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  1. Hi guys... sorry I never got back sooner... Westcot out the blue contacted me via my gmail email address which O2 must have given them. I advised them of my situation as I wanted to let them know I have left the country, and I also had told O2 this. I have not heard from them since I openend this thread, so cant say what is happening. I do travel back and fro to the UK to see my kids so there is no way I could cut connection with the UK. will see how this pans out... if the do come knocking then I´ll have to set up a payback agreement with them... watch this space in the meantime, thanks for all your input. Cheers
  2. Hi guys, just a quick question... I advised O2 that I was unable to pay my O2 contract with them due to have recently been taken to the cleaners in a divorce. I also advised that I have moved to Germany and would attempt to pay back what is owed once I get a job here... well... its been 9 months, not been able to get employment yet, just been signed on the JobCenter here and getting the very basic in support. I am hoping to get employment soon, and have informed Westcott that I had advised O2 about this... Now I have read up on Westcott and find that they paid 02 the debt owed and no doubt will chase me for more than what the original debt was... on the grand sale of things, would they go to the hassle of getting a european court order for the sake of 500? End of the day they can... I dont have anything they can take from me as I dont own more than my clothes... Any constructive advice welcome
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