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  1. Doesn't matter now, i won. thread may be closed or deleted.. thanks for your help..
  2. Hi, Basically i have an old debt with Capital one which has been passed onto Lowell DCA. I requested details of the debt under s87. DCA replied and sent a photocopy of the agreement with no terms and conditions etc. I then ignored the DCA to which northampton bulk centre stepped in and filled my defence asking for all GENUINE signed documents to be sent to me.. I have not received any documents from them since. I then received a notice of allocation to the small claims track hearing. The parties shall serve upon each other and file at the court 14 days before the hearing date A) Written statements of evidence of any witness. B) Copies of documents relied upon The original document shall be brought to the hearing. Is there anything i need to do or worry about with this case? What i must say though is the name on all documents that they and the court have sent has the incorrect surname on. As i changed my name since the last use of the card but before any action being taken. I have checked my credit file and also notice that they hold the wrongdate of birth on the account.
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