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  1. Me and my wife decided we could afford a new kitchen, we are a low income family but decided on a budget and took up the 0% option over 2 years and paid a large deposit. It began with a visit to a Wren store and we chose what colour doors etc with the design representative, booked a measure and signed on the dotted line and planned our install with them for the beginning of April 2022. The floor was all boarded and the walls where flat and the installer had a free run to install the kitchen with no delays from us......... however he worked from Tuesday 5th April, had a weekend off and returned for Monday and Tuesday where the problems arose. The wrong worktops where sent, shelving unit should have been 400mm as in the drawing but was 600mm and came damaged plus had been fitted but put the cupboard above alot higher and top shelf unreachable, a handle was wrong and a door was damaged, worktops left unsealed and unfixed for weeks, edge banding incomplete and a seating area lift up top not fixed at all and has fallen through to the floor. So the parts had to be reordered which caused more issues as they where delivered 28th April 2022. The installater asked me on the 12th April to sign his ipad saying "its so I can get paid", he listed the unfinished items and went on his way but was not seen for another 4 weeks. Soon after he left the finance company notified me the agreement was going live and the first Payment was due 21st May, I contacted them raised a Section 75 claim with them a and Wren and Wren did nothing. The finance company moved the payment date to 15th June. So for weeks between 12th April and now I've dealt with many different people from Wren and even the resolutions team have failed to speed things up. The first payment has been taken out on June 15th but even as of yesterday the kitchen hasn't been completed. The shelving unit which the kitchen fitter took away for 2 weeks because it needed cutting has been fitted minus 1 shelf so is incorrect still even after 3 of these being sent by Wren. Both me and my wife where at work so only noticed this when we returned home. In all Wren have been paid and I've emailed yesterday to say we need to call it a day with them as they have had enough goes to get it right. I've updated Wren at every turn but they have let us down, I'm sure it would have been completed correctly if the monies hadn't been released. What should.i expect now? Can I argue the original kitchen value should be re valued? Any advice would be greatly received.
  2. Hi, I have my credit file but no sign of any debt there.
  3. Hi, i was using Experian for a while and showed V Good credit when I failed to get a mortgage I used Equifax and found 2 defaults(for the saame bill). Experian are useless as the score isnt right. Equifax dont fair much better IMO, i havent had a repayment issue for 32 months but my assessment is poor??? .I had a default removed and my score went down??? . I have only 2 searches within 12 months and 1 default so I am not expecting V Good but i do expect it to be right for £14.95 per month .They have sent me a reply to my question but it means nothing as they dont explain fully why my score has decreased when my credit is better. ClearScore shows you everything and is free, no card details needed etc. Guess who provides ClearScore with the credit info???? Equifax. May the lord help us.
  4. Hi All, i have just had a letter from Cabot with regards to £82.14 i apparently owe Sky. The gentleman Called Raoul wanted me to verify my D.O.B so i said "1974" and he wanted the day and month so i said "same as every year". for some reason they asked for my email address also. It sounded to dodgy for me as I havent been with sky for 5 years, I shouldnt have to say my full DOB or email address to verify who iam. What should i do next then? I have been on the electrol roll for the past 5 years and dispute the bill wholely.
  5. Hi all, in 2012 I enquired about a Sim card with Orange/EE. in 2013 I applied for a mortgage but was refused due to a default, the default was from EE Orange everywhere for £122 for the sim Card. I rang them and subsequently paid the amount. After a time I enquired about my Credit rating only to find it was poor, I dug a little deeper and found I had 2 defaults on there. The first was for Orange everywhere EE for £122 and the Second was from Lowell Portfolio for £122. Both had the same start date and default date and delinquent balance. Both have been settled .I am trying to sort this mess out as I beleive that you cannot have 2 defaults for the same bill? Any Advice please.I have already written, emailed and rang EE but no joys.
  6. I was under the same impression, I have gone back to Orange and Lowells individually and think I have a very good case.I appreciate your input.
  7. Hi All, After enquiring about a Sim Only deal from Orange in 2012 a Sim Card was sent out to my address apparently, nothing was used on the account. Talktime or texts etc as I never received it. I only found this out when I went for a mortgage and a £122 default was on the account (did not show on Experian but did show on Equifax). I rang Orange and after many discussions I decided to pay the amount and the default was settled as of Jan 2014, Orange where helpless & Useless. Case closed?? Wrong, apparently there was a termination Fee applied to the account after I had Settled the £122 so another Default appeared with Lowell Portfolio and it was £122??? Bemused much, I was. Again I contacted Lowell and same again Useless and in order for me to gain credit paid the default and asked for it to be removed. No such luck. Now I am on the warpath and have gone both barrels to remove the defaults and get back what I shouldnt have paid out in the beginning. My credit Report reads as follows. Orange - Start Date 31/08/2012 Default Date 03/04/2013 Amount £122 Settled 08/01/2014 Lowell - Start Date 31/08/2012 Default Date 03/04/2013 Amount £122 Settled 16/10/2014 Very similar accounts indeed, they said there was a termination fee applied and therefor another default arose as I didnt pay the fee, the dates don't add up or is it just me? Please join in, freely let me have youre advice and what you think. We pay a monthly subscription to get the correct information and its wrong, the big companies have us over a barrell and we either pay up or risk notgetting what we work hard for. I am still waiting for the mortgage and begrudge paying extra interest and another 5% deposit because someone got it wrong Mr Grumpy.
  8. Dear All, My partner works for Manchester City Council as a Support assistant at a homeless centre, She was diagnosed with M E, Chronic Fatigue syndrome. Her work requires her to do Days, lates and nights but with the drive of 2 hours a day and a 12 hour shift the nights where making her ill and had a lot of time off due to this. After hospital tests and occupational health visits she has been told she will have to reduce her hours or be given another role within the council. She asked for medical redeployment but was told that is unlikely by the occupational health guy. If she takes the M people route she loses 20% of her wage as a shift allowance. What does she have to do to get medically redeployed as she has her pay protected where she works but will lose all this if she takes the councils M people, which is supposed to be a one time offer. Can they force this on her? What should she do as she is 3 months pregnant? Many Thanks Coco
  9. Thanks, I have sent a letter asking for any information they may think they have as to my so called debt. It's basically a put up or shut up and the harassment part is a good one. They have sent 2 letters in a fortnight.
  10. I have recently been put on the electorol register at my new address and have received 2 bills in 2 weeks from a company called Lowell Portfolio in Leeds. The debts are addressed in a different spelled name to mine and wondered where I stand on this?
  11. I have recently been put on the electorol register and have started receiving a bill from Lowell Portfolio in Leeds(2 in 2 weeks), the letter is spelt totally different than my name and i do not have any recollection of a debt with this comapny. Where do I stand on this?
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