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  1. I know that paying a CCJ won't remove it from my file, but it will mark it as 'satisfied'. What I'm not sure of is if it will be marked as 'partially satisfied' or if that only applies to defaults. Are you sure that getting it marked as satisfied won't improve my credit? I've heard conflicting things about this. I worked out the SB date from the time I stopped paying them, it was about 5 years and 7 months later that they took me to court.
  2. It was a Vanquis card, I couldn't pay because I was off work sick for a number of years. The debt was nearly 6 years old, I was hoping it would become statute barred, then they took me to court. I ignored the court paperwork there was no way I could pay anything, I also have some mental health issues that make it difficult for me to keep on top of paperwork, especially stressful stuff.
  3. I have a CCJ from BW Legal / Lowell Portfolio that I was issued 2 years ago. It is for around £2000 from an old credit card debt. I'm not sure if there were any PPI payments made for the card, but there were probably some 'unfair' charges on there. I'm pretty skint at the moment, I'm trying to get a business off the ground can't get any funding due to this CCJ (my credit is fine apart from this). I'm thinking of offering them maybe £200-400 as a full and final offer, I wondered if anyone would be able to answer a few questions first... How likely is it that th
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