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  1. The last seller claims to have been surprised by the news too. Hence why I was only alerted now. Whether they are telling the truth or not I don't know.
  2. Hi all. I recently made a straight swap with my Audi A3 for a damaged Fiat 500. The Fiat is much newer than my Audi, but with the damage I deemed it to be worth about the same. At the time, I performed a MyCarCheck on the car to see that it wasn't written off, which it wasn't. What this check didn't reveal, was that the car was actually outstanding finance. I'll never be making that mistake again... This was some weeks ago. I've now had the car fixed at a local bodyshop at my cost with the intention of keeping the car. Only now has the previous seller been in touch to say there is outstanding finance. I panicked and have now fully HPI checked to confirm this is the case. I am the third owner. The seller was the second owner for a short period. The finance is with the first owner. I've been in contact with the finance company to check that they are interested in the car still, which they are. From reading up on legislation, I believe I need to prove that I acquired the car in good faith. I have also read that because I have invested in fixing the car it should actually help my case. I have details of the advert screen-grabbed (no mention of finance), the V5 green slip, the seller's details, and the mycarcheck from the time. I also have various messages from the seller when we arranged to meet. I want to keep the car, but now I don't know where I stand even if I wanted to sell it one day. The previous seller has no intention of taking the car back, and my Audi is apparently gone elsewhere. Im worried because I swapped my car rather than purchased it outright it may make it may be a grey area. Whilst searching I came across a user with a near identical case, but no updated outcome. User: ctid1987 I cant message the user, or link to the post because Im a newbie.
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