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  1. Yeah, I took out a payday loan last year and got an email to say that my data had been compromised as someone had accessed the servers? I thought it might be a spoof but when you go on the trusted quid website its on the front page!!
  2. Anyone else had one of the emails reporting a data breach by Trusted Quid? Have I got any recompense towards them over this?
  3. I made the big mistake of taking out a Payday Loan last July for £600 in total from CFO. After repayment difficulty I have received a letter telling me the outstanding balance is now £1700+. How do I get the interest frozen and get a payment plan setup for these people?
  4. I have a copy of the original court claim form which states the particulars of the claim as -: The Defendant was indebted to NATWEST MONEYSHOP for credit advances. The debts were assigned to the claimant. Notices of each assignment were given to the Defendant. The Claimant claims the total of the debts assigned to it amounting to £1248 together with interest at the rate of 8% per annum pursuant to Section 69 of the County Courts Act 1984 amounting to £302 to date and further interest until judgement or sooner. Payment at the daily rate of 0.28.
  5. I was a company director of a LTD company with just me as owner. I acquired a £1000 overdraft with Nat West with myself as the personal guarantor back in Nov 2000. Ltd company dissolved in 2002. Overdraft amount £850 Had a couple of threatening letters from Mackenzie Hall between 2003 and 2006. Letters then arrive from 1st Credit requesting payment, then in 2008 they sent a letter saying they have obtained Land Registry info to seek charging order. Not sure why this wasn't followed up but then got letter in June 08 stating they could offer a generous discount on the £85
  6. Thanks for the help and advice all. Spoke to DCA this morning who advised Warrant had been issued due to late payment of Dec payment over Christmas period (2 days late showing up on the system) Warrant now withdrawn. Phew!
  7. DCA is 1st Credit. The original debt went to CCJ stage and then as I couldn't pay it was left a couple of years. i then got a request for a record of examination, which I attended and made a £60 a month offer. I got no letter from court advising me the offer was acceptable and then 2 months after got a warrant of execution from the courts. I poke to 1st Credit who agreed to suspend warrant if I paid the £60 a month from then on, which I have done.
  8. I have been paying the DCA on their own online payment system. I have all receipts for the payments. The only one that was delayed was the end of DEC payment which didnt show up on the system until 2nd Jan. Could this been the reason they have requested the warrant? I phoned them today to ask why the warrant but no one in the legal dept is available until monday. Should I call them monday morning or just go ahead with a court request to suspend the warrant. Warrant is to pay before the 31st of Jan. (£1492)
  9. I have a court order in place to a debt collection company for £60 a month. I have paid each month from last August usually around the 22nd to the 29th of the month. Today I received a warrant of execution from them for not paying according to the agreement?? What is the best route for me on this? Should I go to the courts and get a hearing?
  10. The CAB reckon I am entitlede to full remission but they dont think it will be backdated pre October so I will still have around £450 to pay but I have already paid £250 since the start of the new financial year so should only be left with around £200 to pay and I reckon I can clear that off in the 6 weeks easily.
  11. THanks for the replies everyone. I did as was suggested and asked to speak to someone higher up and with some degree of success. I explained my circumstances and also informed them of my wifes pregnancy and a gall stone illness that she has at the moment. The council official told me he would suspend all action on the account for 6 weeks and then review the account again when the council tax claim has been processed and if any outstanding balance has been reduced. Hopefully that should be the end of the matter but I am still keeping my doors locked and car parked away from the house
  12. The bailiffs have shoved a notice through my door again this morning stating -: "I will re-attend at your address with immediate effect and may REMOVE goods even in your absence. Should you wish to avoid this distressing course of action, contact me immediately on the telephone number below" .....etc.... I decided to give him a call to explain that the CAB are dealing with the issue but he was adamant that because he was acting on behalf of the courts he would be coming back. What do I do now. Do I still just sit tight and ignore his knock at the door? Why has he worded the let
  13. Thanks for the advice. I have spoken to the council recoveries sectiion who said they could not take the debt back and that I should contact Equita to make an arrangement who refused point blank to make any arrangement. I guess I am now resigned to bolting down the hatches and just making payments direct to the council?
  14. Hi all, I was made redunant last October and as a result I ended up with problems paying my mortgage. This meant I had to use all available funds to try to stave off reposession. My house is now being transferred to a housing association under the mortgage rescue but I have a new problem / threat. I received a letter from Equita bailiffs asking for payment of this years council tax £1078 as I have made only 1 payment this year due to the mortgage problem. I contacted the bailiff and asked to make an arrangement while I await the outcome of a council tax benefit claim. The bailiff fla
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