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  1. Hi dx, I can see what you mean by it, but surly in this context its way past 6 years therefore then techinically sb. So that means I have to wait another 6 years come hell or high waters before this goes from mkdp. Would the fact bc have sold on the account mean its satisfied and no longer in default with them so surely they must have to remove it or at least acknowledge its satisfied and no longer in default with them on the cra?. Am I reading this wrong. YK
  2. Thanks guys appreciate the support. Dx in regards for the default staying how is that to my advantage, while it is on my cra I can't much get things like mortgage, while I appreciate what your saying I see it as a disadvantage. Can you explain why this please. YK
  3. Hi Slick321, I am content to do so, but to be honest I have browsed the mkdp entries and it would seem that they seem to change defaults notices, do not take a blind bit of notice of any thing they have asked to change, and yet they seem to get away with murder. Ccjs, defaults regardless with it does your cra in or not. I get the feeling that there is no hope in stopping this particular juggernaut, even if I serve a sar, or even sb or a follow up cca it simply gets ignored and the courts just accept it and lie down and roll over. I would have thought the bc
  4. interesting slick321, but how can the do this since they have no agreement to base this upon. i shall be interested in the arguement, but is it best to hold fire for now and allow then enough rope to hang themselves so to speak?
  5. indeed dx, i have every intention of doing so, this why i am asking for help in understanding my position in this and certainty careful steps forward, may i ask of you what is or could be the next steps that i may take to ensure a successful outcome to this?.
  6. yes again.. sooo it is mkdp that will have all the data and should in thoery be able to supply agreement and not bc, so why do they need to refer back to the original creditors. ??.. by the way this has gone via the likes of westcot, and at least two others before this one, and those never put anything on cra.
  7. Hi, in relation to your 1st and 2nd question well its a yes and no answer - no it would seem mkdp own it judging by their letters and certainly on my credit record, but also I have noticed that bc have also marked my credit record as well at the same time as mkdp wit exactly the same details. So yes to your 2nd question they have updated the cra with bc and mkdp, same date and details.. No assignment letter as yet, although mkdp have apparently requested it from their creditors assuming they must mean bc and awaiting for their response. bc had a letter that w
  8. Hi slick321, As I mentioned in my opening thread barclaycard attached a letter that MKDP then forward to me and they can't find any documentation ?. I would like to suggest if you can read my first articke as ut does explain all there. I would then like you views on it and possible suggwztions to this forward. I have thought of sar to them but since the letter I recived seems no real point to it, but if people in the know feel that may help then I will have it sent? Regards The Kid
  9. Ok thznks dx, had ment to..strange I have just looked but there is nothing apart from the cut and psste I did from noodle. So what can you advise would be the next step in this military two step .
  10. Hi dx, This was on experian BARCLAYCARD Who's this? Entry Number: C31 | Account Updated to: 01/12/2013 Name: MR .... Address: ..... Date of Birth: /1959 Account Type: Credit card / Store card Started: 10/03/1982 Current Balance: Satisfied Default Date: 19/12/2012 Default Balance: £597 Debt Assigned to CAIS Member: Start Date: 01/12/2013 View Account Status Details: Account Status Details (1-12 months) Last updated: 01/12/2013 Status Code: Balance: £0 £597 £597 £597 £597 £597 £597
  11. Hi dx, Account start date 10/03/1982 Opening balance £ 597 Repayment frequency Monthly Date of default 19/12/2012 Default balance £ 597 it says via noodle that it is owned now by MKDP Does this noodle which looks great by the way look at both the big credit agencies.
  12. Hi Dx, Pretty much hit the head on the nail. I have and its on the credit file list under barclaycard. As too exactly when definitely 2008 as I just moved house and paid the last one november I seem to remember as moved in the october. I just want to draw a line under this and move on, but either MKDP aka Barclaycard will not let it drop, is there any letters that the group has to serve on them to cease and desist, given that no documents are available according to barclaycard, even MKDP think there is?. Simon
  13. Hi Bookworm, Your properly right, but what I am asking of you kind peoples what would the next step to prevent this from happening, sorry about the credit bit but that's my ultimate goal. So you have any kind advice what method to use agaunst them to head them off at the pass so to speak, templates, letters etc.
  14. Hi Bookworm, I heard of these so called dredgers but what do you mean MCOL?. All I am asking is anything I can do from here to head all these guys off and put a stop to this a get it removed from my credit record?.
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