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Found 13 results

  1. Hi guys, I'm new to this forum and I am not sure where to begin but I am a tad confused about a PCN I received on 18/11/18. I found myself at the Peel Centre in Stockport (first time I've ever been there) and there was an A4 sheet of paper over the parking meter that stated it was free parking on a Sunday. I thought to myself top banana and carried on with my shopping, after an hour or so I find this red notice from MyParkingCharge.co.uk plastered on the windscreen of the vehicle in question. I deduced that rather than walking away maybe I should have entered the reg of the vehicle but the signage didn't seem to stipulate that hence I thought nothing of it. Now, I'm assuming I'm going to get some letters in the post to declare who was driving. I have been looking for similar instances of cases such as mine to no avail so can someone please shed some light on this matter. Do I dispute the PCN? or Do I ignore any correspondence ? Any help would be golden. Ta
  2. Hello All I received a PCN/NTK on 08/10/2017 from “Excel Parking” for parking the car at Peel Center Stockport. The PCN/NTK letter shows: Issue Date (posted): 03/10/2017 PCN Ref No: xxxxxxx VRM (reg no): xxxxxxx Vehicle Make: xxxxxxx Vehicle Model: xxxxxxx Contravention Date: 16/09/2017 Contravention time: 11:15 Duration of Stay: 36 minutes I was unware I had to pay for being in the car (waiting) for short time as my wife took my daughter to use the toilet while I was waiting in the car until they return from the toilet. The notice says if payment is made by 17/10/2017 then it will be reduced to £60. Could you please help me how I can appeal and with a draft letter to Excel Parking appealing against the PCN/NTK. Please let me know if you need further information. Thank you very much for the help...
  3. Came home to a letter dated 1/9/17 from Excel informing me my "account" has been passed to BW legal, and a letter dated 1/9/17 from BW legal stating same. It's an ANPR PCN, date of contravention 25/6/17, contravention - "parked without purchasing a valid pay & display ticket", location - Peel Centre Pay & Display Car Park Stockport, balance due £160 (£100 PCN charge plus Excel's "initial legal costs of £60", ha ha, very funny). "As you have failed to make a payment or raise an appeal within 28 days from the date of the PCN, the Balance Due remains outstanding and we require payment in full within 16 days from the date of this letter. If you fail to make payment or provide reasons for non payment blah blah legal proceedings blah County Court blah CCJ blah blah future creditworthiness and employability blah" and so on. The letter doesn't state where the vehicle was parked, for how long, why the ticket was invalid (wrong reg? expired? by how long?). I haven't received any previous correspondence relating to this. AT ALL. I wasn't the driver, and wasn't at the Peel Centre that day. The driver got into a tizzy that day, couldn't remember the reg (to enter at the ticket machine) then couldn't remember where she'd parked the car, and now can't remember whether or not she even bought a ticket, had anything stuck to the windscreen, or how long she was there for. Is this a simple one line denial letter job or what?
  4. Hello, This site is great - thanks for all the information. I got a PCN from the Peel Centre car park in Stockport. I didn't even know it was pay and display because the signage is so bad and it was dark when I entered/left. I would have definitely bought a ticket had I realised as I was there for less than an hour (57 mins exactly). Usual conditions - pay £60 now or £100 later. Have no intention to pay but advice seems to be now to appeal? I think my grounds will be inadequate signage and unreasonable charge considering I owe them only for one hours parking. Can anyone give me some advice on how to word this in terms that sound more legally competent/aware. I have to appeal by 14th December. I am aware that there has been quite a few successful appeals against PCNs issued at the Peel Centre so if anyone has appealed and succeeded I'd love to hear how you did it. Also worth noting - I also got a PCN last June from Excel for parking at The Square in Chorlton (I wasn't actually parked, I was dropping something off so my partner never left the car - so therefore waiting?). I never received the initial correspondence about this, only the legal letters from BW Legal that started arriving in October this year. Stupidly I called up the legal department once they threatened taking me to court (realise now I should still have ignored perhaps). I informed them I had received no initial correspondence and as a result they have placed my account on hold for 30 days while they wait on Excel to re-send the original information (apparently Excel have no time limits to do this in! Ironic huh!). My plan is then to say that I want to be able to go through the standard appeal process as I never had the opportunity in the first place. If anyone has any advice on this situation too I would appreciate that. Thanks all, appreciate it lots. Sarah.
  5. I received 2 parking charge notices from Excel Parking for alleged contraventions of their conditions. The first was for parking on 15/05/2017 and the PCN issue date was 06/06/2017 the second was for parking on 17/5/2017 and the PCN issue date was 05/06/2017. There is absolutely no question that the appropriate tickets were purchased, displayed correctly and we did not overstay their duration. On one occasion my partner purchased the ticket and the other I did, so it would be doubtful if we inputted the wrong registration number although as the last letter of our registration is O it may have been possible that we both inputted a 0 (zero) I appealed these PCN’s (and may have implicated the driver i.e. stating the purchaser of the ticket) but they have both been rejected on the basis that no similar registration numbers were found in their system at that time. Their ‘independent’ appeals service is IAS who I believe from internet searches are an ‘in house’ company which rarely uphold appeals. I have now requested logs from the machine as I have now discovered (from another forum) that other people have had the same issue during that period in May 2017. I now have only a few days until the 14 day dead line for appeals is up before they increase the charge from £60 to £100 for each notice. If I can get any help on this forum which will help me sort this situation I will happily donate half the saving i.e. £60 to the forum fund.
  6. Hi everyone, I parked my car at the Peel Centre in Stockport to pickup an item which was reserved for me in Argos. Its my first visit at the Peel Centre and no doubt will be the last. Upon arrival there were no visible signs or parking machines around the perimeter so I gathered the parking was free. I went to the store to pickup the item but was told it was reserved by their other store just around the corner. The staff asked if I parked my car here, I replied yes and so she advised me to leave the vehicle here and its only a 5 minute walk. I took her advice but didn't return until an hour later after experiencing a small queue at the store and receiving a phone call from a friend. When I returned back, there was no ticket on my windscreen and so I left the Peel Centre. 12 days later I received a PCN from Excel parking via post demanding payment of £60 within 14 days. I contacted Argos and asked to speak to the store manager but was told there was nothing could be done which was disappointing. Since then, following the advice I received from my friends after the experience they've had from other parking companies, I continued to ignore all letters and correspondence relating to Excel. Currently I'm at the stage in which I received a letter from Wright Hassall solicitors demanding final payment of £180 within 14 days or else a CCJ will be imposed upon me which will have impact on future loans and credit rating. I have searched a lot of forums relating to this matter and the majority of the people on here suggest to keep ignoring them since Wright Hassall has no grounds to issue a CCJ since their client is ZZPS Ltd who are debt collectors and not Excel Parking. Although it might sound crazy but do I continue to ignore Wright Hassall if this is the case? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Hi Guys need help. I have received a Parking notice for my company car from the peel centre Stockport. I wasn't parked I was picking from son up from work and hadnt realised it has changed from attendant to ANPR. Is there any template's i can use to appeal? Details as below Contravention date - 02/01/17 Contraventation time - 21:02 Issue date - 17/02/17 *delayed as company car maybe, although letter is to head office? Entry - 19:58 Exit - 21:02 Stay - 63 Charge £100 or reduced to £60 if paid TODAY No way would have i have waited for my son for an hour? Any help greatly appriciated in subbmitting an appeal many thanks Andy
  8. 1. Date of infringement: 11/06/2016 2. Date of NTK: never received due to change of address 3. Final reminder received 10/08/2016 (first letter seen), BW Legal letter combined with Excel parking passed to BW Legal letter: 26th September. 4. No mention of Schedule 4 of the Protections of Freedoms Act 2012. 5. No photographic evidence given by Excel. 6. Excel Parking Services Ltd. now instructed BW Legal 7. My sister parked my car at Peel Centre, Stockport on a stormy/rainy day, not seeing the signs or any ticket machines with her hood up. She made purchases at H&M and left. 8. Excel is a member of the IPC 9. Letters received include a 'Final Reminder Notice' on 10/08/2016. Next letter received in the same envelope 'your account has been passed to our legal team' saying the outstanding balance is £154. Other letter - BWLegal have been instructed by Excel in relation to the Balance Due for the PCN. After not receiving any initial correspondance due to a change of address and upon moving house post has been delayed and lost frequently, I have not responded to any of these letters. I have now received this letter from Excel and BW Legal combined. Letters are still going to old address but currently on mail redirect so receiving them later than normal. Not sure what to do next, I've read on multiple sites to ignore, appeal or pay up. Any help would be great.
  9. Hi, On the 18th Jan 15 I pulled into the Excel car park at Stockport as my baby had been sick, I didn't park in a space and i stayed in the car whilst my sister went to get my daughter something to put on while I cleaned her up. I then got a letter in the post from excel saying I owed £100 as had been there more than 15 minutes. I did nothing after taking someone's advise and heard nothing. I received a final notice letter from BW legal this week and I panicked so I called them to try and challenge the fact that it had almost been 18 months. Then I found this site, have i shot myself in the foot by contacting them?
  10. Hello there, i need help with a notice from Excel parking. About 2 weeks ago i went to Peel centre Stockport , i stayed in car and my wife went into a shop. I was under the impression that as iam staying in car i dont have to buy a parking ticket ( i know its my fault as signs were there). But today i received a parking charge notice of £60 for 40 mins stay by Excel parking. Iam not sure as it looks unfair to slap such a big fine for 40 mins parking. This is my 1st parking fine in 14 years of driving i dont know how to deal with it. Please advise what to do should i make appeal against it or should i ignore this as someone told me that Parking Excel are not allowed to enforce this charge. Thanks a lot.
  11. We parked at the Peel Centre on the evening of 9th February 2014. We arrived, parked & left with some friends who were in a separate car. All the ticket machines were covered up with yellow covers, so we couldn't purchase a ticket. We took photos of all the machines in the vicinity just in case of any come back. We received a PCN from Excel Parking Services which we appealed against, but it was rejected. We appealed to POPLA, and again the appeal was rejected. In short, Excel & POPLA are saying that we should have contacted the Helpline No, but the sign next to each machine just says “in case of machine failure please use another machine and report the fault by calling our Helpline telephone number”. However: - There was no fault to report. - We couldn't use another machine because they were all covered up. - It doesn't say on the sign that you should call the Helpline number to make alternative payment arrangements. - Our friends who arrived, parked & left at the same time as us didn't receive a PCN. - I have asked Excel Parking on several occasions (by email) why the machines were covered up on the night in question - they haven't replied. How do we know they didn't cover them all up on purpose to catch people out?! This is the summary from POPLA: "Considering carefully, all the evidence before me, I find that by parking at the site for 73 minutes without purchasing the appropriate parking tariff, the appellant breached the terms and conditions of using the site. I also find that if the appellant was unable to purchase a valid ticket/ permit, they should have contacted the operator on the number provided on the signage displayed at the site, failing this they should not have parked there. I also find that the appellant’s case is that of mitigation. Mitigating circumstances do not form a valid ground to allow an appeal. Accordingly, this appeal must be refused." I now have until Friday 1st August to pay £100 fine "in order to avoid any further action by the operator". I would really appreciate some advice!! Thanks Karen Williams
  12. HELP I have lost my appeal with popla and now Excel are threatening me with county court judgment What shall I Do?
  13. On the 29th of July, myself my son and his partner drove to the peel centre in stockport and parked next to nandos. My son paid for the ticket with cash and placed it on my dashboard. On the 8th of August I received a letter from Excel parking telling me I had to pay £60 as I didn't purchase a ticket. The only explanation I have is my son is dyslexic and might have entered a wrong character In the ticket machine. If this is the case (which I am positive it is) I don't feel I should have to pay the fine as this was simply a human error and I still paid them for a ticket. I have explained this to them and they don't care. Where should I go from here? Can they take me to court? thanks in advance for any help maureen
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