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  1. Ok thanks, then from that do we still owe the DWP the money if thats the case why are they trying to get the money of us if there is no action they can take what is the point of them sending the letters
  2. Hi, The wife got a letter from CSS collect on behalf of DWP for an outstanding amount of £50, this was a fine for allegedly not telling them a return to work date which meant they overpaid 2 weeks ESA. We did accept that she was paid 2 extra weeks by mistake and promptly paid that back but disputed the £50 fine for failing to inform them of change of circumstances, we tried to speak to them many times about the matter and was promised call backs that never happened then we would call back etc and this carried on for a few weeks and we felt we did as much as we could to resolve the matter but were ignored. My wife is now worried about this letter and wants to pay it i think the issue is still with DWP and we have not had any dealings with this CCS company and i don't think we should pay it as the original fine was for something that was not our fault. We did contact DWP and they said they cannot deal with this anymore. Any help or advice would be much appreciated Thanks in advance
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