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Found 4 results

  1. I am on waiting to get a shoulder transplant because 2 health professional posted on my medical notes that my rotator cuff was in fact was intact, that with the benefit of 2 mri scans posting full thickness tears.
  2. Sophks

    Urgent MRI scans

    Hi, this is a bit of a long one. after an excessive amount of migraines, sickness and declining vision with light sensitivity and constant blurring I was referred to a neurologist at gloucester hospital. I had this appointment a week after referral as my doctor was quite alarmed at my symptoms. The neurologist said I have pressure being applied to the optical nerves from within the brain (papilleodema). They don't know what's causing the pressure so he stressed I urgently need an MRI scan, stating that I should be ready to drop everything and rush in for the scan. I was then sent to the imaging department of the hospital with the referral form which had clearly been marked urgent , the word urgent circled multiple times accompanied by arrows pointing to it. The receptionist first complained that she was unable to read the dr's hand writing and then told me "we don't have any urgent appointments" before taking my phone number and walking off. I am completely confused at what's happening. I know the standard wait for an MRI is 3 months I'm worried that they are just going to put me to the bottom of the pile. does anyone know how long the wait is for an urgent case or what I should do for the best now to make sure they see me as soon as possible. Has anyone had anything like this happen to them?
  3. Hi all, sorry for the formal layout of my question but I think it best gives the details. 6 weeks ago my wife developed a stiff leg and before the end of the day had to be brought home from school (a teacher)unable to walk. Doctor diagnosed sciatica and prescribed tablets. (these have been increased weekly as there has been increased pain and unable to sleep at nights) Also the foot had dropped in this time and a hired wheelchair is now used for mobility. We waited 4 weeks to see a consultant. Consultant diagnosed the drop foot and pain as being related to a disc operation approx 15 years ago. The consultant also stated the case was 'urgent' and a scan was to be arranged from which we shouldn't be surprised if we were told to travel straight to another hospital from the scan for an operation. This meeting was 2 weeks ago. My wife now in a desperate state suffering continuing pain, lack of sleep, and only able to walk with a stick a few steps around the house. We contacted hospital regarding MRI scan date and they said it was a 'routine' case and could be anything up to 3 months! We contacted the consultants secretary regarding the 'urgent' 'routine' statements who told us she would contact the consultant. My wife is/was an active lady and a busy hard working teacher, to be told that the scan could well be in a number of months time has left her devastated. My question is, we are sure the consultant said the case was 'urgent', and so how long would we be expected to wait for a scan? Sorry the question is specific but someone may be able to answer. many thanks, GHLB
  4. Hi there I have just received my MRI scan results for my lower back & I have no idea what it means! I injured my back deadlifting in the gym over a year ago, so the lower back problem has been present for some time. Findings of MRI are as follows: "The conus is sited at the T12-L1 disk level. The visualised cord and cauda return normal signal. Normal visualised vertebral marrow signal. The canal is capacious throughout the lumbar and sacral levels. Bulky moderate multilevel facet OA present and this is particularly pronounced at the L4-L5 and L5-S1 levels. The upper 2 lumbar disks are slightly dehydrated but there is no compromise seen to nerve roots at these levels. The L3-L4 disk is dehydrated with a broad-based disk bulge and focal central protrusion which is small but effaces thecal sac. No definite compromise seen at this level however. The L4-L5 disc is dehydrated witha broad-based disk bulge. This accompanies bulky facet OA particularly on the left side narrowing lateral recess and there is some mild effacement of the left L5 nerve root in this region. However, there is a moderate left foraminal stenosis in which the foraminal L4 root on the left side does appear to be impinged to some degree. This is predominantly due to bulky facet osteophytosis. The L5-S1 disk is reasonably well-preserved. There is sacralisation of the L5 vertebral body. Focal high signal in the pars on each side may reflect some low-grade stress. Conclusion: evolving degenerative changes within the facets and lower lumbar disks as detailed above. Moderate to" (The report literally finishes like that... not sure what the "moderate to" was about to refer to.) Any doctors on the forum?? Can you advise?? Kind regards, Jack
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