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  1. Bit of an update, apologies for the delay. Contacted finance/trading standards and was told that my finance contacted their finance to confirm it was OK to put finance against car. Furthermore contacting their finance it appears they were never told to collect vehicle as they told me they were by finance. Went to dealership after meeting with the other party and to cut a long story short the police are now involved. From my understanding it seems she was driving my vehicle without insurance also (although she claims she's fully comp, not driving without my permission means it was without insurance correct?) and if it turns out she had no claim to the car she has technically stolen the vehicle from me also. From what I can gather she simply walked into the garage it was getting serviced at and got the keys from said garage. Not sure what relevance that has but it's great, I might go into my local garage and see what swanky motors are kicking about and go for a joy ride eh? Nonetheless I think my worries are for the most part resolved. Do not know what possessed these people to go and attempt to reclaim a vehicle which they had no right to claim. From my understanding their issue was with the dealer and finance, nothing to do with the vehicle. Honestly raging, hopefully can get this fool charged with something because certainly needs a reality check. TL;DR: Dealer and finance company did nothing wrong with my sale, was insane previous owner that doesn't understand how laws work that is problem.
  2. Sorry was an afterthought and relevant to the post, was hoping to squeeze it in before another reply! And hopefully yes.
  3. Yeah no worries I'm in total agreement that it smells very fishy indeed. I checked the vehicle on AA seeing both my agreement and the other parties listed against the vehicle, this is how I know that there is at least something . The finer details of it are a bit up the air at the moment but will update tomorrow once I know more and if any decision is made. Once again, thanks for the reply. EDIT: With regards to being legal to sell I believe what they will have done is organised a settlement figure with their finance (which is what I have done myself) which in my case is meant to have been paid by dealer and is factored into my finance agreement on the new vehicle. As it stands my previous agreement doesn't appear to have been paid by dealer (as I was charged for it last month) and as he recommended I have cancelled the DD. I will contact the finance company direct and explain the situation to them also . I'm still awaiting this £230 back from the dealer regarding my overpayment too. Not sure if relevant but the more info the better I figure right?
  4. I am expecting to have issues getting hold of this guy however I did a bit of digging around and looked up the company on the gov.uk website. It's registered under "Northern Motors" Company number SC304494 and appears to have accounts overdue which I assume means debt. I am worried about the company closing shop and losing everything. Going to be getting onto them tomorrow but just wanting to have a full picture on what to expect. Would it be worth pursuing the sorting out of the deal so the other parties finance is no longer a factor (as evidently they didn't want the vehicle in the first place) and if that appears to be dodgy just tell the guy to stuff it? I assume I'm going to be wanting this resolved within the week or I'm walking from the deal. I also looked it up and appears that I organised this all around 15th October. Thanks very much for the information. More information: The other party with a claim to the vehicle traded in two cars for one (the vehicle in question being one of them) and is currently sitting with all three. How that works I do not know but I am meeting them tomorrow to discuss this issue further before we both confront the dealer.
  5. So to cut a long story short I part traded/took finance out on a car with outstanding finance on it about a month or so ago. The car was used and had some work needing done to it which was arranged with the dealership at the time. I have since put the car into the dealership and it was sent to a garage nearby to have works completed. I have been contacted today by the previous owner who still has outstanding finance on it and they have collected said car from the garage it was being serviced at. So if you look this car up on the AA website it has 2 finance agreements against it, one from a year ago and mine from last month. My worry is that the car I part traded in towards this vehicle is going to be lost on top of the fact I have an agreement against my name. Who has rights to the car in this situation? The previous owner hasn't been paying for the vehicle supposedly (according to them) and it would seem that she traded this in to the dealer, I assume with the intention of the dealer paying the finance off? Any advice would be appreciated, I am absolutely furious at this dealer. I should add that I was not made aware of any outstanding finance on this vehicle or that a key was with a previous owner even. - Joppsta "Motor Base Dyce" brings up the company, can't post links but it's the first result in Google. This is the company in question, looking at the website I should have a warranty "Will my new car have a warranty? Your new car will have a 3mth/3,000 mile warranty whichever occurs sooner, (unless otherwise stated). You can choose the level of cover you require. Basic cover is provided free of charge." But what this warranty entails is something I am unable to find so far.
  6. I don't even know what Vanquis is, let alone have had any dealings with them. The money they are asking for appears on my credit report over at experia though, does this mean that I am liable or is it BS?
  7. Well the "Account due to" part of the mail i received says "Capquest - Vanquis Bank"
  8. My only question is where does this Vanquis Bank nonsense come into it?
  9. Hello, so long story short I get a mail through the door from this company requesting I call them. Having a quick google around I see that it appears to be some sort of spoof. The amount they are chasing me for is £439 which I could afford to pay but. .. well I don't like giving any money and I have some nice holiday plans that could use that cash. the first mail I received was very vague, just requesting that I call regarding a personal matter. This is rather fishy as it was sent to my Grandparent's address where I only have internet with BT registered at that address so I assume this is how they got the address as I stay with my parents, providing internet for my grandparents so when we do visit I'm not stuck on Afghanistan highspeed internet and so I don't get a bunch of tech-support calls to fix issues. Now I have just received a second mail furthering the detail of the issue... why they don't send this one first doesn't really make sense to me but having checked my credit on Experian it appears there is a debt opened on 29/02/12 which defaulted on 31/12/12. This is the mail that detailed that it was capquest, the amount due and it has a reference, password and client reference on it. The first mail had none of these.. only a reference number. Now, I have never taken out any loans besides through my bank which is up to date or credit or ever dealt with a company known as capquest (whom the DCA is acting on behalf of) I am at a loss at to where this has came from. I think these two companies are either chancing it or mistaken me for someone else. The only thing that I think it could be, if anything, was repayments I owe to SAAS due to my early leaving of college but I am unsure as to the amount I was due them in the first place. I believe it would be a lot more than £439!! Cheers in advance to those who help out, - Joppsta PS: Having been reading around a bit it seems like I have to send a CCA request letter to them, right? I mean, I am pretty certain this is just bogus pie in the sky debt.
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