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  1. Just reading this forum for some help I recieved a letter from Moriarty Law about an old pay day loan stating I owe about £200. I had several pay day loans, rolling the over etc and I must have paid far more than that in interest alone. (I had a period about 5/6 years ago when i got out of control with pay day loans and most of them were settled. Wonga even wiped off my debt as they said they had made errors in their porcess) I am adding a forum post as this letter comes at a terrible time from me, I have spent the last month in hospital with my father who has been
  2. Thanks. I will do as you suggest. Do you mean I should itemise the payments I have made so far or my final offer of payment?
  3. Latest response. (Ignored my question about being an agent) Whoever/Wherever you are getting you information you are being wrongly advised. You have entered in to a legally binding 24month contract and have failed to complete this term, as a result you have been charged for the remainder of that contract. This is the same for all mobile phone providers not just Vodafone. This is all stated in your Terms and Conditions. As previously advised the best option is to put your case forward to OFCOM who are the governing body for telecommunication companies and mobile phone provi
  4. Thankyou for that information Bankfodder. Looks like i should pay the unpaid useage and line rental, and dispute the rest. The latest response from the DCA says "I would strongly advise you to read your Terms & Conditions before any complaint is logged or OFCOM will not look at your dispute without any hard evidence in which you feel Vodafone are unable to enforce this debt."
  5. Thanks for you help in this, it is much appreciated. The Debt Collection agency has responded: You have entered in to a 24 month contract and failed to complete the time in full. Your termination fee is the remainder of your line rental added together. The fee you have received from our company is also in your contract stating ‘failure to pay the amount owed to Vodafone will result in your account being passed to a third party and will incur additional fees’. Does this change anything? I was thinking of making a formal complaint to Vodaphone. (Although I will wait to he
  6. Thank you both for your help, i have written to their webteam as you say and I will notify the debt collector that the account is in dispute.
  7. Hi, I have been behind with vodafone payments after some financial disasters, but i was trying to keep up up todate and eventually catch up. They changed tactics recently and cancelled my contract, despite me having previsouly asked them for help and to go on to a lower tariff they were not at all helpful. Now i have been told by Commercial Credit Management Ltd that I owe Debt collection fee: £97.94 Termination Charge for not completing your contract: £577.97 Unpaid usage and line rental: £74.94 - total £750.85 I don't dispute that I owed them money I just wanted some
  8. Hi and thanks for the replies. I am putting these questions to my brother so I can find out more. Regards Jon
  9. Hello, I wonder if anyone can point me in the right direction here. My brother sold his house to a company that was going to rent it back to him. However after a couple of years that company went bankrupt and the property was reposessed with my brother as a tenant. The new owners have now decided to sell the property and given my brother 8 weeks to leave. Does this sound right? He is up to date with his rent and this seems harsh. Although I guess he has no say on the matter. I would appreciate any advice. Many thanks.
  10. Okay, thanks for the information. I will get on it staright away.
  11. Hello. I have a few debts and most are all being paid off. Last year Barclays reduced my credit card debt to £32 by wiping all the charges and I paid the £32 leftover . However apart from one month they have continued to show my balance as £32 - Default. Also with 02 they are showing a £33 default debt despite me having paid it off and them seding me a reciept. Equifax show both as current balances which is incorrect. I have written complanits to both with no response and I am getting quite annoyed now. Can anyone suggest who to write to about these? Should I ask
  12. Hello, I have been contacted about an old Gas/Electric debt that I make regular payments via a bank payment system. I have written to the British Gas solicitors with offers of a fair (in my eyes)repayment plan for both accounts to be paid off fully in next 16 months. They have sent me a letter threatening to take me to court unless I pay it all in full. I wondered how likely it was that someone like that would actually take me to court for 2 bills one under £100 and one under £200. Regards Moeb
  13. Now adding on the other side of page 2 of the spreadsheet gives me £1216.58 to claim for. Is that the amount I put in the letter? (Charges + CCI)
  14. Thanks Steven, I have filled it in and it shows £500 in charges. I have used 34.9% apr interest as the statements I have do not show monthly rates. This comes to £500 in charges and £550.33 in CI I think. Thanks for your help and support. ps is there a quick and easy link to Credit Card charge letters?
  15. Hello, I am about to start a claim for charges on my now closed capital one card. I would like to have a try at claiming contractual interest and i wondered if anyone had a link to a working spreadsheet and apr calculator? Seems the links i have found are not working. Thanks
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