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  1. attached is the CCA redacted. Thanks for your help. 20150404 EGG CCA Redacted.pdf
  2. Moorcroft are stating Barclaycard (formerly Egg Banking PLC) as their client. CCA was confirmed as enforceable by MSE forum. What I'm understanding is stop paying, write to Moorcroft saying debt no longer enforceable.
  3. Thanks a/c roughly about 2004. I don't have an electronic copy of the CCA they sent. Sorry. It was checked and confirmed legit when I got it. Wording of fake letters is in op. Made worse by the footer having a typo in it ".... Mob1m194iles and other providers' call charges may vary." and generally the letterhead appearing to have been printed on a dodgy desktop printer. I have an electronic version of this letter just can't work out how to post it on here! Please see letter. 05012017 Redacted Barclaycard Letter.pdf
  4. cca request process done years ago, right at the beginning and yes it was a valid cca. I'm pretty certain Barclaycard know nothing about the debt, if they did they wouldn't be bombarding me with spam mail offering me a new credit card. This is what leads me to believe Moorcroft have bought the debt. So it could be that the debt is null and void, so again I should stop paying Moorcroft. Just not sure: a) how strongly worded my response should be b) whether I should report them to FCA for fraudulently creating the letter from Barclaycard c) whether I should stop paying and ignore the debt and the risk of this showing up on my credit file again.
  5. Hi Firstly, those in debt finding it hard to see light at the end of the tunnel, don't be disheartened, it can be done. After 8 years, I am within 9 months of being debt free. however, this hasn't been without issues and I could do with some advice on what should be my last issue.... Sorry for the length, just don't know best course of action... thanks in advance for any help I defaulted on an Egg credit card, they sold the debt to Arc Europe. Barclaycard bought Egg. Barclaycard transferred the debt to Moorcroft. I have consistently paid the agreed monthly amount. However, during the transfer from Arc to Moorcroft 3 payments went to Arc totalling c£250. In July 2016, Moorcroft sent me a letter stating an incorrect outstanding balance, incorrect by the same c£250 exactly. In November 2016, I wrote the following to Moorcroft (names & reference no's excluded, and amounts rounded to avoid identification).. In reply to your letter dated dd/07/2016 stating the balance was £x. I disagree with this balance, my balance is £y. This represents a difference of c£250, which equates to monthly payments of £z. My account transferred from ARC to Moorcroft in September 2011. At this time, my balance with ARC was £6k, before my September 2011 payment. This is confirmed in your letter dated dd/10/2011. I am not aware of missing any payments, can you provide a full breakdown of the account including any interest or charges applied please? Today, I believe the balance is £a. I will not pay any additional balance until I receive a full breakdown of the account including any interest or charges applied. Please do provide a full breakdown of the account including any interest or charges applied. Today, they have responded with (pleasantries have been excluded) Our client has advised that they have a balance of c£900 on their system. a letter is attached from our client as confirmation. The attached letter (on very poor Barclaycard letterhead and unprofessional format) says dd/12/2016 Dear Sir/Madam RE : My name - Account No. my account number Thanks for contacting us. Unfortunately, statements are no longer produced on the above account. I can confirm that the outstanding balance of the Account As of today is c£900. I trust this information is of assistance to you. Any queries, contact us, we are here to help. So in summary, I know why we disagree with the balance. Moorcroft won't acknowledge this. Moorcroft have created a fictitious letter from Barclaycard trying to pass it off as from Barclaycard. The debt is no longer on my credit file, it is clean. I suspect if I contact Barclaycard they won't recognise the account. All payments since Sept 11 have been paid to Moorcroft using their reference number, except the 3 made to ARC. what do I do? 1) stop payments immediately 2) report Moorcroft to FCA 3) subject access request to Moorcroft 4) send Moorcroft a firm letter as per - you are wrong. payments have been made to Moorcroft not Barclay - you are fraudulent. you should create fictitious letters using someone else letterhead. - offer 10% of the correct balance to go away? help please....
  6. I regularly commute long distances by train and have discovered that a preferred train route of mine isn't available. 'Computer says No' - so websites, ticket offices, etc... can't sell me the ticket. Does anyone know how I get a route added? Eg: added to a national database? Ta
  7. This site suggests a wee hello in this forum first - so hello!
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