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Found 5 results

  1. New measures to beat plague of nuisance calls READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-measures-to-beat-plague-of-nuisance-calls
  2. Whilst browsing around on FaceBook, someone invited me to the ''Beat the Bailiffs and the Banks'' FB Page, so I joined, and all was well and good to begin with, I was able to impart some of the knowledge and advice I have learnt from here to others on their, who I must add, were completely out of their depth and knowledge when it came to their rights. After a while, the token ''no contract'' ''third party interloper'' comments began to surface and would always appear just after my advice advising not to contact them via phone, keep everything in writing etc etc... Then a poster with the name Getoutofdebtfree would agree in part but then attempt to undermine the advice? And slowly but surely, the truth behind the page came out, with those who have learnt or heard, of ROIRA and where calling themselves, 'commonly known as' and everything then became a ''no contract'' IGNORE, 'print this ROIRA off and stick it to your door'.... FML!! ROIRA how utterly puerile! As they say, a little knowledge is dangerous, then the accusations of being a 'shill' and a 'troll' began to surface, and I was told that if the OP had followed any of my advice she would have been out of pocket to the tune of thousands? So I said my piece and left, bidding them the very best of luck in their FMOTL defense against the corporations where their arguments have always been laughed at....
  3. Well here we are folks, things are currently changing and the solution on how to deal with IPC windscreen tickets is here. Currently not needed for BPA windscreen tickets but the solution to the problem is here and it is now time for everyone to embrace it. No longer can the advice on any forum be to "wait for the NTK". This advice is a dead duck. The Problem The way IPC companies construct their signs (and the way in which the IPC operate their appeals process means its night on impossible to beat them at the IPC bar the obvious slam dunk reason (which are few and far between). Now VCS who have joined the IPC makes the issue worse and their windscreen tickets account for around 60% of their tickets issued. The Law legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/...dule/4/enacted 2. “current address for service” means— (a)in the case of the keeper, an address which is either— (i)an address at which documents relating to civil proceedings could properly be served on the person concerned under Civil Procedure Rules; or (ii)the keeper’s registered address (if there is one); or (b)in the case of the driver, an address at which the driver for the time being resides or can conveniently be contacted; The solution A service address is the answer to the problems we currently have with the IPC. This really is such a simple answer and making use of the law to our advantage whilst beating the parking companies at their own game. They wanted this law so they most certainly have got it. It just needs people on here to embrace it and actually see that's its a winner. What do the BPA/IPC Parking companies think about this? They all know it is happening and there is nothing they can do about it. How do I know this?, It was pointed out by Devere after the court case yesterday that certain addresses are "appearing all the time with people admitting to be the driver", and the is nothing they can do about it because real addresses are being used, and they CANNOT go to the DVLA as they no longer have reasonable cause to do so since they have been a perfectly serviceable address. Devere stated that all these people can not possibly live at one address and that "its not fair, or right is it" "it must be some kind of internet letter. So writing about it on here is not a problem as they all know anyway. How well thought through is this? This has been looked into and tested over the last couple of months with a variety of operators and has been proven to work. ---------------------------------------- Happy to answer anyone's questions on this. There is already starting to develop a network of service addresses in the UK. Again if you want to know more about this then please contact me by PM. Its important we move on from previous advice that whilst has been very good advice no longer works for the IPC and the is no point in any one kidding themselves that it is going to work. With VCS now part of the IPC (and others sure to follow) then this is only going to ramp up the number of tickets issued. This scheme will also work with ANPR tickets where someone is naming a driver and you would be surprised that quite high proportion of people who are registered keepers are NOT the driver. Finally I am backing this scheme to work. Should GPEOL become a dead duck in the near future then this is going to be an absolute bomb against companies such as UKCPS
  4. Hi all I was a SL victim. I failed to keep up payments thus was taken to court. I then reached an agreement which I also failed to keep to. have had lots of harrassing emails over the last few days but have managed to get the offer agreed to one which I am happy with. Here it is; Original loan for £160.00 back in 2011 CCJ taken in 2012 - now owing £550.00 Offer to SL in March 2012 for £220.00 split into 3 payments which I made 2 payments and failed on the 3rd. SL then increased the debt to £346.00 now owing I emailed SL explaining that I can not afford to make any of the payment offers they have in their letters. SL then bombarded me with email after email not paying any attention to my request for information as to how the debt had increased by so much. Yet more emails ignoring my requests or offers. I threatened to make a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman, giving them 8 weeks to reply to this complaint. SL emailed me back saying please log on to their web site and follow their complaints procedure ...I pointed out that on their website it clearly states "You may contact us in any way which is convenient to you, by telephone in writing or by email" and that they should not ignore my complaint. This worked and I now have the debt down to £80.00 and thats the end of it. This was my email to them; FORMAL COMPLAINT To whom it may concern, I hereby notify you that I am raising as formal complaint with you. The reasons are listed below. 1) You have failed to respond to my request for a more detailed breakdown as to how the outstanding amount is broken down. ie; What are you admin charges, what are the additional charges. 2) I have already advised you that I can not make any payment until the end of the month, yet you have now sent me the same email 5 times in 2 days, failing to acknowledge my current financial situation. 3) The fact that you have sent the same email 5 times in 2 days can only be described as harassment and bullying. 4) You have also failed to acknowledge my offer of finalising the debt as per our original agreement made last year 2012 , which again I will not be able to do until the end of January. As per the terms stated by the Financial Ombudsman you have 8 weeks to respond to this email. If I feel that yet again you have failed to address my concerns and requests adequately then I shall with hesitation raise this complaint with the Financial Ombudsman.
  5. Thousands of people facing parking fines may be let off after a judge ruled that one firm did not have the power to pursue a motorist for an unpaid penalty. Ronald Ibbotson was taken to court by Vehicle Control Services (VCS) after he left his car at a Wickes DIY store for 35 minutes. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2150551/Thousands-beat-parking-fines-judge-tackles-766k-Mr-Clampit-landmark-penalty-claim-case.html
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