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Found 12 results

  1. Just so you know, this Mobile network (MVNO) called The People's Operator or TPO which uses EE backbone, have changed everyone's Pay Monthly contracts, December 1st 2015, without telling them, and then charging them £50 for 1GB of data. Customers are only getting the bills now, and complaining!! Anyone affected needs to complain to Ofcom asap, treating customers unfairly etc . Links below: https://stakeholders.ofcom.org.uk/tell-us/formal-phone-company http://consumers.ofcom.org.uk/complain/phone-and-broadband-complaints/contracts/ http://www.ombudsman-services.org/co
  2. Hello, this is my first posting – apologies if I ask obvious questions, but I'm new to the world of debt collection! Any help would be hugely appreciated. (Apologies, too, for the long post) I'm being chased for a debt from Three Mobile, which I don't believe I owe. The first I heard about the debt was an e-mail from a debt collecting agency – I had moved abroad, and so Three didn't have my address. (I therefore didn't receive any letter from the mobile phone company requesting the money.) After receiving the e-mail, I replied to the debt collection
  3. Hi everyone, I'm a new member and can I start by saying what a great job I think you all do on this site. I have gleaned some invaluable information in the past for other matters, and have gained some good information for this matter as well from other threads. Unfortunately cannot find a situation that exactly matches mine, but please bear with me if the info I'm asking for has already been covered elsewhere. Arrived home from a week away on business this morning to find a County Court Claim Form (Northampton CCBC) with the issue date 24/01/14. By my reckoning, that gives me just a coupl
  4. The story (hopefully not too long) 1. In 2007, I ordered a mobile phone on a 12 month contract (with O2) from e2save.com. The phone arrived but not in brand new condition, I then sent back to e2save by recorded delivery and was confirmed over the phone the contract would be cancelled. 2. Since then I did NOT receive any bills from O2 which assured me the contract was indeed cancelled. 3. Until a year later in 2008, I started to receive claim letters from debt companies saying I owed O2 about £500. I replied by letters and explained the situation. The claim letters stopped.
  5. I took out a 24 month contract this time last year. I moved into my new house a couple of months ago and most of the time there is no signal whatsoever. I have to go up into the attic just to get one bar, and even that fluctuates. There is also no signal at my parent's house. What are my rights? Am I able to end the contract early? Thanks.
  6. Hello All, I need a bit of advise. I lost my phone in Sri Lanka as it fell out of my pocket in a cab and then the cab drove off before I had realised. I read the website, which stated i needed to contact the police within 24 hours and obtain a crime reference number. I was not sure if Sri Lankas crime reference number was sufficient and so I contacted a friend in the UK to ask if they could contact lifestyle services group for advise. The advisor stated that I should contact my airtime provider to block the sim and then I can wait until I am in the UK to get a crime reference n
  7. Hi this is my first posting on here so apologies if there is a similar post somewhere else. I need some help and haven't a clue as to my next step. I was in the Manchester Deansgate branch of House of Fraser on Wednesday and used the loos, this was around 1815, not sure if noting the time is relevant but it may be, as I went to wash my hands I put my phone by the side of the sink (without going into too much detail my phone fell out of my pocket), as I did this I realised the whole area was swimming in water, I'm not talking about a few splashes, it was a significant amount of wate
  8. hi quick question took out a contract 4 days ago in store with p4u on orange but it still doesnt work when i got it home i set it all up dead excited like you do and threw any waste packaging or so i thought away when i try to call anyone it says the sim is not registered i have phoned orange but they have told me p4u should have registered it as orange themselves only register over the phone for themselves and car phone warehouse. i have been into phones 4 u and they rang trying to register but apparently the number of the sim is not connected with orange. in the beginning whe
  9. Hi a few months ago I received a letter from Fredrickson asking me to contact them regarding a personal matter, I checked the web and found this CAG forum so binned it. the next day I received a letter saying I owed their client Arrow Global £2229.27 I figured from this board that it related to Orange, I sent them a Prove it letter and received a reply saying it was on hold. Yesterday I received another letter from Freds which says, "We refer to your recent letter or telephone conversation with this office. Please find enclosed account dicuments, provided by our client as requested. we hop
  10. I decided to purchase a PAYG 'phone on the Vodaphone website and pick it up from their Wakefield store. They promised to email me when it was ready to pick up- so far i've heard nothing. If I decide it's not for me, I want to be able to return it to another West Yorkshire store for convenience. I have emailed them THIRTEEN times for a simple answer to this question!!!! Due to a current disability, email is my only form of communication. They come back assuming that I have already bought a 'phone and/or that it is faulty, go on about contracts and one even asked for my
  11. Hi, I'm new here and was wondering if someone can help me in dealing with this problem. I recieved a letter from advantis credit who are claiming to be appointed to collect payment of a debt which I owe to Global Arrow. It also states that the "debt owed to arrow global assigned by Orange". Now I had an account with Orange in 2005/2006 (cant remember exactly) and I to my knowledge the account was paid and closed when I took out another contract. It doesnt give any more details over then the amount which is £400!!!! Now my questions are How do I get them to tell me where this de
  12. I issued notice to my mobile phone company more than 30 days before the end of their minimum contract period and they told me that this 30 days notice starts from the last date - effectively tagging on an extra month to the contract. I told them that i did not think this was very fair and they said "not our fault that you did not read the small print.." Fair enough - but I said I thought it was fairly underhand and that if they were providing good quality customer service they would make this clear upfront. So below is the email stream.. removing names etc to protect the innocent/guilty etc. I
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