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  1. Thanks ericsbrother! I've been busy recently so I shall get it posted asap!
  2. Okay thank you so much dx, really appreciate the help!
  3. Thank you so much for your reply! Just to double check is this the letter? Dear Sir/Madam Your Ref: *********** I refer to your letter dated ***. I have no intention of paying the money demanded by your client and any court proceedings will be vigorously defended. You should note that this charge is disputed and you must now refer this matter back to your client and cease and desist all contact with me. I will not respond to any further communication on this unless it comes from a court. I trust I have made myself clear. Yours faithfully Also do I post this or can I email this to them? Thanks again,
  4. Hi, I've been reading a lot on the forum about parking charges and what is advisable to do in the situation you get a ticket. However because everybody's story is slightly different I feel its probably appropriate I post mine. So here's my story: I parked my car in a visitor spot in my friends apartment car park. It is a private gated car park and has signs everywhere warning about parking without a permit. I was visiting my friend who lived there at the time and he gave me a visitor permit. However due to the permit being quite small it slipped underneath the black area of my windscreen and thus was quite hard to see. I then received a ticket from Vehicle control services for a sum of £60. Being a student I thought this was ridiculous and unfair as I had made a simple mistake and I did have a permit all be it difficult to see. I was driving my brothers car at the time. I was advised by a few people to just ignore it as they are people who just try and take as much money off people as possible and so after researching online I decided to save my money and not pay. I then received a lot of threatening letters directed at my brother who is the registered keeper of the car. I received the ticket at the start of April 2016. After receiving quite a few letters I decided to email them in August hoping they would understand the situation and forgive the parking charge. I then received a reply completely ignoring my reasoning and instead asking me to pay in instalments to pay back the £160 I now owed. I then ignored it and didn't hear back. Now I have received a letter from BW Legal for a balance of £160, 100 for the PCN and 60 for 'initial legal costs'. I will attach the letter to this post and also attach my email I sent in august, and the reply I got in august. They are still sending it to my brother even though I told them in the email that he wasn't driving at the time. My brother is now quite worried as they mentioned a CCJ. My thoughts are to carry on ignoring them as I have no intention of paying them £160! What is the advice in this situation? My only worry is I don't think I have a leg to stand on as they do have signs everywhere in the car park? Thank you so much for any help in advance!
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