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  1. Thanks for the reply emmzzi. I am currently looking for a new job. Currently I do not want to accept what my company are offering, which is basically £8000 a year less to do the same job. Obviously I want to contest but my contract states my added perks can be removed at anytime, so the only way I feel I would be able to claim would be via loss of status (from all I have read up on). I can do the job no problem as the role is not really changing, the union are not involved as such. There was a representative group/forum who met at head office to discuss over four meetings and extende
  2. I currently work as a Deputy Manager (one of 300) for one of the big four supermarkets, and they have recently announced a new contract change that comes into force on Monday 18th April. In effect we are being demoted to a lesser position, that being of a duty manager. They argue that our job role is not really changing as we will still be doing the same job we have always done and they will not be reducing our pay. However it is a HUGE drop in status as our current contract states we are 'autonomous decisions makers' which classes us as senior business leaders and opts us out of working
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