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  1. I was made bankrupt for council tax and housing benefit over payment, I have since been discharged, now the council have asked the DwP to stop money from my benefit to pay for the over payment and council tax, can they do this as I thought the debt was cleared in bankruptcy
  2. Dave went to court the same time as i did I won against carbot i think they are called but Dave lost had a charging order placed against his house, strange really as we had nearly the same claim against us, I often wonder how he got on
  3. Has anybody ever seen a liability order?, I asked my council to send me the liability order they claimed they had, still waiting months later
  4. Yes correct, procedural matter ? but why ? and what is the likely out come?
  5. Friend of mine had a Northampton bulk centre court demand. He answered with an embarrassed defence, asking for all paperwork, agreement, default notice, term and conditions, Lowell produced nothing . He was then asked if he wanted mediation he replied NO. He has now received this letter can anyone shed any light on this as I have never seen one before, and don't really know what to tell him Thanks in advance http://i619.photobucket.com/albums/tt274/corinadeva/letter_zpsac84c046.jpeg
  6. #12 In my opening post HFC still have two charges against my property even after the court ordered them to remove the charging orders
  7. Hi Andy They are finished nothing more to pay dismissed
  8. I will try and cut a long story short 1, Had two credit cards with HFC Bank 2, Defaulted on both 3, Account passed to Restons 4, Charging order obtained by Restons, was paying at £40 a month 5, Account then sold and taken over by Mortimer Clarke. 6 I discovered Cag 7,Letters from Mortimer Clarke pay or else 8, I applied for set aside claiming I did not know anything about the debts (he he he) 9, Mortimer Clarke wrote to court advising discontinuance 10 Court orders the case be discontinued, the removal of charging order and awards £75 costs 11 receive letter from Mortimer Clarke stating that they are in the process of removing the charging order, this letter dated 1st July 2009. 12 Friday 12th April 2013 I discover that HFC Bank have two charges against my property each for 50p Question is there anything I can do to screw HFC ?
  9. She has said she is not going to talk to them and it's tough luck on me, all she is bothered about is them going to her work. She has never ever claimed any benefit of any kind
  10. She thinks I am going to or members of my family or even friends are going to harass her, plus I don't need it I have her mobile phone number for emergencies. Plus I dont think it has anything to do with where she is living it has to do with questions about me and my claim
  11. I live in a house with my daughter owned by ny estranged wife, she lives elsewhere, I have had my council tax benefit suspended for over a year now, struggling to pay the single occupancy, I have had repeted letters from the council asking for my estranged wifes address to which I have replied I do not know, Today the council wrote to her at her work place, even though the letter was addressed to my estranged wife the company sectary open it, and it stated she was linked to an investigation into a benefit claim and they would like to see her. She rang me all irate saying she was not claiming any benefit and I told her I was not claiming anything for her which I am not. I told her as she is not living here and not claiming she does not have to talk to them, I also said I am not even sure they are allowed to even write to you in your place of work. Could someone here with a bit more knowledge advise me on what to tell the ex as she is on about selling the house and me having to find my own place to live. Does she have to talk to the council? Are the council allowed to cold call or write to her place of work? Can the council approach her on the street or even go to her place of work? Thanks for any advice
  12. Ok just checked last activity on the account was March 2006 nothing since, so they have sold a status barred accout who do I complain to and anyone got a good template letter to send all over the place thanks.
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