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  1. Update to my Peugeot A1 approved and Hippo actually paid out for my clutch and fly wheel to be fixed on my car costing them around £1500 for the repairs now I am having to go back to them with more problems with the car so far taken the car to 2 non Peugeot garages which have not been abled to repair the car costing me 2 diagnoses and car still not running as some fault with diesel pressure rail and anti pollution system that both garages have not been abled to solve only option we have now is to take this car to Peugeot and hopefully A1 approved will cover the fault cost again this car has been nothing but issues or I would be happy to give the car back to hippo or swap it for another car as this car is now really doing my head in with its problems and paying for something that don't run
  2. Good morning Thanks for your reply I don't know the rights or sections when it comes to dealing with this do I just call them and say to them I want to reject the car under section CCA 90/99 the finance told me yesterday to keep the payments upto date with them as I did tell them yesterday that I'm not happy about paying for this car when it has issues they said that if I with hold payments it would go on my credit file I did tell them if they can't force Hippo motors that I brought the car from or that A1 approved warranty to pay for the car to be fixed then then I want the car returned they said it will take upto 8 weeks to try to sort a solution my worry is that the car will get worse like I explained to the finance yesterday 8 weeks is a long time I forgot to put this was a used car I brought from Hippo at the end of July will I still be about to reject it? If they accept the car back will I still be abled to get finance?
  3. I brought a 3008 Peugeot from hippo motors in July they have me A1 approved warranty for 12 months and that warranty ain't worth the paper it's wrote on I collected the car 21st July from hippo motors from up north got back to London after a few days noticed there was a shudder to the auto gearbox took and had a few other things that needed sorting like CD player which the warranty did sort on the 10/08/2017 after an arguement with them and they tried to refuse to cover labour costs I had to involve the finance company to get them to pay for the work that was carried out but the gearbox never got sorted and the shudder has got worse in 1st and 2nd gear I therefore contacted A1 spoke to some unhelpful person called jack explained the gearbox has a shudder which I reported within a few days of having the car and it hadn't been sorted but was getting worse he told me to take it to Peugeot find out what the problem is and then call them back so I go to robin and day they test it and say it's the clutch or gearbox but won't no until they take the box out for sure so we call this A1 approved warranty back explain it all to jack who then says it will be classed as wear and tear it's a joke people are paying thousands for cars that need work done to them and given useless warrentys that are worthless I have now have to contact my finance company for a 2nd time as I don't see why I should now have to pay £1300 on top of the cost of my car that I have only had a few months I would tell anyone to stay clear of hippo motors in Blackburn and A1 approved warranty both are a con company
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