice I read on this forum I decided to try and have it set aside based on the following reasons: 1. The claimant had failed to provide a copy of the original agreement. 2. The claimant had failed to provide copies of any valid default notices. 3. The claimant had failed to serve a Notice of Assignment. 4. The claimant had failed to provi
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