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  1. Hope everybody is staying safe! Thought I would post an update on here considering it has been April since last entry. Well the OD has disappeared off my credit file along with a couple of other items so it is recovering well now. Since then I have had no correspondence relating to that , as for TM legal had the odd one or two emails but nothing like previously. Obviously I can only imagine that DCA's have furloughed their staff which could be one reason for the lack of any correspondence. Will see what happens going forward this year..
  2. Even at this late stage I would have paid them some ridiculous small sum as a F&F but I just don't trust them. As you can see by their emails , making things up to suit their agenda.
  3. Well I am surprised whoever owns it is still pursuing. My other creditors have long given up and written off the balances.A few after caving in just before court thanks to the advice on here. I even took Lowell to the cleaners and they were ordered by the judge to pay me for wasted time .This is the final one that is really outstanding . My credit file has gradually improved over the last couple of years.
  4. Yes...it was originally 1st Stop finance , then moved over to TMLS...who I believe are the same company, only TMLS are the debt recovery/legal side. All based in Blackpool
  5. Agreed Andy .. so even if they do register now it will still disappear just after the 27th May?
  6. To be honest the emails are more a daily nuisance certainly not worth worrying over , just worth keeping an eye on to see what they are up to. As mentioned I tried years ago to communicate and then sacked it off after their rude and stubborn attitude. I have checked all three CRA's and unable to see this entry...
  7. Cheers Andy...so no point in a SAR. Think I will keep quiet and just keep deleting the emails...
  8. Correct! Located another email, an actual Notice of default dated 13/5/2014 , this looks like the official one. It has the line - To remedy the breach you must pay us a total of £935.68 before 27/05/2014. So the official default is 13th May which of course is fast approaching the 6 year mark this year...
  9. Thanks so far..did a little digging and lucky I have kept email correspondence with these clowns from an old email account . Date loan taken out - 24th July 2013 Default notice - This notice is given in compliance with the Consumer Credit Act 1974 because you have defaulted on your payments under the Terms & Conditions. This Notice does not take account of default sums we have already told you about in another default sums notice, whether or not those sums remain unpaid. Date Payable 31/01/2014 Nature of Default Day 1 Arrears Default Sum £12.00
  10. Another one in today.. Just to confirm TML cannot start adding details on my credit file? They would have had to do that from the default date? We TM Legal Services are about to report the default status of your account(s) to the Credit References Agencies (CRA’s) and plan to start this within the next 30-60 days. The purpose of this communication is to let you know in advance so that you know what this means and to give you some time to take action should you want to. How Can I Prevent This? If you clear the balance on your account(s) within the next 30 days
  11. Was getting slightly worried as not had any correspondence for a few days. Anyway this turned up in my inbox : They must be soft in the head ! Surely if I had broken the CCJ agreement they would have gone straight back to court..?? Quick question are they breaking financial guidelines with these emails/letter falsely claiming a CCJ ?
  12. Oh Dx that is brilliant..I may just do that
  13. No CCJ from them .. checked all my credit files. This debt not even listed
  14. My personal favourite...liberty to restore....pretty serious stuff....I do get a few liberty to restore ones... TM Legal Services Limited ("TMLS"), are recovering the outstanding balance which is in relation to a County Court Judgment. The Attachment of Earnings has recently been adjourned with liberty to restore, as they are awaiting to confirm your current employment status. We may look to pass your account to A Specialist Tracing Agency. A Specialist Tracing Agency have secured information that can be provided to TM Legal Services in order to
  15. This one.... As you are aware we are now managing a County Court Judgment against you in relation to the above outstanding account. We have now requested for enforcement action against you by way of an Attachment of Earnings Order which means your employer could be ordered to deduct money from your earnings to pay off the County Court Judgement. We may be able to offer you a short settlement on your account, this will allow you to settle your active County Court Judgement and stop the Attachment of Earnings order. Please call the litigation depar
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