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  1. Hi dx, I just received this yesterday actually, I forgot to post it last night.... Good morning ********, I am assisting ****************** with this case. Please find attached decision form from the Court granting decree of absolvitor on a no expenses basis. I trust that this concludes matters. Kind regards There was an issue with the first interlocutor in that it only granted dismissal, so Shoosmiths had to recall the decree and get a new one. Thanks again for all your help. Obviously, I'm delighted with the outcome but I've learned a lot a
  2. I had thought expenses were limited to £300 based on posts ( I think) in the thread but it seems it's limited to 10% of the amount sued for/awarded in claims above £3000 from what I'm reading. Anyway I've agreed to £300 on the basis that decree will be for no expenses and have confirmed that to the court, and on the basis that Cabot send a cheque for £300 within 21 days. They didn't want a decree for expenses against them, hence agreeing to payment out with the court process.
  3. Cabot/Shoosmiths have agreed to Absolvitor with expenses in my favour. Thanks so much for all your help with it guys, and especially dx. I really appreciate everything you guys are doing on the site to help people. I'll donate half the expenses to CAG as a thank you and to reflect all the work that dx has put into helping me with the case. Cheers
  4. Sadly it is. Hopefully we'll be less financialised after the next global financial crisis. Next year if not before is my bet.
  5. Yeah its so sad that people don't end up on sites like this where they can realise that and not be exploited. Don't get me wrong, i messed up and got myself into a lot of debt when i was younger and I'm not saying I'm not accountable. But even with defaults i paid back way more than i ever borrowed and let's not forget that under the current fiat-based monetary system, the money banks lend is created out of thin air and borrowed into existence at zero cost to them anyway! Even if you think that's fair, which i don't, it certainly can't be fair for these parasites to come along d
  6. HI dx, The claimant has lodged a motion to abandon the action could I ask you to delete post 157 or at least remove the line that mentions the name of the solicitor at Shoosmiths. I meant to remove the name of the solicitor in the email I posted up from Shoos but having spoken to the solicitor today he asked me to remove it from this website on the basis that it's defamatory because I referred to him as "a muppet". I'm not worried about that because i don't think it is defamatory since the comment would have to be false for that to apply. One could easily argue that since t
  7. OK will do. I'll just be happy to get absolvitor but expenses would be a bonus. I'll give half of whatever I get to CAG.
  8. NO probs, I really appreciate the help and didn't mean for my post above to sound ungrateful in anyway. Ok I will do. I'm self employed so I'm taking time off to attend but only from myself rather than an employer. It's still lost time of course. I'll be sure to write it all down. The LLoyds calls alone covered 5 hours with time spent on hold lol, though I won't mention those unless i need to when questioned.
  9. Yeah that was my thinking, I don't want to speak to them, but thought I had best check with you just in case. I mean the rules try to promote and encourage negotiation between the parties, so i just wanted to check I wasn't being obstructive in a way that would annoy the sheriff by not answering calls and emails. Deep down though I know that this solicitor is probably only now looking at this case properly for the first time since he raised the case, having wasted a lot of my time (and more importantly yours) with everything that has gone on up until this point. So
  10. OK I won't reply. The only issue is that I intimated my amendment and list of witnesses via email, so they know it's a valid email address. Doesn't mean I have to correspond with them if I don't want to though. I was actually worried they were calling to drop the case or something, when what I want I really want (perhaps being greedy i Know) is for the sheriff to castrate them on the day and a decree of absolvitor.
  11. I just received this email from Shoos:- "Dear Mr. XXXXXXX I would be grateful if you could give me a call in relation to Friday’s hearing. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely How do you think I should respond? I have a missed call from them too. Is it best to ask them to correspond via email only?
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