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Found 3 results

  1. I recently received a PCN ticket whilst parked in a council run car park in Aylesbury Now, I actually had purchased a ticket and was displaying it, it appears it had slipped down the windscreen slightly, but it was just about visible. Indeed see attached photos, you can see the ticket directly under where the warden stuck the PCN (circled in white) I was going to appeal on this basis, but I have also noticed a problem with the actual PCN. It appears the warden's printer must have been dodgy, as it;s only printed half the text on the ticket. Much of the wording is cut off on the right hand side, the end of the date is missing (the year!!) but most importantly the registration is incomplete! They have only shown the first four characters of the plate - indeed on the payment slip at the bottom there is no registration plate at all! See arrows on photo My question is, can I appeal on the basis of the number plate being incomplete, or should I stick to the fact I had a ticket anyway! I feel rather aggrieved that he ticketed me so absolutely do not want to pay this! Many thanks for any assistance you might be able to give Photos showing ticket in place, assume the warden knocked my ticket down when he stuck the PCN on the windscreen! Incomplete print on actual ticket Here's the actual ticket I had bought and was displaying
  2. Hi Guys I am in the same situation as you Bailey, so sorry to admit this folks but got in a bad situation with Uncle Bucks in late 2014 culminating in one I could not pay and 1st Stop Recoveries have also now sent me a Court Claim which I am also defending. I have sent CPR and CCA requests and will defend this plus submitting a claim to Uncle bucks regarding the facts that they did not carry out full affordability or credit checks.also allowed me 5 loans over 5 months. When I rang them in month 4 to try and decrease the payments, they suggested I just repay the loan and take another one out the same day! Is this familiar.Have you had a series of loans from them? Actually, in my years on CAG it is very rare for Payday Lenders to take Legal Action, they normally just harass people. Anything else I can to do to help on this Bailey, I will do
  3. I was recently asked by a cagger who to contact at Sherforce (Shergroup) with a complaint...I suggesested they contacted Chris Badger as he is given to be their Complaints Officer.. Imagine my surprise when the cagger reported back he was no longer working at Sherforce!!!!! A little digging brings forward he is thought to now be working at the Sheriffs Office, I will only offer MHO that would be a move for the best for him and I wish him every success but, that is not what concerns me and prompts me to write this post. Sherforce list three HCEO's appointed by the Lord Chancellor to carry out command to serve High Court Writs, they are of course permitted to 'sub contract' the work but as each of those HCEO's are commanded as an individual to carry out their appointment then surely they must be seen to be at the least active, with their finger on the button so to speak? Claire Sandbrook no longer resides in the UK and cannot therefore uphold the duties of her 'appointment' David Asker is by all accounts,when reading Sherforces' own website, not active as a HCEO and his 'position' within the company lies in I.T. therefore he does not uphold the duties of his 'appointment' Christopher Badger, if the rumour to him having taken his 'appointment' elsewhere is confirmed, must therefore have notified the Lord Chancellor's Ofiice to no longer being a recognised HCEO for Sherforce Is it time for the Lord Chancellors Office to take a closer look at their appointment register and remove those who are no longer active and merely a name on that register.??? WD
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