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  1. That's exactly it I can sell it private for more. They said u should call back Friday for an update if I haven't heard anything. I may not have a definite answer, however he has stated it will more then likely just get removed as I submitted more than enough evidence
  2. I spoke to Barclays today and they said it's a clear cut case and I should be ok and they will let me know on Friday I said I want to sell the car and they said if you take it to a dealer they probably won't buy it as there is a HPI Marker on but it's should be sorted by Friday. I did ask and they said it's secured against the car. I am just going to list it privately I think . I can't see as I am doing anything wrong doing so now I have submitted everything to them. I'm addition they never said I couldn't when I stated I wanted to sell it.
  3. I know nothing about the finance and what I can do. I have quoted to them regarding the legislation and also contacted a few debt help lines.. however; I am not the one in debt and they say they cannot help me and advise me to contact the original creditor, which I have done. Aside from that I do not know what else I can do, can they take the car back? Can I still sell the car and if I did could u be liable for anything? Things are bad, but by making things worse I mean by threatening them surely they will try and take the car back indefinitely. .so yes it can get worse. I could l
  4. But technically doesn't the car belong to them. I do not want to threaten them and make things worse. I know a few years back when this happened the cars were simply siezed and money was lost. I remember it happened to someone I worked with back in 2010.
  5. I spoke to someone earlier from ndl and they said best action is to speak to barclays. As I am not the account holder and I do not know any of the account holders details there is nothing they can do anyway.
  6. He is not willing to purchase it anymore. I and wouldn't want to sell if it will back fire on me. He said to mentions the legislation and that it was bought in good faith. But other than that there's nothing else I can do. I have explained the situation to Barclays but they do not care. No sympathy at all. I did say I could of not said anything and sold the car on privately but I'm not like that. I wouldn't want someone else to go through this. They just said 'ok'
  7. Yes there is a marker, that's how the dealer found out. I had no idea. I sent it all 3 days ago via email. I called up today and asked if they have it and they confirmed but can't do nothing at the moment
  8. I have emailed the legislation and heard nothing. Would it be safe to just sell the car, or are they likely to seize it. I literally have a matter of weeks before we can be kicked out. Thank you for the reply
  9. Hi All. I bought my car back in November privately for £5500 cash. I asked if there was any finance outstanding etc which they said no. Just before Christmas I fell ill with my kidneys and now await an operation. Unable to work and having started a new job I do not get sick pay losing £630 per week. Now my rent is due along with lots of other bills. I made the decision to sell my car, downgrade and use some of the money to left to pay off rent and essential bills. I took it to a garage saw a car we liked. Arranged to swap my car and get £1200 back. The dealer c
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