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  1. That's why I took screenshots of everything As I know they can be very sneaky
  2. Hi Andy, Sky have an app where you can view your package, billing etc but this is actually adding channels to my TV package. Not the Sky go App (Which I don't think works with Sky Q anyway) The two channels have been added to my package.
  3. Hi Everyone, just want to get peoples thoughts on this. I had an offer on my Sky TV app that said I could have two sky sports channels for an additional £5 a month (31 days contract). However, When I tried to add this the app told me my new package price would go up from £71 to £280 - Quite an increase!!!! So I used the online chat thing and typed to one of their customer service reps. I sent them a screenshot of the offer that was showing in my app and he went away. Came back a few minutes later and he said he could put both those channels on my account
  4. So who should I contact? I’m very confused as it seems that everyone I speak to directs me round in circles lol
  5. Ok. Sorry for the delay updating as after scanning in the form I forgot to take it with me to work so I didn’t have the claim number with me! Dartford have no record of the case number and have told me to contact the money claims centre! (Which I already did) So what do I do next?
  6. There is no court stamp on it. I will scan it and upload it when I get home as I’m at work at the minute
  7. It’s got the name of my former landlord as judgment claimant. I find it a bit odd too that it says to return to the court but no address Is given
  8. Okay. Eventually I got through to MCOL in Northampton and they have no record of any judgment with the case number on the letter. Combined with the fact that nothing is on my credit report. I am wondering if it’s genuine at all! I’m thinking about not filling it in and seeing what happens (if anything)
  9. Yes I have and it’s not there! I will contact Northampton MCOL and see what they say Thank you
  10. Yes it does refer to it on the N56. That’s when I did a search to find the judgment and it’s not on my credit file at all!
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