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  1. So, in a nutshell; 1) I have a letter telling me that the debt is passed to MMF - but with neither my address nor their address, and which therefore as I understand it is invalid? It could have been printed this month for all I know. 2) I have never been provided with statement of account outlining what I owed, and that the value of the original agreement does not correspond with what has been claimed for? On these matters alone, do I have sufficient grounds to challenge them in court - and would this likely strike their application out? I am happy to med
  2. They have only produced a copy of my original bank statement which was proof when it was set up back in 2010. I had definitely paid and then took out subsequent loans within 6 years - of that I am sure - but can’t find out when, and so I cannot categorically prove that this was paid off. In all honesty, I just don’t know. Mediation is coming soon - how would you recommend I approach it? I just want the thing finished and off my back - even if I begrudgingly offered a small cost, would this be better than bearing additional court costs if I lost? What would the
  3. Yes, the Account Number is the same in the credit agreement as it is on the corresponence.
  4. Hi all Just to say - I got a letter through from Moriarty Law (I am due for mediation call this week), but they have again sent this to a wrong address but thankfully it has made its way to me! It included the following; 1) They have sent me a copy of a letter - which I have never received - which states that the debt has been transferred to MMF but it is not a CC or a photocopy. It is printed on plain paper, so could have been knocked up yesterday for all I know. 2) I have a signed copy of my credit agreement dated 2010 and original direct debit - but which r
  5. Sorry folks - my internet's been down for the last 3 days. Just sorted yesterday. Virgin Media Andy & dx - thanks again for coming back to me. I will contest as per previously, on the grounds of them being unable to substantiate their claim and having not provided any documentary evidence to support this. I'll have a go at the letter - seems fairly straightforward. I'm just not used to any of this, as I've always kept my nose clean so anything involving courts is a bit daunting to be honest. You guys are a great help. It is hugely appreciated. If I'm not sure on
  6. Hi folks Well, I got a reply - I have been issued with a Notice of Proposed Allocation to the Small Claims Track.............so it looks like they are contesting it. Positively terrifying!!! I have still never received a copy of the correct Section 77 request as I had requested - no copy of the signed agreement etc; is this grounds to defend alone? Would the court details also be published online/publicly? I really don't want this in the wider public domain. Am I best negotiating a settlement out of court? If so, what kind of % do the buggers usually accept?
  7. Andy, many many thanks to you and to dx100uk for you help. As an aside, this old Swift Sterling account that they have sent through. This is probably bona fida - I did offer to repay on a structured plan and they had my card details but heard nothing back (I do most of my comms through email) as it's over 6 years since their last communication to me on this, and they didn't respond to me. To be honest, I had totally forgotten about this. Do I tidy up the loose ends and advise them separately that this is statute barred now, or do I do the honest thing and re-eng
  8. Thanks Andy - apologies, I did not mean to be lazy. You are right. Just a bit in awe of it all. Now, to add to things - I have had a letter in this morning from MMF. Interestingly, they have provided details on something totally unrelated to this Uncle Buck claim, but another account going back to 2011!!! This was for a claim for an old payday loan from Swift Sterling - which I offered to clear up and settle in 2011 with Clarity and a payment proposal but heard nothing since then. I'll be honest - had clean forgotten all about it. I assume MMF then bought the debt?
  9. Hi, sorry - am just back from the Continent. I did update my address - thank you very much for asking - on the MCOL site. FYI - I have not received anything in the post from Moriarty Law/MMF. I have proof of delivery - the MMF one is fine, but the Moriarty Law one says it was either delivered or to a neighbour....?? I have a name of someone who signed - but am I to assume this is ok? Now, I have noticed that I have Response Forms to fill in on the MCOL website. I assume that the form I fill in is the Start Defence form. Would one of you lovely people be able to give me some po
  10. That is great - thank you so much. I really appreciate your help. Have registered online and done the MCOL stuff as you said. Going to post office tomorrow - haven't bought a postal order in years Will keep you in the loop - thank you again.
  11. Thank you Andy - hugely appreciate your time taken on this. Have done this and will go and send these recorded delivery tomorrow. To check, the CCA Section 77a goes to MMF, and the CPR 31.14 goes to Moriarty Law? Just a couple of quick queries; and I would be grateful for your help. Time is a precious factor in all this for me, as I won't be able to do anything for a fortnight as of this weekend with work. In the long run, if the debt is valid - by doing this am I likely to forfeit the opportunity of a quick settlement & removing the involvement of
  12. Name of the Claimant ? Motormile Finance Date of issue – . 24th August 2017 What is the claim for – 1. The defendant owes the claimant £350 under a regulated loan agreement with Uncle Buck dated 01/11/2010 and which was assigned to the claimant on 01/02/2013 and notice of which was given to the defendant on the 01/02/2013 (debt). 2.Despite formal demand for payment of the debt the defendant has failed to pay 3.and the claimant claims £350 and further claims interest thereon pursuant to section 69 of the county court act 1984 limited to one year to the date her
  13. Hi - thanks for the reply. I have done absolutely nothing as I got it this morning. Went straight online - am trying to keep this away from my wife as she'd fret like anything about it. Will do shortly - thank you!
  14. Hi there all New to the site - but would welcome some urgent advice. I had a payday loan with Uncle Buck back in 2010, which I had to rollover on several occasions because of debt problems. I thought everything had been paid off, I moved home a couple of times, got married, changed banks, got on a better financial footing etc. All ok in the world. My postman has handed in 2 letters today - both are for addresses which do not exist (it's using the area as a street name which is wrong), and which I have therefore never lived at. The postcode & house number is right
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