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Found 12 results

  1. My daughter has got into a bit of bother. When she was 19, now 21, she took out finance on a car through Seat within the year it was repossessed now has £4,116 to pay back and less than 7 days to do it. What I need to know is how could they give finance to a teenager with a 4 hour work contract? Where do we stand on this?
  2. I wonder if you may help. I have a Seat Leon car which is 21 months old. I purchased the car from a Seat franchised dealer in Aylesbury for £18k The car is used for teaching people to drive, this was made clear when I purchased the car. In early January of this year the car heater failed, under the terms of the warranty Seat UK have attempted to fix the problem on Three occasions (3 days) without success. They now openly admit they do not know what the cause of the problem is, and as a consequence they want to keep the car for an ‘indefinite’
  3. Hello All, I had this bad experience recently. I booked ticket through Lycafly for me, wife and baby back on 3rd Aug. At the time of booking the agency took the £90.00 for child but did not mention anything about the seating arrangement of the child. As a passenger I don't think I am supposed to know what a bassinet seat is and that I have to explicitly request for it. It was not until 14-Sept that my wife found about bassinet seat on internet blogs and immediately asked Lycafly about this. It was then that Lycafly placed request for bassinet-seat with the airlines but natural
  4. I am trying to achieve clarification on this as to the legal status of a multi drop driver and the wearing of seat belts The law at the moment allows a delivery driver in a goods vehicle to travel no more than a maximum 50 metres in between drops without wearing a seatbelt. Exemptions are allowed for the holders of medical exemption certificates and those making deliveries or collections in goods vehicles when travelling less than 50 metres (approx 162 feet). RTA 1988 sects 14 & 15, As to thse Regulations, it states "GOODS VEHICLES" So my question is how do you defi
  5. Purchased a Seat from a private seller and it has been nothing but problems, these problems were not hidden by the seller but we thought they were resolved, well I did. I do not think I have any redress against the private seller. The original seller had it for a year and I have had it for about the same period. As soon as it is driven with any gusto, there is a loss of power occurred and the EPC (electronic power control) warning light comes on. I have had it back to Seat 9 times. The car is still under the 2 year warranty, and Seat have been trying to res
  6. First sorry if this is in the wrong place but do not know what to do. I was driving my firms van on Friday and was in a tight street and had to reverse round a corner, noe my understanding is you are allowed to remove your seat belt while doing this? Well just as I had un-clipped the belt when a motorcycle policeman turned up and said I was breaking the law. I told him why I had do what I had but he was having none of it and said it was a £100 fine and I would be hearing from the police in due course, now this copper did not give his name/number or contact DVLA which I thought was the norm,
  7. Hello, I have fallen foul of Mersey Rails Feets on Seats policy. Having read previous threads on the matter, it looks like I will have to "foot" the fine as my feet were resting on the white side panels of the seat. What does concern me is the conduct of train guard. It came as quite a shock that he was issuing me a caution (something I thought only Police had the power to do). Anyway when asked if I understood the caution, I said no (under the assumption he didn't have the power to caution me). After this process repeated itself for several times, he threatened to contact the Transp
  8. My beloved 07 plate car with 52,000 had a inlet manifold valve go and after three weeks at the garage have now been told that the old valve piece had broken off and fallen into the cyclinder head and completely damaged piston four and I would need a new engine costing me £7,000. I have put my case to seat themselves and firstly they offered no compensation at all and said basically that because that 1 serevice was not done by them that they could do nothing. Since then the garage are trying to help and offered 10% and said seat will match what he has given. I am still trying to put across
  9. Hi all, need some advice as Ive had a problem and Im quite upset about it and kind of feel like if I let it go peoples kids are at risk! I am a first time mum and have a 4 month old daughter. She had a baby travel system from Mamas and Papas but has grown too snug in her baby car seat so I wanted to get a bigger one that is suitable from birth to 4yrs to give her a bit more room. I was told by a friend Kiddicare had a sale so I went online to browse their products. I was on the website looking at various car seats for about an hour trying to decide which one was best. I settled on my choi
  10. Follows what they say is evidence that customers prefer to have allocated seating,although they dont say if those surveyed said they would be happy to pay extra charges. Starting in November there will be an 3 charge bands for extra legroom,a seat at the front of the plane,or any other seat.Those not taking up the allocation option at booking,will be told their seat numbers before boarding. As many know,even paying for a seat at the front does not guarantee you will actually get into the airport terminal at your destination quicker.In fact many airports now have transfer bendy buses out
  11. Hi my brother recently bought an 11 plate SEAT and has had 3 problems with the car since owning it for 12 hours car went into limp mode and then turned off on a busy round about tapping noise from engine rattle noise from engine on engine braking he took it back to SEAT who claim they had fixed an issue that we did not know about, and the limp mode was because of misfires on 3 of the 4 cylinders however, despite the error codes informing them of this, they were unable to replicate, so did not attempt to fix it and simply sent the car back to us, they also mentioned
  12. Hi all, I was wondering of anybody had any experience with Seat Finance... I'm into the last 10 months of a 5 year finance deal with about £3500 left. Up until 2 months ago I have never missed a payment, having lost my job at the backend of last year it's now becoming very hard to kept the payments going. I have thought about VT although I cant get credit for a cheaper car nor do I have the funds to go out and buy one. I really want to get these last 10 months done. I have checked my agreement and they cannot repossess the car without a court order, I s
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