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  1. Sorry being vague it's for Serving Disclosure Lists. They should have done it 7 days ago
  2. Hi If a party fails to carry out a direction ordered by the judge and Other side has, should I write to the court and advise them? Can the court sanction the other side ( it's not on the smalls claims track)
  3. Hi, I am defending a multi track case and i have the DQ form: formfinder.hmctsformfinder.justice.gov.uk/n181-eng.pdf Am ok with the rest of the form but it is asking for draft directions, i have looked on google, can anyone point me as what draft directions i should be looking at putting forward?
  4. I wouldn't use the term lying . The term falsehood is more appropriate. The point being if a claimaint can be shown with evidence to be have misled the court then this should be driven home
  5. Yes but it's a separate issue. However I have taken your advice on board. Thanks
  6. Andy, In this case i believe i have to reference the fact i have certain items which will prove the claimant is effect lying, but i will edit the defence to remove references to any material i have except where it is essential
  7. Hi I am just in the process of writing a defence to a claim. As you are aware you dont include evidence with the actual defence submission. I will be providing a fair bit of evidence in the defence of a claim against me. Should I at this stage in the defence statement when referring to evidence list the evidence as say "in exhibit 1 i will show the claimant to be untruthful", or should i be more generic and say the evidence I shall produce will show the claimant to be untruthful Which sounds better and which would be easier for the court to follow?
  8. Thank you Andy for that succinct reply. Appreciated. I think I will leave it at that
  9. Yes it's a fair strategy. I want to put them to as much expense and difficulty as possible.
  10. The initial directions from the judge don't mention this........ I have read on tinterweb a case where the claimant was instructed to pay the correct fee with directions questions. I guess I don't want the chance of this happening to be missed. Of course the judge might accept there is no need for a further fee to be paid
  11. Hi i will be going bankrupt in any case as i owe over 35k in unsecured debt and have no assets, Yes i received an order from the judge yesterday morning saying it was not suitable for a part 8 claim and should continue as if it had been on Part 7 So with the above i am not bothered about what the losing amount is,. the hearing fee as it will be on multi track is 1k
  12. I simply want to force him to pay the full fee . Will be an extra 1k which may make him think twice
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