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  1. Hello Guys, Any help will be appreciated. I posted a query last week and need some answers if anybody out there can help. Secondly Lowell has sent me an acknowledgement letter for my SAR request and it has an interesting read I will like to share with CAG. Can anybody show me how to post it on here please ? Thanks
  2. CitizenB, Many thanks. I do not have any of thestatements with me now so I don't know if default charges have been applied tothe account but I am sure they have. At the time I stop using thecredit cards I knew the balances were zero or may be pennies and ask them toclose it but it looks like they did not. Unfortunately I don't have theylast statement from the accounts so I can prove it was zero balance at the time. I hope that the SAR request fromthe OC will be useful in proving that at the hearing if the SD is set aside? And what if the OC/
  3. Hello Guys, I need advice on the following points: I am drafting the witness statement to set aside the SD but I am not sure if I need to produce evidence to support the following claims: 1). That the accounts were in dispute with the original creditor before it was assignment to Lowell What are some of the good dispute reasons that I can state to convince the DJ? Do i have to produce any material evidence to show that my claim that there was a dispute? Can I say I made my compliant to the OC on the telephone and not in writing? Is this acceptable?
  4. CitizeB, I am a newbee, so can you advice me on how to become a Platinum Account Holder on CAG ? What is the difference btn a basic and platinum account holder ?
  5. CitizeB,Thanks for your thread, I will be submitting my set aside application before 1 November 2013 so that is on schedule and I wouldn't forget even if I win the Euro-million jackpot this weekend lol.I need advice here ?Getting as solicitor to write the Witness Statement or going for LIP which one will scare the hell out of the bullies ?As far as cost is concern the Looser take it all so I dont mind but I need some advice just I case I am missing any vital considerations that will comeback to bite me in the behind ?Please advice
  6. Hello Guys,Just give you all an update on where things are with the bullies,#I have sent a SAR and CCA request to :1: OC - HBOS2: Lowell Portfolio 1 - Assginee2: BW Legal -Legal Rep for LowellI am waiting patiently for their response as the clock is ticking and the 14 days deadline is 25th October 20013 .Is there anything I have to do to support my Witness Statement to put aside the SD while waiting for their responses ?Please Help.Many thanks
  8. Thanks for your quick responses.Should I send my SAR to HBOS and not Lowel ? The debt is now sold to Lowell according to the SD that I have received.Any advise please ?
  9. I used to have HBOS credit cards but the APR was jerked up so I setted the balance off and stop using it in 2011 around january. I dont even have the cards any more .2 years ago I had a phone call from HBSO that I was in arrears on my CC but I told them that I have paid it off so they should close the account and that was it. After serveral phone calls to resolve it i gave up. They wrote to me in the past but I ignored it and they stopped so I taught its soughted.
  10. Hello Guys, I am new toi CAG but I have been servered with SD just yesterday by PS on behalf of BW Legal/Lowell. They are calims I owe them a debt of over 10k from two HBOS credit card debts (combined). I use the HBOS card is the past but not any more and as far as I can remenber have paid all the balance has all been paid but they are claiming the is a debt and I am in default so they have now bought the debt from HBOS and demanding a claims asap as they will bunkrupt me and sell my house. to make sure they have proof of the debt.I dont think I owe them any de
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