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Found 21 results

  1. uncle buck/moriaty law (the claimants) served me with an N279 notice of discontinuance in February which i thought was the end but today uncle buck have gave me the usual threats about what will happen if i dont pay... yep you guessed it!! court action.. i am wondering why they discontinued in the first place. best regards
  2. I was on repayment plan with Uncle Buck paying £20.00/ Month and always on time, anything missed (3 payments already) now I received this email We have reviewed your account and currently our recommendation will be to either instruct an external debt collection agency to collect your outstanding debt or pass your details to an external litigation company who may instigate legal proceedings in the form of a County Court Judgement, Third Party Debt Order, Attachment of Earnings or Bailiff Enforcement. You will receive further communication about the course of action we intend to
  3. Name of the Claimant ? MMF Date of issue – 12th April 2018 What is the claim for – The defendant owes the claimant £587.43 under a regulated agreement with uncle buck LLP 29/4/2013 and which was assigned to the claimant on 22/11/2013 and notice of which was given to the defendant on 22/11/2013 (debt). Despite the formal demand for payment of the debt the defendant has failed to pay and the claimant claims £587.43 and further claims the interest thereon pursuant to section 69 of the country court act 1984 limited to one year to the date hereof at the rate of 8% per annum
  4. Hi there all New to the site - but would welcome some urgent advice. I had a payday loan with Uncle Buck back in 2010, which I had to rollover on several occasions because of debt problems. I thought everything had been paid off, I moved home a couple of times, got married, changed banks, got on a better financial footing etc. All ok in the world. My postman has handed in 2 letters today - both are for addresses which do not exist (it's using the area as a street name which is wrong), and which I have therefore never lived at. The postcode & house number is right
  5. Just reading this forum for some help I recieved a letter from Moriarty Law about an old pay day loan stating I owe about £200. I had several pay day loans, rolling the over etc and I must have paid far more than that in interest alone. (I had a period about 5/6 years ago when i got out of control with pay day loans and most of them were settled. Wonga even wiped off my debt as they said they had made errors in their porcess) I am adding a forum post as this letter comes at a terrible time from me, I have spent the last month in hospital with my father who has been
  6. Name of the Claimant ? Uncle Buck Finance LLP Date of issue – 19 JUL 2017 Date of issue XX + 19 days ( 5 day for service + 14 days to acknowledge) = XX + 14 days to submit defence = XX (33 days in total) - What is the claim for – the reason they have issued the claim? The defendant owes the claimaint £864.00 under a regulated loan agreement with Uncle Buck Finance LLP dated 12/10/2015 (debt) despite formal demand for payment of the debt the defendant has failed to pay and the claimant claims £800.00 and further claims interest thereon pursuant to secti
  7. Hi all maybe in the same boat as a lot of people who have put their head in the sand I had a payday loan with Uncle Buck which I did not pay when due on the 30th of January 2015 for £202.43.. I have today received court papers for £391.43 plus the £35 court costs. Is this legally allowable? Do I have any arguments here or am i up the proverbial without a paddle? V v limited details in paper form but will scan these and upload when at work on Monday. are there relevant details I should ask !st Stop and/or Uncle Buck for? What should I do with the papers recieved
  8. Hi Guys I am in the same situation as you Bailey, so sorry to admit this folks but got in a bad situation with Uncle Bucks in late 2014 culminating in one I could not pay and 1st Stop Recoveries have also now sent me a Court Claim which I am also defending. I have sent CPR and CCA requests and will defend this plus submitting a claim to Uncle bucks regarding the facts that they did not carry out full affordability or credit checks.also allowed me 5 loans over 5 months. When I rang them in month 4 to try and decrease the payments, they suggested I just repay the loan and take another one
  9. I am the executor of my recently deceased uncle's esatate. He died without leaving a will and I am the only living blood relative. I applied for a grant of probate in order to be able to close bank accounts etc. DWP have now written to me asking for details of all bank accounts etc and have warned me that, as he was receiving benefits, they may have overpaid and will look to claim back any such overpayments. What powers do the DWP have if they start an investigation? Can they trace any/all bank or building society accounts by way of his name and NI no. which they obviously have?
  10. Hi, Had a large loan with Uncle Buck. After emails back and forth, including my MP sending them an email they agreed a payment plan. They now have emailed saying there is a 3 month review and to send two bank statements. I have NO intention of sending them anything. Shall I just ignore them emails or tell them that I will stick to paying the £40 a month to them. Only have about 6 months to go anyway.
  11. hi, can anyone help with some historic info on Uncle Buck rollover/extension policy either via emails or have or historical references to the website c2010? I have made a formal complaint to them which i received final response today (which of course they refused to uphold). My complaint is based on affordability/irresponsible lending as in the 1st cycle of loans with them, they rolled my initial loan over 15 times without me paying the original loan back - simultaneously they gradually increased my credit limit. During this time i had a large no of payday loans and a terrible credit rati
  12. Been playing ping pong games with Uncle Bryan for a while now - I get free paper and stamps. They wanted payment proposals.. so offered them £1.00 per month for two months.. they accepted £1.00, but said it would be reviewed in 90 days.. I pointed out their error and reminded them it was for 2 months and not 90 days.. But my offer was still on the table. They got their crayons out to say they have passed the account back to CrapOne.
  13. Can anyone give me advice on here about this payday loan company. I have paid these on time till last month as my partner has Crohn's and was admitted to hospital so we were in financial difficulty. I emailed them on several occasions offering a repayment plan which they ignored. They are now asking me to provide a I+E bank statements & wage slips. Am i legally obliged to provide these or am i within my rights to just pay what i told them i would pay which would have the loan paid up within three months
  14. I want to pay Uncle Buck by standing order directly to their bank account - can anyone help me out with their bank details please? Thanks.
  15. im on a dmp with cccs and my uncle buck payday loan was i thought paid off but only £100 had been which was the amount i borrowed and now uncle bucks has sold the debt to mmf according to mmf i owe £210 which also includes the £100 i paid the rest is intrest and fees i am now getting phone calls emails and letters saying they are going to do a home visit i did not recive any letter to tell me the debt was sold untill i said i have not been given any notice of it being sold they then sent me a letter about 3 months after they brought it what can i do ??? thanks
  16. Hi, I'm running into issues with these guys once again. As with many of these situations its been brought from Uncle Buck. I have at the start of this was not aware of this forum and the deceitful these guys operate, foolishly talked to one of their friendly reps!!!. Anyway long story short it didn't get far I try to get the original loan amount but they would not give it, then I asked if I could setup payment plan, yes no problem so I asked if I could have their bank details, oh boy talk about hitting a raw nerve. The rep literally went off the deep end ultimately he said that it was compan
  17. Hi all, This is my first time posting a specific personal issue, but having used the advice on similar issues here in the past, I've had good results, so hoped someone may be able to help me today! I foolishly used Uncle Buck last year for a payday loan, but as with many of the people on here, soon found myself unable to keep on top of payments and interest charges, and defaulted on the account. Even more foolishly, I buried my head in the sand, and am now having to deal with MMF. This isn't my first time dealing with a DCA, but I'm on a mission to clear all my I
  18. Afternoon, I had an uncle buck loan approx 2 years ago which was repaid (i paid througha debt collection agency). Today a letter has arrived through the post explaining my debt for £65 has been sold to Motormile Finance and they are taking court action against me. I can’t find the original doc's so panicking! any advice please?
  19. Afternoon, I had an uncle buck loan approx 2 years ago which was repaid (i paid througha debt collection agency). Today a letter has arrived through the post explaining my debt for £65 hasbeen sold and they are taking court action against me. I can’t find the original doc's so panicking! any advice please?
  20. Hi everyone. new poster here !! Had a text message from mmf . motormile finance with a reference number, so i gave them a call as ive no debts outstanding. They told me I owed £50 from an uncle Buck debt in 2010 / 2011, which i know i had paid off, so i told mmf that i wanted to contact uncle buck - After calling uncle buck they agreed that the account had been settle in 2011 and that mmf shouldnt have been contacting me. I just wanted to make sure you are all checking first with the lender. They have told me i wont get any more contact from mmf at all. fingers crossed !!
  21. Hi I'm trying to set up a repayment plan with good old Uncle Buck I owe them £600 and have offered to repay them back at £70 per month providing that they freeze interest and further charges. UB have sent me an email from "Plandeal collections" requesteing me to fill in a CFS / personal budget form that is 14 pages long with a lot of intrusive questions. They have also asked me to send a copy of my Bank Statement and Payslips (which I have no intention of supplying to them!). I want to negotiate a repayment plan with them, I think that my pro-rata proposal is fair, however I dont want
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