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  1. Can anyone give me advice on here about this payday loan company. I have paid these on time till last month as my partner has Crohn's and was admitted to hospital so we were in financial difficulty. I emailed them on several occasions offering a repayment plan which they ignored. They are now asking me to provide a I+E bank statements & wage slips. Am i legally obliged to provide these or am i within my rights to just pay what i told them i would pay which would have the loan paid up within three months
  2. Dear dx There is no dispute we know we owe it but dont know the best way forward do we write back to them and ask how much they are willing to reduce the loan this means we acknowledge the debt. Its just that you read on here that people just ignore the letters my partner & I do not want to end up in court we had enough of that 4 years ago.
  3. Dear DX100uk The loan was taken out in 2005 stopped paying in 2010.
  4. Can anyone give some advice on here. My partner & I were repossessed in August 2010 we were advised to take a mortgage with Preferred & a secured loan with Welcome which we obviously have now found out they are dodgy companies. We have not heard a thing from the mortgage company but have had a few calls and a letter from Mackenzie Hall re the loan. We are now getting letters from a company called MK Rapid Recoveries offering to reduce the debt if we contact them. They are also saying if we dont contact them they will take legal action. We dont k
  5. Can anyone please give me advice on this company. I took out a payday loan with Wageday Advance years ago which i thought id paid off. I recieved an email from Motormile saying that the debt had been passed on to them and that i owed over £200 i asked them to send me the credit agreement with amounts paid. They sent me the agreement but not the amounts paid. Since February they have bombarded me with emails phone calls & text messages whilst i am at work. I am willing to set up an arrangement of £5 a month and have sent them emails regarding this but they have ignored everyone i have sen
  6. Dear plodderton Thank you for your reply. It is September's payment of £25 i have missed. I just want to pay double end of October then continue to pay £50 a month thereafter they havnt written to me yet do i just wait for a letter first before i apply to the court.
  7. I have a county court judgement which I am paying £25 a month. I have missed one payment but next month can make up the payment i want to start paying £50 a month thereafter to try and pay the debt off quicker. What can I do ? Have tried to find out online but all I am reading about is baillifs was repossessed in 2010 can't go through that again.
  8. Dear Brigadier I dont remember having three seperate accounts. According to Shopacheck i only owe £160 thats why i was disputing it.
  9. Dear All Thanks for the replys. They have sent me three seperate reconstituted agreements. If these are legal then i will have to arrange a payment plan with them. I was just questioning whether they were legal as they didnt have my signature and also Shopacheck sent me a letter stating i only owed £160.
  10. Posted on here a few weeks ago about a debt I had with Shopacheck that had been passed on to Lowells. I disputed it as Shopacheck said i only owed £160 but Lowells said I Owed over £500. I asked Lowells to send me the CCA and told them of the timescale. They told me that they didnt have to comply with the timescale and that they would send me the CCA's as soon as they could. I have now recieved a letter with three CCA's these are not the originals as they dont have my signature on them. Is this acceptable or should they be the originals.
  11. Dear DonkeyB No need to be funny never had to do this before !!!!!
  12. Dear All Thanks for all your replys. The original creditors were shopacheck & capital one. The reason I have sent them a cca request is because shopacheck sent me a letter saying they had sent the debt to Lowells and that i owed £160 i have no problem paying that but lowell say i owe over £500. They didnt respond to my request in November so really i should of sent the dispute letter after that as they didnt comply with the 14 days timescale. Do you think i should send the dispute letter now. I only recieved a response from them last week and the letter w
  13. Dear All Thanks for all your replys. I have not sent them by recorded delivery do you think i should send the request again or just wait until i get a response from them.
  14. I would like some advice re two debts that have been passed on to Lowell. I requested the credit agreements last November and never heard anything. I requested them again two weeks ago and told them they had 14 days to comply. They wrote to me and told me that my accounts were on hold but they dont have to supply the agreements within the 14 day timescale as the agreements are not in their office. Is this correct ? I know you have templates in your library which state there is a 14 day timescale.
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