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  1. Andyorch & Dx CLAIM DISMISSED!!!!!!!!! I held it together!!! So much to take in & so many questions asked i cannot remember them all. Judge was very fair indeed but ultimately I got off on a technicality!! The Judge said that himself that as Lowell had not produced the correct paperwork!! Advocate turned up for them!! He was also annoyed and you could tell that with the supplementary WS outside the timeframe. I do thank you very much for your help & i will donate later today.
  2. I will do that Andyorch tommorrow Many Thanks. They have their supplementary WS dated the 5th August ?? But on the 6th August today by email they said" I am writing a quick email to let you know I am in receipt of your Witness Statement. I am awaiting instructions from the Claimant regarding our reply and will be in touch in due course." How can i be sure which day they submitted the supplementary WS???? Is it worth an email to Lowell by email now???? Telling them the same that they cant submit it a day before and that they have not sought my permission an
  3. Thank you for that. I will now cross my fingers & be confident for tomorrow on the call from the court. My husband will be with me to help having read everything here. I received an email today from Lowell : Dear ******, I am writing a quick email to let you know I am in receipt of your Witness Statement. I am awaiting instructions from the Claimant regarding our reply and will be in touch in due course. Kind regards ************* Complex Litigation Paralegal
  4. Thanks i have read the above. I just don't want to say the wrong thing on the call !!!!!! I guess only speak when spoken to. I just wondered if i would be asked questions about the debt? If i think i owe the money? How did the debt accrue? Because after all I am trying to get it quashed on a technicality of which iam not an expert!!!!!
  5. Many Thanks Andyorch. I have added all my details and sent to Lowell by email & taken by hand to the court. Do you guys have any idea if proceedings over the phone go correctly what i could be asked?? So i have some good responses ready to hand? Regards K
  6. Thankyou very much i will be around all day it would be appreciated Below is another attempt : IN THE COUNTY COURT AT *************** CLAIM NO:********** BETWEEN: LOWELL PORTFOLIO I LTD CLAIMANT and MRS *********************** DEFENDANT ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ WITNESS STATEMENT OF ****************** ----------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. I'll be honest and say then i don't know what else to add. They have sent the court & myself a 50 page WS. How should i fluff out my witness statement with what Exhibits? How do i get the Judge in any other way apart from the above to see they have been non compliant & in default to my section 78 request? I only have till court closes tomorrow to hand in my WS
  8. Hi Both, I have time today & tomorrow until the court closes to hand in my witness statement to them. I will email Lowell just as they have done me & hand documents into the court tomorrow. I have started the WS as can be seen. I have also at home printed off Headed Exhibit pages ready to go. I would appreciate where & what you would advise for me to pad out my WS & with what exhibits. I really dont expect you to do it for me but just a nudge in the right direction & with what & just a little more help as to what i need to convince the jud
  9. Yesterday @ 4pm i received a 50 page document via an email from Lowell Solicitors
  10. Hi Guys, I am hoping they pull out at the last minute. It will also be interesting to see what the postman delivers in the next week!! However i have prepared a WS & If you could take a look @ the below it would be appreciated to see that i have mentioned what is important to my defence. Its a little bit daunting!! I presume that i will also provide a bundle of documents for the Judge of letters to Lowell/ requests & bumph I have received from Lowell?? TYVM IN THE COUNTY COURT AT ************ BETWEEN: LOWELL PORTF
  11. Below is page 3 sorry i forgot to scan!!! I am starting to get my Witness Statement together. I would appreciate if you guys could peruse it for me when ive attempted it in plenty of time. Proposed Action I will contact the court just after 4pm on the 4th August. I was thinking of getting the WS prepared on my computer ready to print off & send 1st class signed for to Lowell between 4-5pm on the 4th August THATS IF THEY PAY THE COURT FEE?? . I only live 15 mins from the court so can deliver WS personally to them on the same day. I thought t
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