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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone. Please sign this petition, #share it, #retweet it everywhere. I appreciate for a petition to be valid, you need to give your personal details to be counted, but that should remain restricted viewing. This is a properly set up Govt. E-Petition to try to get them to look at the Law Of Property Act, where Debt purchasing relies upon this loophole to take your data, your unsecured debts, pay a small price for the info and chase you for the full amount, it is pure greed and the very fact it CAN stand up in a courtroom, assuming they have enough data (re. your debt/paperwork etc) and they CAN take your homes and property, it is about time this was stopped. Can't guarantee this will succeed...it needs 100,000 valid and true signatures to get this to be looked at. It has been tried before and if people won't sign, it won't go anywhere....but hey, let's try again! Some of you will likely prefer your debts to be bought cheap by these greedy grabbing DCAs, but the point is, they are heavy handed, they make people more stressed, more ill and the original banks/creditors as yet don't maliciously go after people's homes simply because they can. Obviously if there is a CCJ and that is not paid, there is that chance of losing home, property, becoming bankrupt, but we need to take away the one Law or loophole that makes it so easy for debt buying companies to manipulate say 900% profit or more (where applicable), if they succeed, but more so we need to STOP them bullying people that are in a financial mess and already unable to cope with the pressure, let alone the harassment. http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/60324
  2. I received a statutory demand from BW legal in February 2013 that was posted through my door. They said in the letter that they had tried to serve the demand on a few occasions but I was not in so they pushed it through my door. Based on the advice I read on this forum I decided to try and have it set aside based on the following reasons: 1. The claimant had failed to provide a copy of the original agreement. 2. The claimant had failed to provide copies of any valid default notices. 3. The claimant had failed to serve a Notice of Assignment. 4. The claimant had failed to provide any statements for the duration of the disputed agreement. I also sent a CPR 31.14 Request to BW Legal, SAR to MBNA and a CCA to The Lowell Group. I attended court in March and the Judge decided to allow BW legal a further 28 days to get the paper work together to assist in their case. The 28 days went by and BW Legal had not provided the court or me with the paper work ( any of the 4 points above). I sent a letter to the court making them aware that BW legal had failed to comply with the order and requested the matter to be set aside. A week later I got a letter from the court stating that BW Legal had another 7 days to get the paper work over to me or the case would be closed. On the seventh day the paper work arrived with their new witness statement. They have sent me a copy of an agreement that looks like it could be for anything, it has my name and address on it but I have not signed it and it does not say exactly what it is for. It gives financial info etc. How would I know if this is a genuine agreement and if it’s acceptable? They have also sent what they say is a Notice of Assignment, I’m not sure if and how I know if this is a true and acceptable Notice of Assignment? They have send several copies of letters stating that I owe them money and I can get the amount reduced if I make them an offer. They have sent statements over a 5 year period but a lot are missing, one full years statements are missing and a few months are missing from most of the other years so it’s impossible to see how I have come to owe this exact amount as the expenditure is missing! These is also a lot of interest and late payment charges. Please can anyone help me as I have to respond with my second witness statement this week. What should I do now? Many thanks
  3. Hi, If a well known nasty debt purchaser has put in writing account on hold whilst they investigate complaint, but you have had a dodgy stat demand, can you trust it's not just a delaying tactic, if you don't set aside dodgy stat demand? By dodgy SD I mean they had part of the Warning missing, no page number, no form ref ie 6.1. Sorry I can't scan anything at the moment! As well as that the alleged debt was in dispute about three years ago with original creditor, re. CCA as it was just an application form leaflet. I have contacted the debt purchaser and their legal dept, who state they will try to obtain agreement, they shouldn't have tried to start the bankruptcy process should they? They have stated no collection activity until after they resolve my complaint, which I bombarded them with all sorts, to several members (at the top). I asked for clarification that they are withdrawing SD, they replied with the same, no collectio activity. I don't really want to have the bother of set aside hearing with court as I am quite ill, I want them to withdraw and not petition regardless, ie when they get the copy agreement, despite me telling them it is unenforceable, as the judge may just say i've borrowed, so owe it. I am also aware of no Deed of assignment being served etc, I just wonder if it's a LOW DOWN trick or if persons have been safe in them not petitioning, when a complaint has been looked into by senior complaints department. If the SD has part of the warning information missing and no numbers on pages, does this mean it is not as prescribed, so can't be used in court?
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