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  1. They sent a copy of the credit agreement, but no statement of account, so no idea where the majority of charges have come from. The credit agreement states the charge for credit is £90, so £30 per hundred borrowed. So the other £380 has obviously come from charges. MMF state in their letter that they purchased the debt in February, and sent me a letter to say so at the time, though I don't believe this to be true. The first I knew of their involvement was the incessant calls and texts. The default charge according to the credit agreement is £25, and they do state that I'm entitled to a stateme
  2. Thank you for that. They have already sent me a copy of the credit agreement, which shows the original loan sum of £300, but didnt't send a statement of account, which is why I'm none the wiser as to where the account has doubled in size. Will send them this letter and see what the statement looks like. Thanks again!
  3. Can I/should I request a statement of the account in order to see where the extra £370.08 has come from? If so, is there a legal right to my receiving this information? The calls and messages have stopped, but I'm still getting letters to my parents' demanding payment or an agent will attend the premises.
  4. Hi all, This is my first time posting a specific personal issue, but having used the advice on similar issues here in the past, I've had good results, so hoped someone may be able to help me today! I foolishly used Uncle Buck last year for a payday loan, but as with many of the people on here, soon found myself unable to keep on top of payments and interest charges, and defaulted on the account. Even more foolishly, I buried my head in the sand, and am now having to deal with MMF. This isn't my first time dealing with a DCA, but I'm on a mission to clear all my I
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