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  1. I checked with Noddle but also with Equifax who only show the one Default with Santander on the £1604 balance, the 123 a/c is still damaging my credit file as they have the payments at 6 and will Default shortly I'm sure of it. Surprisingly on Experian they don't mention either Santander account at all!! So shall I now start a court claim to remove these charges of £380 from my account?
  2. Ok what about this question, obviously my letter has done something because Santander haven't defaulted me for this month yet even though they said they were going to perhaps my threat of being in dispute worked. We are still only on the 123 account here which has a balance of £380 which is completely made up of bank charges, I can't seem to get a response as to what my next step is, so.. . do I pay off the balance of £380 and close the account so that I definitely don't get another default and then take them to court because then I will have paid the charges and will have something to claim back???? But the chances of getting it back are slim and I may never see the money again!!
  3. This 123 account I still have access to at the moment so statements still available, what should my next step be to try and see if they will remove these charges?
  4. Yes that is what I would like, what route do I take to try and make Santander do this? I have checked everywhere and can't find any statements for 2014 so I must have gone paperless which is strange. I will go down the SAR route for now with this one and will start a new thread. With the 123 account, I opened this myself as I wanted the benefit of paying my bills by d/d and getting cash back, I used this account alongside the other Santander a/c but never paid my salary in just transferred money in. I think the problems came about with the PDL's as I switched banks to Natwest so that the PDL's couldn't take the automatic payments and took my eye off the ball with my Santander accounts (my fault). I'm starting to think that all of these charges are actually bad management of my a/c's and Santander are right. If the charges weren't such stupid amounts I would probably just pay them!! I went overdrawn by £9.25 by for 14 days and the rest followed: Unarranged Overdraft Usage £65 * Paid Transaction £5 Paid Transaction £5 Unpaid Direct Debit £10 Unpaid Direct Debit £10 Unpaid Direct Debit £10 Unarranged Overdraft Usage £40 * Unpaid Direct Debit £10 Unarranged Overdraft Usage £75 * Unarranged Overdraft Usage £95 * Unarranged Overdraft Usage £95 * Unarranged Overdraft Usage £10 * I am only trying to wipe out the big charges totalling £380 and have made a payment of £81.23 recently to Santander which leaves the balance of this account now at £380 which is the total cost of the bank charges but Santander are threatening me with a Default Notice (before I made the payment of £81.23) and will then pass the account to Robson way I suppose. I tried to stall them by saying account in dispute but they were having none of it. How is best to proceed I wrote a letter in April and have just wrote a LBA using BCOBS but now I'm stuck as to where to go next
  5. The problem as Daverules mentioned above is that I have not paid the bank charges yet, so can you reclaim charges you haven't even paid?? They want me to pay them and I am refusing so I want them refunded off my accounts. I am going to check to see if I have the statements are in my spare room, problem was it was all online until the removed my account and defaulted me and passed to Robson way
  6. Ok see this is where I need the guidance, I am trying to get Santander to remove the bank charges so I don't have to pay them. Perhaps your right I should split them into two different issues, I'll start again tomorrow.
  7. What has happened with your situation since March?
  8. God what a mess!! I will try and explain this as best I can but I have gone so far and don't know if I am doing this right. I have two accounts with Santander which makes matters worse coz I'm not sure if I should now separate them into two claims: 1 account I had a £1000 overdraft on it and I used to pay £20 per month for the privilege, I need to clarify this detail as they have removed the account so I cannot see the statements anymore but I think I forgot to pay the £20 one month. My wages were now with another bank but as long as I paid the £20 Santander were happy with the overdraft just sitting there. As I forgot this is how it escalated in bank charges from £45, £100, £150, £150 & £120 so now the amount owing is £1604.99 of which £565.00 is charges. I have a 123 account which went £9.95 overdrawn and then after a few unpaid charges of £5, £10 they started putting on big charges up to £380 pounds. I recently paid this account £81.23 which is what I felt I owed them and this now leaves the £380 in big bank charges. I phoned Santander in December and they did an income and expenditure with me over the phone and said I needed to speak with Stepchange as I stupidly got mixed up with Payday loans. I wrote in April and they were going to go through my Income & Expenditure but never heard back from them by phone or letter. I wrote a LBA and I have just received a final response saying sod off basically. Do I really have a leg to stand on or should I take it to the Financial Ombudsman or Small Claims Court and see if they are bluffing? I should mention that the £1604.99 amount has been passed to Robinson Way and they have registered a Default. All I wanted them to do was to remove the £565 in unfair bank charges so that I could set up a payment plan for the remaining amount and start repaying my overdraft!! The £380 they are threatening me with a Default at the moment so I expect any day this will appear on my credit file. I explained in my letter that whilst an account was in dispute they can't do that but they said that as far as they were concerned my accounts were not in dispute!!
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